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The Future of our Work Force in my dream.

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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 05:37 PM
I had a dream that an entire workforce was hooked up to a dream machine on their down time. This machine was a chair and allowed you to save your dreams and go back to them, whenever you wanted. My boss thelen was hooked up to an ergonomic chair, which is connected to a smart phone, which allows you to save dream sequences and load them. As soon as we are required to work... we wake up, do our duty, then go back to our lucid dream machine. People lose track of time and their own reality. I was dreaming within a dream... crazy.

In this dream, my work force were drones. We literally always strived to re-insert ourselves into this matrix dream apparatus.

Then, when I left work, it was an infringement upon the policies of the company I worked for. I got in touch with my 2 male friends.

As we were driving down a road, we saw 2 bright orbs in the sky, usually dismissed, but this time... my friends perceived them and pointed them out.

We saw that they moved at such an impossible speed, we were attracted and curious to find the origin of this ship, so we started walking towards them.

The closer we got to them, the lower they got and brighter they emanated. As soon as my friends got close, they said nevermind and ran away, but I was compelled to. There was a lady yelling at us... "no! Don't! come back! there's nothing over there!" As she screamed from her stairs leading to the front door of her house.

Like I said... I was compelled to move forward, and as I got close enough, these bright lights started swinging. It was a child...

It was a child on a swing, which was me, Then I woke up.

Interesting dream eh? A future telling of where our overlords want us? I can see a dream machine with sequences, placating the masses... turning us into glorified cyborgs.
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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by cbankord

I would be interested in a dream machine. I been stressed out a lot lately, and a machine like the Matrix that can allow me to control the dream and the feeling of it, would be a nice thing to come home to at night.

But how long until something like that get exploited by greedy hands of evil? needs a failsafe device for something like that.

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