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Our postman - proof that the dead really walk !!!

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 03:12 PM
I am fecking livid with our postman. He really is the most inefficient, brain-dead bugger to walk this earth.

If this person is representative of the level of education available here in the US, then I pity the next generation ! For fex sake, he can't even read !!! (either that or he's just too bone idle to read the addresses properly).

The area I live in must have the most incompetant mailman in postal history. Back in the annals of time, the Pony Express were often attacked by men on horses firing arrows at the mail driver - and they invariably got the mail delivered safely.

My mailman on the other hand, drives a nice white van and is only ever attacked by the occasional bird leaving a nice white deposit on his windshield - and he STILL can't get the mail delivered properly ! Plus when he actually does have to walk, its like waiting for Christmas. I swear that if he went any slower he'd be going backwards !
Talk about the living dead !

For example: I live at number 1234 Pixystix avenue. My neighbour lives in 1244 Pixystix avenue (addresses changed to protect the innocent). Why, therefore, do I regularly receive my neighbour's mail - and why does he get mine ? And why do we BOTH get the mail of someone who lives in another street ?

I can't wait until someone designs a transporter like in Star Trek, then we can zap our items instantaneously and this useless old git can be put to pasture.


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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 05:10 PM
I had a similar experience at my last house. Mostly with receiving other people's mail. I kinda became the Mailman by proxy as I had to deliver all the people's mail I received (and I'd do it rain, snow, sleet, etc.). Happened at least 3 times a month. At least I got to meet some neighbors.


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