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Is Conspiracy Creating Fear, Or Is Fear Creating Conspiracy?

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 02:39 PM
Greetings ATS, I am not much of a forum person, but I have been reading material here for many years hoping to gain a clearer perspective of why the world is the way it is. This is my first attempt to start a topic here. I'll see how it goes, then decide if I'll make future attempts. I still have not figured out how to receive email notifications regarding replies to the comments I have made on your topic posts, therefore, I may not see yours without coming back to check.
With that all being said, I now wish to share my view regarding conspiracy and how certain people, who seem to have a predisposition to incite the primal fears within humanity, are being used in this, a war of wills;
Judging by all the evidence I have read over the years it appears that the claims made by ones such as Alex Jones do have merit, that there is a, so called "Ruling Class" that has maintained dominion over the people currently having a 3D adventure on planet earth.
But why, what allows the ruling class to maintain such dominance? Apparently, the ruling class have maintained a secretive knowledge of the physics that govern creational law. In that, by keeping the peoples of planet earth within separate nationstates and religion, then pitting one religion, one race or one creed against the other, the ruling class maintain their power by the fostering of fear through various medias. It is this fear that keeps our species within a low resonate frequency, therefore controllable.
This fear and uncertainty then creates an energy that higher levels of consciousness feed on much the way we eat food. It's all about domination. If we maintain the desire to dominate another, we are then dominated by higher levels of consciousness within an endless cycle. Therefore, if we wish to no longer be dominated, then we must learn how to stop trying to dominate the will of others.
Attraction rather than promotion; Each time we try to persuade, either by use of fear tactics or by forcing another into our belief system, be it political Democracy or its kin religion, we then create karmic entanglement, thus it is then us whom remains within the endless cycle of domination. You can not dominate without being dominated. And that just your desire to fight creates war. Therefore, if you wish to win, do not fight, for it is in one's desire for domination that creates hatred, and it is this hatred that keeps the ruling class in power. This is the basic physics that govern creational law. Consider this carefully and you will find, that within your own-self, the answers to many of life's most perplexing questions.
I best leave it there and invite you to my website where I have worked for many years trying to explain the concepts I has considered that seem to govern creational law. I hope you read, with an open mind that is freed from the restriction of bias, not only my words, but also read the materials that I have listed before making comments here.
Also, I realize that the various religions are all most have to help them make sense of this world. Therefore, keep what helps you, but carefully consider where those ideals came from and where they are leading humanity.
I wish you all the very best in this journey we all share,

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Sovereign1

Hello Sovereign1, congratulations on your first post here at ATS.

Your question: "Is Conspiracy Creating Fear, Or Is Fear Creating Conspiracy?"

The simple answer is Yes, to both proposals. Oh, btw, I did check out your web page, nice layout, however, I really got a little confused with your analogy of the "Wizard of Oz" and its' purpose to explain Creational Law?

But back on topic. Fear is a learned, experienced behavioral trait. As soon as we come into this world we are told about things that will hurt, harm us or scare us, and also, as being quite young in this world we sometimes ignore these warnings, and experience the fact that yep, fire will burn you if you keep your hand over the flame long enough.

So, as we learn fear, it can and does predominate many of our lives, many people suffer from a wide variety of phobias. But getting back to fear and how we learn it. As we mature, through the capability of learning we develop emotions and reactions to many things, some things scare us, especially the UNKNOWNS in life. This is where a conspiracy can develop, get legs and begin to frighten people. i.e. The Cold War, during the '50's,
60's, kids were taught to hide under their desks at school when they heard the siren. They practiced this, and when the siren sounded this created fear.

I would disagree in some respect to your feelings about debating (civilly), discussing, persuading, and conflict. A persuasive discussion doesn't have to evolve into a fight or a win/lose solution. It can lead to the sharing of knowledge, broader understanding, acceptance of new and changing paradigms. All good stuff!

Yes, fear can create the need for dominance. Insecurity, the need to control, all based on fear.

So, basically, a conspiracy can create fear (a false flag), a diversion from the truth by creating a pseudo-fear. This can be created within yourself, or as we have seen by cults and their leaders and undoubtedly by governments and their leaders.

That's why it is so important to be knowledgable, to be skeptical, research and find out for yourself (as best as you can). Individually, inventory ourselves and identify what ARE our fears, discover why? disspell them if at all possible, learn to avoid worrying about things out of your control. Focus on those things in your precious life that you can improve, progress and live a productive, happy and enriched life and hopefully along the way, touch other peoples lives in a positive way.

Fear? Yup, it exists, it is powerful, and it can manipulate people and societies.

Thanks for the topic. I hope I brought some helpful thoughts to consider.

Peace!! ID

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by ItDepends
Greetings It Depends. Apparently, the original Wizard of Oz story explains many things about how the non-physical realms govern the physical realms, such as the duality working within the creation and how the Edenic state has been veiled from our conscious awareness. But that is a long topic to unravel.
Regarding fear; Only the separate selfish-self knows limitation, and that limitation is, apparently what creates fear. Apparently, this was "to fall", to become addicted to physical sensate as is described on my website, as was depicted within the symbolic story of Eve eating the apple, thus her eyes were not opened as the Bible claims, but rather her spiritual eyes were closed, the veil had created a separation from the whole (God to most understandings), thus Eve became manyness within the selfish separate-self, thus a co-creator of new realities to explore.
Within these new realities the selfish separate-self was given dominion. Today we see the lessons within the selfish separate-self reaching there conclusions. Much negative energy has been created by our choice to explore physical sensate, therefore there is now much karmic entanglement to untangle. Prepare for much upheaval in all arenas as the creation works to re-balance, and heal its-self.

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by Sovereign1

Fear creates conspiracy

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