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China Newspaper Says.....

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 03:42 PM
In the case of this particular scenario China is the aggressor and a conclusion of war would exist if, China really tried to take those islands by force. All things considered if they did that they would be prepared to use Nuclear weapons. As there Navy is in no real position to hold that territory, without the use of nuclear weapons.

Strangely enough (at least for me) there is very little emphasis in this forum, in relation to the true potential of the United States, in relation to a very real possible response. But before I continue let me again point out that this scenario for war between China and the US is highly implausible and since this discussion began? China has taken this issue to the UN despite having no legal precedent for possessing these islands.

The United States could respond to China by literally carpet bombing the entire country with Nuclear weapons.

This then literally meaning there would be no place in the country where any living thing would not be exposed to lethal radiation. It is not hard to understand why the US would do this. Given mobile launchers and locations that are camouflaged to look like something else but in actuality are Silos containing ICBMs.

Any thoughts?

posted on Jan, 26 2013 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by rigel4

Originally posted by OccamsRazor04

Originally posted by Taikun
Another Gulf of Tonkin incident waiting to occur? I will not rule out a false flag from the Chinese this time around, for a full scale military grab for the islands. U.S. will join Japan, where Russia will back China. A world war in the making.

China would not start a war any time soon. My belief is that they are trying to intimidate the other Pacific nations. The US would back Japan with the full might of our military, and China would be in ruins within weeks. Russia would never back China, and if they did they too would be annihilated, it would take most likely a few months for both nations to surrender, with almost no US casualties. Both countries combined could not dent the US Navy, they would be blockaded, bombed, and become withering hulks. They would be forced to repay huge reparations, and would be a huge coup for the US and the US economy.

Never happen.

Your kidding right! "with almost no US casualties". Wars like this won't be lost by the enemy having superior conventional forces, they will go nuclear as soon as one side starts to lose badly enough.
To think the American forces,(which are superior to China or Russia) would be allowed to ruin China or Russia)Without strategic retaliation, is naive and shows you don't grasp Geo politics or military strategy. Actually your assumptions are very dangerous for America..

This is why you are wrong. The leaders of China may lose the war, but they would keep their life. As soon as they 'go nuclear' their lives, and the lives of their famlies, are over. And then they still lose the war. The US has seriously advanced anti nuke defense capabilities. China does not. The US will POSSIBLY be unscathed and destroy all nukes sent towards us (possibly, not likely). China would certainly be hit, hit hard, and the leaders would be vaporized. Hiding in bunkers won't save them, as once they surrender we will send in special forces to get them.

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