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David Wynn Miller - 200 IQ, Quantum Grammar Series, many secrets revealed?

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 06:12 PM
Reading his website and the wiki page for him has me being more than dubious about his outlandish claims. Being dead and autopsied with his kidneys removed and his heart outside his body for 35 minutes, then being miraculously sewn back together and then waking up with an IQ of 200 and never aging a day since. BS!,!! Alarms going off everywhere!!

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by PlanetXisHERE

I am watching some of it and find it really amusing. Not really informative as some of the stuff is just based on his own interpretation but boy does he like to talk about how great he is...

Some stuff are valid, other mere speculations and that is then mixed with nonsense and his view of things. I really liked his view regarding subspace it cracked me up. I do not even star to comprehend how can anyone take this stuff seriously. I give him credits for the brilliance of his double talk and inventiveness. Some stuff are clearly innovative not for instance like David Icke.

Language has power and thought is the ultimate truth, those are valid statement but this dude claims are out of this world at times and only someone that does not understand half the terms or have a broader view of reality and history can take it as something useful. He is not the only one there are many entertainers like him, it is really mindwarping, people can be damaged if they take the verbiage as having any real value and from the wikipedia's article some do really take this stuff seriously...

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by InhaleExhale

Language as a vehicle for the transmission of ideas and concepts is a very powerful thing, more powerful than symbology (language also depends on symbols).

I've been examining this concept of oratory, influence and hypnosis for some time now and do really believe that due to its simplicity and at times double meaning or lack of precision. English is extremely advantageous in regards subjective communication. It seems to be a problem of chicken and egg, how English dominates media across the world. It is not simply due to historic chance or the result of industrial and economical prowess alone, to me it is clear that the package is extremely powerful and has indeed indisputable "mind controlling" advantages whatever interpretation you need to make of those.

As a contrast consider Greek or Russian language, even German or the Chinese/Japanese ideograms, a language is defined by a package of characteristics. I think that Latin languages tend to be more precise and logical in their evolution, one can easily trace the intention of words by their evolution, they evolved from a need for precision.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by PlanetXisHERE

80,000 hours of law

Stopped watching there.

Just for comparison, there are 8,760 hours in a year.... if you don't sleep, or take any time off, you could accrue 80,000 hours in only ten years.

Your average work year is 2,080 hours.... which would only take you 40 years to accrue 80,000 hours.

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by PlanetXisHERE
Yes, he sells stuff on his website, like most websites out there.

It's not that he sells things on his website, it's what he sells on the website. His $120 manual and pile of dvds.

David Wilcock for example believes that he is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. There is the Gerson cancer cure stuff. Then there is the constant 'selling' of himself as an amazing wizard like person and constant name dropping. The story in Australia is that Miller is constantly seeking to advise the aboriginal community. In some ways, this looks like the person finding and exploiting easy targets!!

Miller is incredibly articulate, convincing and sincere with his speech ... and while I doubt the alleged hundreds of thousands of dollars the person reportedly makes, I don't doubt it really helps convince desperate people to hand over cash.

If Miller isn't a con person then he must be speaking in some kind of code is my opinion.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by PlanetXisHERE

Whoa, WHoa, WHOA! Starting at 2:30 in this clip did Miller claim that North Korea caused all of the problems with Japan's nuclear plants???

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by jiggerj

Hiya jiggerj ... Miller appears to claim lots of things that don't really fit with other theorists, or fly directly in the face of common sense and logic.

Is why I think, if the person is sincere and completely sane, they surely must be talking in some type of code or similar. I can't see how a person could say such blatantly random things otherwise!

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by PlanetXisHERE

Thanks for your post with David Wynn Millers video's.
I came upon them recently and am quite intrigued, he has taken a lot of flack, but from my point of view he has many sound arguments. A lot more than our current legal system.
First off, his main contention is that the language used in court is confusing, verb/adverb, and the general public don't understand this as it has many opposite meanings. Not being an English expert, I goggled Adverb/verb confusion ... guess what .. even the Grammar for Dummies confused me ... OK, digging in deeper I thought I should find a Grammar professor to help. So on the surface .. point taken, English grammar is confusing and this is reflected in the court.
Why is this.. His second contention is that this is purposely used to confuse us and the system is designed to give us the illusion of a fair trial and this is not the case, we are actually being manipulated and controlled.
What he says is if we can't understand each other we can't contract openly and honestly.
As for being Right Wing .. while I am not an expert in politics, I was shocked initially that he says he spent 3 days with Rothschild, explaining his technology and Rothschild could gain an additional advantage by using it.
What i appreciate is that, the control system has been in place for 8,500 yrs and in relation to that, the small amount of advantage that could be gained by Rothschild etc now, is minor compared to the benefit of the whole planet learning to understand each other as we evolve. Hopefully the evolution of consciousness will deal with the controlling forces.
This all reminds me of the Tower of Babel story, and the gods didn't like the fact that we could work together and build a tower to Heaven and so they destroyed it, and gave us all separate languages so we are confused and can't work together .. sounds like our current society .. to me, DWM technology has the potential to change that were it counts, when we contract with each other, and the truth becomes a mathematical formula, not a matter of volition. ( I am hoping you don't have to many energy sapping Trolls on this forum, who's shallow ignorance stops open discussion ), many thanks for the opportunity to express this post.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 02:54 PM
David Wynn Miller suffers from a disorder, which does not mean he is not cleaver and intelligent, What I call information skipping, during an extreme experience he could have excited denyolite growth which not normal growth of a brain, which might not be relative small normal growth in comparison. I''ll compare to tree ring growth where you have normal tree ring growth by taking samples of what is average and normal, one tree in the forest was struck say by lighting yet did not die, but that caused some funky rings to form afterwards, and with that the leaves are altered branches become a chaotic pattern etc..

You can have an a person that also has this built in ability where incoming information breaks up into a skipping pattern jumping logic gates ending up in higher thinking skill parts of the brain, people like this usually suffer from being normal in society, there total unaware there not normal in behavior.

I'm also a death experiencer so I relatively know what's taking place, where your conscious energy leaves your body and interacts with an infinite being of energy, than your sent back to your body, your body should say the mind now tries to deal with the experience of an infinite encounter, which normally never occurs! The encounter with the infinite being of energy over lays or overwrites peculiar sequences inside your mind by natural laws of code just through experiencing a difference, the experiencer is total unaware certain functions or parameter's have been offset, than end up with freaky abilities and they start changing into some other person than they were before.
Quite common with death experiences.

Getting back to the original topic David Wynn Miller is he correct? Yes absolutely! He also fabricates experiences now whether this is intentional or just mind gibberish being thrown back into the loop, where he actually thinks these events took place is for some other experienced person to figure out.

Words are actually a math language and with pattern can brainwash, I can suck your mind into a vortex and circle your mind without you realizing it, your following a pattern the conscious will see it and follow it, For myself I will never do things like this intentionally deliberately for some sort of gain thing, things of this nature make me sick, ill.
If it does happen it won't be me doing it on purpose, the infinite energy I encountered does stuff through me, either for someone or a group that needs change or a helping hand, I know it's occurring, but have no clue as to what it's doing until after the fact, because I'm not originator, I'm just there along for the ride. which is scary at first! until you have done it a few times or happen to you a few times.
Very similar to the movie liar liar where you end up telling the truth when your absolutely trying to lie.

It is very embarrassing going up to a complete stranger and whispering something too them and have no clue or control what your telling them, so I'm a little shy when it comes to being with people, things like this are ever present in my mind!

So yes even define words are being "manipulated" notice my choice of word, here's another word is "believe" how many out there repeatly use this word, put into the search engine. What does believe mean "Is the act of not knowing" period.
Every time you say "I believe", you also say I'm in the act of not knowing, why is this important.

Your born with out knowledge! not knowing always comes first! even when you have knowledge your still in the act of not knowing on either side of the knowledge. We can not hold infinite knowledge or accumulative knowledge sequence's, this bio mechanically vessel was never designed for it, but does have the oddity of producing odd balls like one in a billion that will have an ability outside of normal.

Language is really made up, at one point it never existed, so there will be "points" or segments that really don't fit but are bridged or have a made up bridge that joins the structure together which we naturally accept and never put too much thought into it as it's trifle or small to the purpose of what it's original intended for.
No different than computer code and a hacker comes along-yes you guessed it, this no different for someone like David Wynn Millers or lawyers who also redefine law.

The word is "manipulate" the word create was actually changed back in the early 90's along with manmade and natural.
create, manmade and natural were changed by the new world order for $$$$, at that time all the dictionary houses were bought up and placed under one controlling corporation.

One does not create-it's impossible the word from us people is actually "manipulate" We manipulate things into our reality, our hands use "manipulation" in order to move things. Were does create come into the process? It does not and never has! People are naturally to nature accepting information given to them in lue of naturally not knowing" Until some bastard like me comes along and point to a difference of knowing!! before the changes came along, I also have a 1956 oxford dictionary for reference of the changes before and after, also every know word has a history index card similar to a wiki accounting for it's origin and any "changes". Law books also have the same indexing, they are designed for the rich the "house" just like at a Casino the deck of blackjack is stack in favor of the house.

David Wynn Millers see's the stacked deck see's the small bridges that joins the stacked part of the deck in the houses favor, and begins hacking the deck with his own pattern, does the house like this? NO, The house will naturally deny you, tosses you out of the game for being a cheat, no different than a video game!

The ideal idea we live in is completely made up- at one point in time, it never existed! This why the house constantly up dates it's ideal idea to cover the loop holes that hackers find, new ideal ideas new loops holes etc...

Being that everyone is born into an ideal idea along it's math outline, and accepting it out of naturally not knowing any difference it becomes a matrix for those caught inside of it knowing deep down something's amiss with it, but can not put a single finger on anyone thing and say aaahhh there it is! because it's attached to it's entirety as a whole that you also live on, it's a catch 22, the only option available is to leave it, abandon it.

This is what happens to death experiencers they have a difference, and can not function after they change on the matrix system. the difference becomes greater than. Just trying to see and know about our society is absolutely huge, change does not occur easy when people are in "not knowing" and live on the matrix as it is the only thing they have they don't see a difference and perhaps they don't want to see a difference as they have some bliss that keeps them in comfort.

By leaving the Matrix the matrix will punish you, and the people inside of it, will follow suit. They will think you have popped a gasket, the matrix only works because people accept it and live with in it. The only way to stop it is for it too completely collapse and the people no longer are making it work. It does not function on it own, it's not an entity.

posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 09:13 PM
I know this thread is sort of old but I remember this person, in particular how he came to be. He's telling the truth.

About how he died on the operating table, yes that happened. The story as I saw it was he was operated on, the doctor ripped out his adrenals. The doctor seemed to have been up for the past three days and didn't even bother reading the manual. Yes DWM died. He did get sawed open at the ribs, and his heart on the table. So where did he go when he was dead?

From what I recall, he made a deal with an entity from the oblivion. I would make zero deals with that entity if I were you regardless the reward, the consequence is too bottomless. If you want an impression about what the entity looks like, remember the photo of the demon standing over the man in the hospital? Here is a video of it for reference:

It might have been the same entity. Hospitals are where it reaches the dead in that oblivion dimension. The entity sort of looks like something from the movie alien, except it has eyes.

So, knowing this, that the rationale comes from that dark entity, ever hear of the phrase "doctrines of devils"? I think his way of measuring the worth of words is more like that. Yes he's got a syntax, at a cost, but there are other syntaxes in the universe that don't carve a path of destruction.

Yes his story of how some people put him in a chair and worked on him, that's true. I want to say I saw it but there's little way of explaining how I saw it. The people -- they are human, just not working for a human (and they are not the ones I affiliate with, but I'm neutral right now) -- were about 5 or 6 of them, men and women, they were a hyperspace/subspace ship of defense from galactic proportions. They show up when they believe it is necessary for some interstellar strategies. They did some molecular modification to his brain, a few fine tunings, maybe a tracker thing, I don't know the details, mostly as a defense against that oblivion entity. That the man could walk on earth plane without being a hazard to himself or the earth's people. Like, they took his ability away to invoke fire from another dimension or something.

By the way, the fact of the subspace work team that actually sat him in a chair and modified his noggin, that is very wow. But, it's not the most advanced, because they required a chair. I think what, they worked on him for about 6 hours to get the right effects? A bunch of 20-something younger people. They were working on space contract, it is a hierarchy. But who they were working for, I am neutral to that. Some space prince, one of many of a region, more rewardable than the earth princes. I know I know, it's weird to mention that, but it's so! Aldebaran? Some fifth star, or something. That name seems worth mentioning but I don't know if it's the correct name.

The prince of that place has a few star systems and has a few regards for certain cultures on Earth, contingent on performance of character. It means do good, get rewards, but do remember it is a monarchy. The attitude reminds me of something from the Middle East.

Yes he was given a longer tolerance for no sleep. They put a net in there somehow that changed how his brain handles things like melatonin or some other green-band wavelength so he can't access some If you can see it, how complex this universe is, you don't really want to shift consciousness so often, because when you're sleeping is when the space warfare happens on humans.

is Yes it's true he's regarding himself an advanced mason. First, he is a man, so this is his ticket into the system, plus based on his speeches and contacts, he gets the recognition that way. All he has to do is impress two other men into the group.

Might as well add a blurb about the mass killer. Maybe he was under the influence of the oblivion entity. Add some neuro linguistic programming, mathematically, to some silent sound spread spectrum devices, some VOG (voice of god) devices by military, you can make a nutcase pretty quickly. Or at least, have an impression subliminal broadcast to a mass public and have some people who react very badly to it. I do recall I was in Arizona around that time when the killer went crazy, I was getting some gov't grade NLP problems myself. It was terribly persuasive, but not enough to act out; I heard the barney the dinosaur theme song, backwards lectures of someone like Obama, paragraphs of statements that were backwards, and other 24/7 S-quad streams from the GWEN (not LIDA, always get those 2 mixed up) tower that got knocked silent in a solar flare one day. Don't you just hate military-like experiments without notice? Coincidentally after that 2009 year someone from an AZ marine base, electronic warfare, got fired. Coincidence or is the mil-gov programming according to this trendy syntax. Remember that's when Napolitano came into DHS controls too, so I don't know if that matters.

I have to say, one size does not fit all. You need about 4 varieties of language to be comfortable on the general population. Darkside isn't for everybody.

Yes he went underneath a building into the books on the shelves and researched lineages and histories of mankind. And he condensed his work and gave his report to some woman. He is worth his studies and time invested. I tell you, what he knows and what you're fed in college, two different things. I like the history of the north american peoples.

Yes he will trample over judges with his word warfare whenever he feels cramped. Remember though that it's a trade or compromise of consent, not just what is written or uttered. Translation means much, acceptance means more than definition. His days are numbered like all of our days, but because of his genetic history, he's a Cherokee descendant, the ancestor goes back to Enoch/Methuselah lineage, he may live very long.

And how I know? I don't know how to explain it. Maybe he remembers me back.
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posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 07:42 AM

originally posted by: Pinke
reply to post by jiggerj

Is why I think, if the person is sincere and completely sane, they surely must be talking in some type of code or similar. I can't see how a person could say such blatantly random things otherwise!

I too believe he is speaking in some kind of a code. And he desperately wants people to decode it. Only most people simply laugh and call it all gibberish.
Maybe that's a form of insurance in a way.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 09:39 AM
Ok. I was intrigued and watched the first few parts, trying to figure out whether all of his screws are loose or if he was just seeing how hard he could troll and get away with it. The most likely conclusion that I have come to is that he is a shill, mixing truth with nonsense so that people associate things such as the 9/11 hoax with utter lunacy and from then on ignore anything that smells even faintly of conspiracy.

I'm not even going to go into the absurd amount of crap he spouts. That part should be obvious. But here's why I see him as a shill:

- He claims that the post office owns everything to discredit the idea that the banks own everything

- He claims that 9/11 was a diversion for a bank robbery, using the phrase "inside job" to discredit the idea that it was an inside job

- He introduces this absurd idea about the capitalization, punctuation, and grammatical syntax of his name to discredit the whole Capitis Diminutio Maxima (the name in all caps thing, I haven't looked very far into it)

Also, his 'method' doesn't even work, and here's some humorous proof.

Anyway, I know this thread is a little old but I had to post because it was bothering me that no one had presented this idea. And if anyone proves that he is legit, I will eat myself like an ouroboros.

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