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The Curious Case Of The Boy In A Dress.

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:10 AM
Due to the many requests that I receive about how the phenomena known as' Boy In
A Dress' or to the regular viewers of ATS 'BIAD' -came into being, it seemed appropriate
that I contact the one person who had tracked BIAD's high-heeled footprints from the1940's
all the way to this time.
This Journalist has requested that his name and his family's name should not be mentioned
and I have edited his writings to make sure that his request is adhered to.
However, the names that are used in his tale have agreed to have their names printed here
and the aquiring the permission was a costly and time-consuming operation -may I add!

So sit back and see what you think, but most of all... enjoy.

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:11 AM
A Father's Secret.

The information contained on this website has been gleaned from notes and privately-owned
books written by my Father -who has recently passed away.
The accounts of this so-called 'Boy In A Dress' subject has remained a secret, hidden
from my family for over 30 years.

In the reports given here, my father will refer to the creature he sought as 'BIAD' -which
of course, is the abbreviation for Boy In A Dress... I will also.
No doubt, the reader at this point will be imagining an elderly gentleman fixtating on
another male wearing female attire, but I can assure you that this quest of my Father's
alledgedly brought him an understanding of the Universe, time-travel and immortality itself.

Any text from my Father's notes will be seen as bold and italic.

I will begin at the beginning of my part of this story, a funeral for an old man who spent
too much time alone.
My Mother had often wrote to me about how her husband was spending more-and-more
time away with his work, an author who had written a good many books that had brought
a nice, easy lifestyle.

Myself and my sister had left home and started our lives as adults, we both had families
and now traditionally, it was time for my Father and Mother to grow old together.
Except a telephone call in the wee-small hours changed all that.

My Mother once mentioned to me about about 'the call' whilst in my teens, but the reader
may know that when we're just starting out in our pre-adult years, the interests of
an older generation always takes a backseat!

So my Father set off on his adventure, all due to a telephone call that made sure he would
never rest easy again. Who made that call -I am still attempting to discover to this day.
What was said... well, luckily my Mother could remember some of the conversation.
But I'll get back to that.

The wake after the funeral took place at my parents home and though it was a sombre
occasion, it felt good to wander the old house again. It was about 3.00pm in the afternoon
when most of the relations (an Uncle and a distant cousin to my Pa)... had given their
condolences, hugged my Mother and said their goodbyes.
My sister left with her entourage about half-an-hour later, the kids were getting moody
and tired.

So my Mother and me ended up looking at the closed door of my Father's Library around
5.00pm on a warm summer evening.

What was inside, I could never of imagined.
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:15 AM
It was the notebook on my Father's desk that first told me of the 'Boy In A Dress' and
my initial thoughts were of secret loves with someone of his own sex,
I recall an anger rising as I picked up the weather-worn book that sat near his battered

The first page held the title 'Boy In A Dress and Calvin Shaw' the scribble of my Father's
handwriting scratched below the title indicating a frantic pace.
Later, I found another older book and sheaves of paper that were all about a creature that
could only belong in bad dreams or a drug-induced hallucination.
A six-foot female-shaped man that was born out of a yearning to understand the DNA
coding of white-coated Doctors and the hopes of a 'Super-Soldier' from the bill-paying

I spent two hours looking through his papers that evening and what I read intrigued me to
investigate more. My Father was never one for fantasy-related yarns or tales of the supernatural,
my childhood years were never exposed to ghost stories or late-night campfires -full of
monsters roaming the deep... 'that sort of nonsense belongs in books' he used to say.

The next day, I asked my Mother about the papers and she told me that my Father seemed
very guarded when she pressed him on the subject. Mother related how he would spend
more-and-more time in his Library and always locked it when she retired for the evening.
Then the trips away began and after confronting him about a possible affair with another,
my Mother was allowed part of a truth that had enchanted my Father all the way to his grave.

"It was his way" she'd say and go back to dusting a Library that hadn't seen a clean cloth in
years, he had become that secretive. I read all his writings and it seemed to be the rantings of
a madman, this being he described could surely not exist...
Then I found the photograph.

As you pass through the pages of the site... (and I do hope you bear with me!)... you
will see images of 'BIAD' as he was and possibly as he is now.
If the creature is still alive, and by my Father's account -BIAD was supposed to be
immortal, then he must be well on towards ninety years old.

Among the piles of literature were telephone numbers and some of them I have tried
with limited success. A retired Major -who would neither confirm or deny such activity
happened and several journalists of the 70's that seemed interested in my Father's

It would be another two years before
A: I found a phone number that may of belonged to the person who rang my parent that
night -long ago.
And B: realised that I had taken up my Father's banner and continued his quest.

I believe that person is Marcus Fielding and he lives in New Mexico, USA.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:18 AM
Dr. Shaw's Hearing.

Around 64 years ago, a man named Charles Calvin Shaw was working in
a little area near Corona -New Mexico. Charles was a pioneer in the new field
of DNA structuring and due to Government funding being pushed into more
politically-orientated areas, Charles Shaw struggled to prove a theory he'd been
looking at for the past three years.

WW II was over and it was felt that all hands would be still be needed at the
pumps to combat the yearnings of the communist powers of the People's Republic
of China and the Soviet Union.
Cuba hadn't arrived on the world stage yet, but concerns were being felt in
Washington that reverberated all the way to the adobe-wrapped building where Dr. Shaw
pondered his idea.

Rosalind Franklin, a graduate in physical chemistry had called Shaw on the day
before and informed him of a breakthrough. She had commented that Frank Crick,
also a leading scientist had agreed with his partner -James Watson, that if the
newly-discovered double helix did exist... and they truly believed it did, then it could have
areas that demand 'extra' speed growth and that Shaw may of been correct about creating
a life form from scratch.

Charles Shaw tried his experiment on 6th July 1947 and it was during his final tests,
that Shaw made his famous error.

I know at the time of this writing, the US Government may not of released the documents
that showed the outcome and what we now know as the 'BIAD Effect' but I can assure
the reader that the facts are there and pressure is being brought to bear to reveal them.
The 'when's' and the 'who's' are not important, it was the 'how'.

The thunderstorm that for many years was part of the so-called 'Roswell Incident' did occur,
nobody is disputing that fact. The actual storm that did the damage is ignored and that
happened on a late evening on 6th July.
The wreckage that was supposedly discovered by a rancher on his land also occurred...
but much later and the amount of debris reported was something that always brought
a smile to Charles Shaw's face.

When the machinery started up in the laboratory, the storm was two miles away...
Shaw was certain of that and said so at the hearing afterwards.
Shaw had prepared the tanks for the experiment and again, at the hearing, announced
that all necessary disinfectanting proceedures had been adhered to.
The storm hit the building around 9.15 pm and what now, is excepted as the 'born' time
happened a few seconds later.

 I am not allowed due to certain legal restrictions to go into Dr. Shaw's experiment findings
or any subsequent material that he brought to the hearing, but I can say that within that test,
BIAD was born.

Dr. Shaw's attorneys have given this writer permission to display this and all work on this
site to be seen as true and accurate.
Now... the question you're asking is "why does BIAD look the way he does?"

See Shaw's explanation to his President!
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:20 AM
The President.

From pillar to post, from East to West the poor misshapen eyeless creature has wandered.
For him, life is precarious and he knows somehow, that it is the most treasured thing in the

In 1978 -in Houston Texas, The President of the United States at that time -James Carter,
was present at a meeting with Charles Shaw and his creation. Carter recalled in his memoirs
about the event in typical cryptic and certainly edited fashion.

When Boy In A Dress was led out, and by that time, the man/girl had grown considerably,
the long black hair with red strips had become BIAD's trademark around the laboratories.
Carter had commented how Native American -the creature seemed. Charles Shaw attempted
to explain that to gain certain traits, the area of the DNA strand where skin color and hair
resided had been exploited to ensure a reasonable tolerance to arid conditions

The late-Bill Chapman, a retired Secret Service agent on the detail for the President in
Houston -told me in 1990 before his death, that Jimmy Carter and BIAD spoke for a minute
or so and the President found it illuminating.
When the President asked why BIAD's eyes could not be seen under the long fringe,
Shaw was about to explain when BIAD had interrupted.

Below is the nearest I can get to the actual quote:
"The visual concept of one's surroundings is a lifebelt that we hold onto firmly.
For most of us, this world is seen, heard, touched and tasted.
What if I told you it wasn't a real world, Mr. President?"

BIAD then leaned close to Mr. Carter and the surrounding agents went to reach for
the hermaphrodite as he whispered into the President's ear.
At that point, Charles Shaw -with aid from his colleagues, rushed BIAD from the room.
Chapman told me from his home in Indiana, that the last thing he heard BIAD say
was 'Gerald Light knows' and "those enigmatic three words will stay with me forever"

Any Ufo researcher will tell you that Gerald Light was supposedly one of the few who
had contact along with President Eisenhower with aliens in an Air Base in 1954. Light
was supposed to be a 'gifted and highly educated writer and lecturer' but this researcher
has struggled to discover more about him.

What did BIAD mean?
That is my next quest.
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:32 AM
The Day I asked The Question.

Charles Shaw made many discoveries after BIAD was 'born' and later -reports from
Fort Hood in Texas, show that BIAD's abilities to withstand extreme temperatures, oxygen
depravation and other life-threatening events, were being invested in and mimicked.

Where are the tests being done now?, at this precise time is anyone's guess.
All we know is BIAD was the fore-runner to an idea that was officially dropped in 1983.

In 1987, I caught up with Charles Shaw at a Gala in Minnesota and asked him if the BIAD
experiments were still going on. Shaw and his wife Catherine were attending the event along
with their daughter. Shaw was furious that I'd interrupted his family's evening and it took all
my guile and charm to allay his anger.

As his wife and daughter looked on, Shaw assured me that the tests had stopped in 83 and
the supposed creature that allegedly existed was a fairy tale that was born out of the fallout
of the 'silly' Roswell incident.

"People were crazy for that kinda stuff -back then..." Shaw said "... they saw Martians and
flying saucers everywhere!" When I inquired about BIAD's 'Gerald Light' comment,
this author saw a dramatic change in Charles Shaw demeanour.

"There's no such person..." Shaw hissed "... and if you write any of this stuff, you're gonna
be in big trouble"
With that, Charles Shaw grabbed his wife and daughter's arms and went off into the Main Hall.
The one thing that struck me about that meeting was the daughter...
she was wearing dark sunglasses.

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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:36 AM
The Eldridge Connection.

An interesting account from declassified files of the British Security Service -MI5 show
that there was an interest from other nations regarding the creature known as 'Boy In A Dress'
It seems that the English Janitor who worked at the compound where the U.S Miltary
experimented on BIAD's abilities may have been an agent with the service.
Jenkins (first name -Arthur) spent some time with BIAD and from the account, it seems
that Jenkins was present at a so-called 'jaunting'

The Janitor reported to his superiors that the Boy In A Dress could 'shift' in time.
This writer has seen a document that indicates the eyeless creature had disappeared from
view and reappeared many minutes later.
Jenkins went on to say that BIAD could utilise certain rocks or crystals to generate a tear
or rip in our reality. It was presumed that BIAD entered and left these rends at will.

A gentleman named Charles Allende -or sometimes known as 'Carlos Allen' made an
astounding claim that the US Navy had attempted a similar style of travel in 1943.
Allende claimed a U.S. Navy destroyer escort was used to travel in time and space to
the ship's berthing port and back in an instant. The Navy have always refuted the story
and in most circles, Allende was seen as a crackpot.

During my investigations of the 'Boy In A Dress' I came across the elderly Carlos
Allende in Greeley Colarado. The gentleman was suffering with a bout of flu at the time,
although his recollections of the supposed incident were crystal clear.

Allende had no idea of my interest in the 'BIAD' project and during a conversation over
a cup of coffee on the second day, he said something quite astounding.
Carlos spoke of the day that the Navy alledgedly wrapped the Destroyer named the
USS. Eldridge in huge cables and packed the hold with strange machinery.

He went on to speak of the scientists and Navy officials that monitored the experiment
from another vessel. Allende had been a crew member on that other ship called the
SS Andrew Furuseth and he said that after the event, many fellow-crew members
commented on the sight of a 'woman in red' running across the deck of the Eldridge.
The figure had black hair and a long fringe that hid her eyes!

Allende's parting words made me wonder about the 'Boy In A Dress' episodes of
possible time-travel.
"She was a queer-looking woman, the way she ran made me think she was a guy!"

Sadly, Mr. Allende died in 1994.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:46 AM
The Janitor's Son.

After intensive research and at quite considerable expense, I have tracked down the
whereabouts of Arthur Jenkins -who worked as a Maintenance Man in the Utah and
Los Alamos compound where 'Boy In A Dress' was tested back in the 1960's and 70's.

In my last posting, this author wrote of Jenkins being a Janitor at the Miltary Base and
had access to the Man/Girl we know as 'BIAD'
The gentleman had sadly passed on in the United Kingdom and after talking via telephone
with his widow and son, they admitted that Mr. Jenkins had been involved in some
clandestine activity in the late-60's and early-70's.

I met Mr. Jenkins Jnr at Heathrow Airport in England in August of 1996 and over a late meal,
the middle-aged man related his memories of his father's 'Overseas' task.

'It was quite a boon... he said (name withheld by request) '... my Father working in a secret
base in the USA'
Arthur's son had been kind enough to bring a family album along and also agreed for this
writer to dupilcate one photo, an image of Mr. Jenkins Snr sitting with a young 'girl' near a
US Army truck.
The girl is smiling and wearing a red dress.
(Image to be provided later)

I found Arthur's son reluctant to talk about his Father's role in a Government-ran organistation,
I assured him that I was only interested in his description and behaviour of 'Boy In A Dress'
and after a little more persuasion, he agreed to relate what his Father had told him.

I used a Dictophone for the interview and below is the transcript:

Son: 'You're talking about a long time ago... hell, it probably doesn't matter now anyway.
Dad was away for two years for that one, he told my Mum that as long as the money was
rolling in, then we'd better 'make hay-while the sun shined'!... that's how he put it in one
of his letters to her'

Author: "Did he ever describe the place where he was working?"

Son: 'He once told me about a year after the American trip that he was working in a base,
an Army base with some very strange people. That was the first time he mentioned 'BIAD' to me.
There was something he said that day that stuck with me... nah, it doesn't matter'

Author: "Please, go on"

Son: 'Well, he said that there were many worlds outside of ours... he said that he had
seen someone actually move from one to another.
I just thought he was pulling my leg, but he seemed serious enough -when he said it'

Author: " Did he ever indicate who that 'someone' was?

Son: 'Oh yeah, he said there was a guy who never showed his eyes and wore a red dress!
Come on man, my old Dad must've had too much sun while he was out there in the desert!'

Mr. Jenkins' son went on to relate a story that his Father had passed on via his many letters
to his wife.
At first, I found this a little odd -as I would assume all correspondence would be vetted by MI5
and even any abbreviated agencies in the States would peruse the Englishman's letters for any
leak of information regarding the Janitor's whereabouts.

The young man across the table from me just shrugged his shoulders when I enquired.
"I don't know about such stuff, the letter always came from a place called Hinkley and didn't look
like it had been tampered with or anything"

Hinkley is a small town on I-50 and just South of Dugway Proving Ground, where the Military
run biological warfare experimentation... which Boy In A Dress was supposedly designed for.

"My Dad said that the lad in the photo was used for some terrible tests and sometimes, Dad
wanted to help him escape" the Janitor's son said and as the last of the aeroplanes left the
airport for the evening, I asked my last question.

"Did your Father ever say what happened to this creature?"

The young man in the checked-shirt and faded jeans looked like he needed a cigarette,
so we wandered out to the busy front of of Heathrow.

"He once told me... this was after he got back from America..."Jenkins Jnr blew smoke
into the chilly UK night. "... he said that the being he had befriended in that place died due
to those tests and the body was burned in secret"

I was ready for my hotel bed and after thanking Mr. Jenkins for his assistance and his
willingness to meet me at Heathrow (he lived in the Slough?) I hailed a cab and waved goodbye
through the window as we set off.

The car I saw pull up and Mr. Jenkins Jnr step into -told me another game was afoot.
The taxi-driver was good and I'm sure the shadows in the front of the vehicle that
took Mr. 'J' didn't see us following them.
I was wrong... and after spending four hours in a room with one bare lightbulb and
a chair that could never be comfortable, I realised for the first time -how serious all
this was.
I also realised that my Father had been correct all along.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 07:58 AM
Across The Atlantic.

The English Agency called MI-5 didn't like my investigation and from what the
man in the rolled-up sleeved shirt and the bad breath said, it would be prudent
to solve the puzzle in my own country.

The room I sat in was somewhere in Northern London and the accent of
the gruff-sounding Limey before me, was a little-too fake for my liking.

"We know you're snooping around and looking into things you have no idea
about" the man across the small table said and at first, I thought he was
discussing the 'Boy In A Dress' topic, but I was incorrect.

"Jenkins did work for us from time-to-time, but mainly on European stuff" he
said and blew cigarette smoke into my face, I thought this man had watched
too many old movies.
"So if you think he was spying on our friends across the pond, well my American
friend... you're mistaken" and that was about it.
They handed back my passport and after picking up my small suitcase outside the
supposed-Interogation Room, I was escorted back to the first room that I was
'dumped' into.

Another hour in the small room and then I was driven to a hotel near Gatwick
Airport and advised by the driver to get out of the country at the first opportunity.
I agreed and left the next day.

The dumb 'Spooks' never even checked my luggage and if they did, they'd have
found Jenkins Junior's photograph of his Father and the small being next to the
Army truck.

It was another month before I could arrange another trip, this one was to Utah.
Dugway Proving Grounds -Utah.
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 08:00 AM
Gone West...

I drove out of Provo -Utah around 7.00am and after passing the end of Utah
Lake, I headed west on Interstate 15 towards Santaquin to find Highway 6.

Dugway Proving Grounds lay in a desolate area of Utah for a reason, to the public
-it was because of the test-flights of newly-developed aircraft and a base for some
National Guard training.

Not known by most of the public, is that Dugway also enjoys testing US and
Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems.
These experiments have been going on in other Army bases and since 1942.

Five years later, Boy In A Dress was transported there by cargo plane and
Dr. Shaw continued his trials on the strange being he had found in his damaged
laboratory -all those years ago.

I travelled west and passing through the small town of Goshen, I mused on what
those experiments would do to a standard human being.

If the tests include nerve-agents, then BIAD would endure:
Contraction of pupils
Profuse salivation
Involuntary urination and defecation
Death by asphyxiation -as control is lost over respiratory muscles.

Rumours were abound in the environs of Dugway that 'VX' was tested and the infamous
'Sheep Kill Incident' in 1968 indicated that this 'outlawed' chemical was being used.
From documents located by my Father, it seems that this incident was far-more serious
than the death of over six-thousand sheep.

Boy In A Dress had supposedly attempted to escape and managed to travel around
30 miles away from the Base, before the US Army came after him.

It is written that in a place called 'Skull Valley' and after BIAD's refusal to return to
Dugway -without certain concessions, it was decided to test a new form of the nerve-agent,
this one even deadlier.
V-156 was supposedly released from the hieght of 400-feet from a Vickers-Valiant bomber
and the cloud of falling gas filled the major part of the valley.

BIAD lived and another cover-up was put in place.
The approximate cost of easing Ranchers minds and Goshute Indians concerns came
to around $84,000.
Not long after, Dr. Shaw and Boy In A Dress decided to escape from Dugway and
attempt to live a 'normal' leftstyle.

As I turned onto Stark Road and peered at the stark facility, I felt sorry for the
eyeless hermaphrodite.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 08:03 AM
Where Is This U-T-A-H?!

The search for this odd-character has been on-going and I had a stroke of luck in
January of 2012.
Most of the stories about Boy In A Dress living in the facility in Utah had dried up
and problems at home were calling to me, my Mother -in particular.

The Motel bill was paid and I was just about to place my meagre luggage into the
trunk of my cramped rented Chevrolet Aveo -when a man who had been lounging
in a deck-chair near the dirty-looking swimming pool appeared beside me and
asked if I was looking for A Dr. Calvin Shaw.

I was hesitant, my run-in with Britain's MI-5 had told me that forces were at work
behind the scenes and so, I assumed this guy was a 'Spook' from one of our agencies.

"Who's asking?" I said and eyed the tire-lever in the trunk, although I wouldn't
have known what to do with it. The black-haired stranger in the shorts and shirt smiled
and answered "I ain't Military or CIA... I'm a Reporter"

Mike Tulford once worked for The Daily Herald in Provo -Utah. He was a likeable chap
with a penchant for smoking a cob-pipe. Mike told me over several cups of dark coffee
that a Dr. Shaw did work at the Dugway Ground, but had disappeared over a year ago.

"Do you know of any of his work?" I had asked him and that was when his manner changed.
The Reporter had seemed at ease with my inquiries -but now with that question, he had
become nervous... very nervous.

"They do alot of things up there with nerve-gas and other poisons..." he had whispered and
took a glance at the Counter to see who was watching.
"...I heard once that they put a human test-subject out at Skull Valley back in 68 and used
he stuff that killed all them sheep"

Mike talked for a few more minutes about rumours and legend, the day was getting older
and I had a plane to catch.

"They say Shaw left because of what the Military wanted to with the results he got from his
testings..." Mike said as got up from my window seat. "... A friend of mine even knew a Janitor
that worked there" he added. I sat back down and called for another two cups of coffee.

"Yeah, a Brit called Jenkins used to work there on Thursdays, my friend told me that he used
to talk with him when he was at the track"
I held my tongue and waited for any information of the little man that knew so much.
"South Jordan... he used to meet him at the South Jordan track" he reiterated.

Keeping my breathing steady, I asked Mike if his friend still met up with the Janitor and
watched him shake his head.
"Nah man..." Mike eased "my friend told me that after a trek to Odgen, the Limey never came
back to the track... he reckoned something had scared him bad"

I left and pondered the word 'Bad'
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 08:05 AM
2012 And My Journey Onwards.

I came back to the USA. I came after my Mother had passed away and
now I see that I have become my Father, the distant-vague man that
searches for a creature that's existence out-shines my own dull life.
A little dramatic, huh?!!

But here in New Mexico, I came to see Marcus Fielding and found him in
the same status as my Mother and Father, he had also passed away.

There were some records available from the late-Doctor, a pretty-looking
girl called Helen Fielding was kind enough to let me see her Father's notes.
"My Pa worked at Los Alamos and a lot of his stuff was taken away by
the people there..." the girl with the tall glasses of iced-tea told me in her
small one-storey home in White Rock.
"...Many of his papers were classified he used to tell me and some of it
was way-above my head" she added with a sweet smile.

It was the small address book that caught my attention, my Father's home
telephone number was in there and I wondered how many times the grey
-haired chap with the bushy-moustache actually spoke to my Father.

We chatted on the porch of the small abode and Helen seemed fascinated
with the strange-world of England "Does it rain all the time?" she asked
With gentle urging, for I liked the brown-haired young woman with the
faint freckles on her nose -I brought her back to talk about the life of the
eminent Dr. Marcus Fielding.

"We used to spend our evenings out here in the Summer and we talked
about many things" Helen related, her eyes looked distant as she recalled
the memories. I breathed in deeply and took my chance.
"Did he evere discuss a project about A Boy In A Dress?" I asked softly, I
didn't want to spook her, but I knew that those odd words had to be used
at some point and I was surprised by her response.

"Oh!... the 'thing' in the red dress? Yeah, my Pa told me about him..." she
chirped and honoured me with her grey-blue eyes and happy gaze. For
myself, the surroundings seemed to fade away and only her face and
answer seemed to be what was left of reality. The air in my lungs waited
to be released.

"...I have a picture of us somewhere, Pa brought him and Dr. Shaw home
for supper once" she said and rose from the raton chair. "More iced-tea?"
she asked and with a sappy-grin, I followed her inside.
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posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 08:15 AM
Images That My Father Gathered In His Investigations:

Image One:
In 1987, my Father took this image at a Minnesota Gala that Dr. Shaw
and his family were attending.
Whether this is the actual 'Boy In A Dress' or not, is still under discussion.

Image Two:
I have serious doubts on this image. Supposedly found in a
Land-Fill site near Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.
This writer has found no evidence that the image is authentic.

Image Three:
This is Boy In A Dress, the photograph was found among
some personal effects of a Army Serviceman that was based at
The Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah during 1963.

Image Four:
Dr. Charles Calvin Shaw. (Courtesy of Los Alamos Nat Lab)

Image Five:
This Polaroid picture was discovered recently in my late-Father's

Any other images that are relevant, I will post a.s.a.p.

posted on Jan, 13 2013 @ 11:50 AM
More Strange Information...

When I spoke to the late-Professor Marcus Fielding's daughter on that pleasant day in
2012, I had no idea of how much she would become entangled in the quest of what
would be known as 'The BIAD Mystery'

The small house in White Rock, New Mexico was neat and tidy. However, the odd shingle
needed resetting and during our conversation, I actually repaired a window-shutter that had
refused to be re-latched.

The payment of a hot coffee was accepted with gratitude as the day began to slip into early
evening and I didn't want to overstay my welcome. But Helen Fielding didn't seem to mind
and I guessed that she rarely had company to chat to, and company that would repair around
the home too!

"I remember the day that Ed White came to visit my Father's laboratory..." Helen had said
whilst placing a small delicate plate of biscuits on the table next to the steaming coffee.
"Mr. White was in the Gemini Missions and was to be the first man to walk in space" she
added and poured the black brew. I had taken my notebook out and was itching to scribble
my thoughts and notes down, but at the same time I didn't want to ruin the conversation.

I nodded and interjected that he WAS the first space walker and this brought a small smile
to Helen's face "Well, that's what they told the public" she whispered dramatically.

I wrote most of it down when I eventually got back to my car and the story itself certainly
made me think about what I sometimes see on websites such as this one.
I was hyped-up on the many cups of coffee that Ms. Fielding was kind enough to provide
and my mind raced with questions that I hadn't dared to ask.

In early-November of 1952, Lieutenant colonel White was selected to be the first American
to walk in space -or as Helen said later in her conversation 'EVA'

The problem that NASA was panicking about was the craft 'Gemini 4' not being a suitable
vehicle to perform the act. Something to do with the oxygen capacity -she had told me.

That was when NASA had turned to Los Alamos Laboratories for assistance and that was when
the idea came up to send an 'expendable' up to test their ideas.

Lt. Col Edward White actually saw 'Boy In A Dress' twice during the tests and one of the times
was at Fielding's laboratory.

"He couldn't believe the proposal when he saw the 'thing' -as he put it, standing in the new
modified spacesuit and it took all of my Father's persuasion to stop Mr. White from leaving
the facility" Helen had told me.

So in January of 1953, they sent the eyeless creature up to test the breathing apparatus on
Gemini 4. The mission was successful and the employees of NASA that took part in the
mission endured interior-video blackout during the launch and EVA.

Lt. Col White walked in space in June of the same year.

As I left Helen's house on that mild evening in New Mexico, I was glad that I had met such
a delightful lady, but her parting words made only a slight blemish on the whole encounter.
"I know that the rumours say that they killed BIAD and destroyed the remains..." she
had said whilst looking towards the setting sun "...I also heard that it couldn't be killed"

My rented car sat on the dusty lane outside her little house as she added "some say that
he lives way out in Wyoming and some say he never left New Mexico... like Billy The Kid,
I said my goodbyes and jumped into my uncomfortable Nissan, I had work to do.
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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 06:35 AM
That Lonely Road.

As I drove from south from White Rock and urged my little car down I-84 towards
Santa Fe, I pondered over Helen Fielding's last words.
"...I also heard that it couldn't be killed"

I had read in some of my Father's notes that Boy In A Dress had been used in the
many experiments because of his high tolerence to pain and external changes in his

The notion that BIAD was still alive had never occurred to me before, what evidence
existed in the time that the 'Man/Girl' had dropped off the radar indicated that he
was killed. Whether it was accidently or not, I knew the Powers-That-Be would never
let me know.

But Ms. Fielding was kind enough to let me use my little camera to take a picture of
the photograph tha showed Helen, her Father and what she assured me was the
Boy In A Dress. The image is hardly conclusive proof, but I will upload it here.

That's when it struck me and pulling off the road, I rummaged through my briefcase
in the glow of the Nissan's interior light.

The question I had conjoured up -in my coffee-induced mania, was that if Calvin Shaw
and the Military allowed BIAD to visit places and in at least two occasions, Professor
Shaw accompanied the hermaphrodite, then there seemed to be a level of care.
An indication of concern for BIAD's understanding of the outside world...?

Did Shaw know that the Military establishment would eventually look to destroy the
strange being that had spilled out on the floor of that little laboratory in Corona and
decided to look for a way out?

Somewhere in my Father's papers, there was a report of distnguished-looking
gentleman, an young 'odd-looking girl' and a 'scruffy' biker -causing what was described
in the smalltown newspaper of Billings Montana, as a 'furore' on one of the Midway

The story had appeared in among the grocery ads on page eight and I remember being
suprised that Dad had ever found it. The Billings County Fair had witnessed a fight
between the unknown-biker and several of the Fair's employees.

The Billings Gazette had reported that the older man -Shaw presumably, had dragged
his assumed-daughter away from the affray and in two of the statements from the
many witnesses, a discription of the female had been printed.

...Mrs. Callow said 'the girl wore her fringe low and had big sunglasses on, like she was
from Hollywood and hiding her eyes'
'...very masculine, I thought it was one of the guys from the rodeo messing about...'

Would Professor Shaw allow the creature that he come to regard as a son -be killed
because the Military said so?

Corona was not far from where I was parked on the dusty verge of I-84 and so, with
a new verve, I set my car southwards.
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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 07:58 AM
Night Creeping.

With my Father's trusty-writings at hand, I drove through the small town in Lincoln
County during the late evening. I should have booked-in to a motel and slept off
my excitement, but I knew that my Pa had travelled the lonely road of the I-247
without care for his health.
And so I did too.

If one travels South from the town limits, the sparse countryside will eventually
reveal Corona Cemetery. A barren place with wrought-iron gates and surround
that proclaim where the nearby residents place their beloved departed.
The cattle-grid would not only deter any wayward cow, but notify the dead of
your visit.

Around a mile south of the Cemetery, there's the faint markings of another trail.
To some, they'd see it as the entrance to a Frontage Road... a forgotten track that
once enjoyed regular traffic. This non-paved trail will lead the intrepid explorer to
a ramshackled building that had seen better times.
Shaw's Laboratory.

The reader would be excused to think that -like the movies that run on those motel
televisions at night, the place would still contain the evidence that would prove Boy
In A Dress had appeared on that stormy night in 1947. He would also be excused for
believing that the Military's commitment for secrecy is based on the interests of the
recruits they send to clean up the mess.

But they don't leave evidence behind... in the real-world, they don't leave clues.
Or as I ran these thoughts through my mind as I stepped out of the rental-car, they

The roof had caved-in and the paint-peeled door looked like it had been kicked in.
Remember, Professor Shaw was working alone then, the Government hadn't really
bought-in to his ideas of exploring the DNA thread and enhancing certain structures
of the coding.

So any security was in Shaw's hands and by the look of the delapidated entrance, I'd
say it came down to a padlock and bolt.

The Nissan's headlights shone into the doorway, but the shadows inside didn't seem
to flee. I wagered the torch in the car's trunk would fare better.
Like the hesitant-heroes in the same crappy-movies I had endured in the motel rooms,
I crept in with nervous features.

I called out to see if anyone was using the place as a rest-stop, I didn't want to wander
into a half-asleep vagrant with a broken bottle for company! But the place was desolate.
The torchlight showed no impression that a scientist had tinkered with vats and test tubes.

No strange apparatus that piped across the room and ended with a beaker of bubbling,
mysterious liquid and no sign of a white coat hanging from a wall-hook.

I spent a few minutes scouring the corners and the single cabinet in the one-roomed
shack and it was only as I was about to leave -did I notice the grey-dented locker leaning
near the doorframe of the way out to the yard.

It was empty of course, but imagining tha the 'movie hero' wouldn't have given-up so
easily, I slipped my hand behind the metal container and hoped that the script writers
could be correct for once.

There was a sheet of paper, a page out of a small notebook and without attempting
to read it there, I jammed it into my jacket pocket and slipped away like a thief-in-the

The Holiday Inn was a welcoming sight as I turned into it's carpark at 1.00am and I only
hoped they let me have a room... a room where I could read what was on that scrap of
paper in my pocket.

posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 06:22 AM
It's been awhile since I last wrote here and please, forgive me for the delay.
Recent events have thwarted me from writing down my thoughts and actions, this
quest that my Father began -seems to have led me from one realm of madness
to another.

That small scrap of paper that I found behind the locker in Shaw's small abode on
the outskirts of Corona New Mexico was to take me away from this arid desert and
urge me to northwards to a town with the odd name of Parump in Nevada.

It was a map, the notepaper showed a child-like drawing of a route that would take
an unknown along the replacement-road of Route 66 from Albuquerque on a westward
trail to Kingman in Arizona. Frome there, I-93 north to Las Vegas then north-east to this
strange-named place. I would be heading north.
Northwards -but not alone.

The morning after I had visited Professor Shaw's makeshift laboratory, I awoke at
7.00am in that small Holiday Inn room to the sound of the telephone ringing.
I had booked into the Inn on the off-chance, leaving the lonely trail to Shaw's
delapidated place and seeking a place to rest my head.
So who was ringing?

With a weary tone, I asked who the hell wanted me and was surprised by the soft
voice of Helen Fielding, somehow she had found me!
Sitting up and for some reason, combing my hair with my fingers, I asked her about
her excellent detective-work and why she was calling. As Helen replied, I realised that
she was driving as she spoke, the low-drone of tyres-on-road in the background told me
she was in her car.

"After we met, I went into my Father's room and had a look through his personal effects...
There's some photographs and some information that you may find interesting" she said.
In regards of locating me in this isolated area, she answered that she's 'second-guessed'
where I would go and gambled that I'd stay at the nearest motel.
I wondered if she'd made more than one call to different hotels and motels in her search,
but I refrained from ruining our new-born friendship.

After explaining my plans to visit Nevada, Helen said that she would like to meet me
at a halfway point, we agreed on Albuquerque.

So here I am, sitting on the edge of a motel bed in Parump with my laptop. In the next
room, Helen is getting changed for our Dinner at 'The Saddle West Hotel Casino &
Restraurant' and I must admit, I'm looking forward to our meal.

I'll sign off with copies of the images Helen discovered among her Father's things.

She has kindly allowed me to post them here and as the third and fourth images
show, even the famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun had some interest in
our mysterious 'Boy In A Dress'

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Two Plates.

It was Helen who first put me onto the thought that Boy In A Dress may not have
perished in the secretive grounds of Dugway Proving Grounds of Utah. My Father's
writings had always been in the vein of dealing with an experiment that went wrong...
a failed test that was -shall we say, cleansed?

During our meal she related how her Father and Professor Shaw had sometimes
discussed the strange being living at Los Alamos over dinner at her home and twice.
I felt it ironic that the two of us were now discussing the same subject over food,
and even if the sound of distant country music and excited Casino-players may have
not accompanied the two men of science in their talks, here we were with that
invisible Man/Girl between us.

Dr. Marcus Fielding was prominent in the area of nuclear fission and fusion, although
the general spotlight was on the development of weapons such as the one tested in the
Manhattan project, scientists from all over the world had been at one-time-or-another
working in different fields at the facility.
Dr. Fielding dealt with what happens to an atom when it splits.

My steak was left unattended as Helen explained the process that her Father found so
fascinating, she mentioned people such as Geiger and Marsden as if I'd been immersed
in nuclear physics all my life!

Flushed with excitement from reliving the past, I interrupted her and asked how BIAD
was connected in all of this. Not wanting to rain on her parade, I patted her hand and
said most of what she had told me was way above my head and apologised if I'd hurt
her feelings.

Helen smiled and sipped at her wine "I should be the one saying sorry " she said "it's
been a long time since I've dined with anyone" and I'm sure she blushed at that point.

Here's how it works:
A nucleus is the very dense region consisting of protons and neutrons at the center of
an atom. The whole kit and caboodle is held together by something called 'Nuclear Force'
This force is the result of a more powerful energy called 'Strong Interaction' which is one
of the four fundemental forces in nature.

Since the other three are electromagnetism, the weak interaction and gravitation, Helen's
Father believed that to investigate this mysterious power could one day bring a free
energy to the world, after all, this force could be found everywhere around us.

As we tucked into our dessert of chocolate ice-cream and vanilla wafer, Helen explained
about her Father's discovery in regards of Boy In A Dress.

The protons inside an atom consist of something called quarks, which is supposed to be
a basic building-block of the universe. Apparently, for every quark there is a 'antiquark'
and when Dr. Fielding's team attempted to bring a antiquark -or antiparticle in to a
phase where they could monitor it, the sealed-room where the experiment was taking
place glowed brightly and Boy In A Dress appeared near the antiquark apparatus.

Yep...! BIAD was somehow connected to a little-known subject call Quantum Field Theory.

I recalled how the son of the Janitor who befriended Boy In A Dress told me about his Pa
saying something about how BIAD could disappear from view and...
...there were many worlds outside of ours... he said that he had seen someone
actually move from one to another...

I ate my cold delicacy and pondered what that red-dressed creature would have been
worth to the Military. I also wondered if they eventually feared him.

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 05:12 AM
Della Sumner.

"Do you believe in the Bible, Miss Fielding...?" Della Sumner asked as she handed over
the delicate cup of tea. "...Did you know that Charles and your Father did?" Helen smiled
tightly and glanced over to where I sat near the drawn curtains and politely took the hot

During the drive to Nevada, Helen had perused her memory and some of the notes
she had gathered from her Father's things. We had discussed the map and just as
I'd mentioned that the enigmatic sketch may have actually been drawn by Boy In A
Dress, when Helen held a well-manicured hand up to stop me.

"It says here..." she said as she shuffled some of the crumpled papers from her lap
back to a finger-smudged manilla file "...that some my Father's staff were dropped from
his experiments in May of 58 and transferred to Dr. Shaw's laboratory. I'm sure there's
a list somewhere among all of this"

I had once sat with a stranger in an English airport and pondered what tricks-of-the-trade
Private Detectives would use to obtain their goal and now here in a little rental car that
bumped it's way across the Southwestern deserts, I actually witnessed one.

"We'll need a Parump telephone directory as soon as we get there" Helen Fielding P.I had
said without looking up and it took all my strength to not lean over and kiss her on the
The Nevada state-line passed us at 2.00pm.

The tea was nice as I peered over the cup rim at the old woman in the poorly-knitted
cardigan. Even though the temperature ticked and groaned outside with it's heat, Della
Sumner sat in her cardigan with her air-conditioner switched to 'moderate'

"I suppose you think I've lost the last-few marbles I had rolling around in here..." she
chortled and pointed above her horn-rimmed spectacles with a wrinkled finger.
"...Hell, after seeing some of the things your Father and I worked on, maybe I should be
drooling at the mouth and looking all 'hoss-eyed" she said and slowly lifted herself from
the armchair.

I rose to assist and she waved me away "The days of chivalry have long-gone son" she
muttered and shambled over to a welsh dresser that seemed to be adorned with brack-a
-brack form a yard sale.
The large clock that towered above the jumble of mis-matched figurines and thick-framed
photographs told us it was 10.00am, time seemed to be slowing on that Monday morning.

"I worked at Los Alamos for over thirty years and never once did they ask me to sign a
secrecy paper, don't you find that odd, Mister...? Della said without looking at me.
I gave my surname and as she pulled on a round-handled drawer she glanced at Helen
with a sweet smile.
"Different surnames? Well I guess my intuition isn't what it used to be" she whispered and
brought another blush to Helen's cheeks.
I breathed in slowly and kept my eyes from finding Helen's grey-blue ones.

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Tea And Pleasantries.

The morning ticked by as Mrs. Della Sumner reminisced about her time at Los Alamos
Scientific Laboratories and among the quaint surroundings, I and Helen waited patiently
for her to wander back to the subject of Boy In A Dress.

"We were like a family in the early days..." she said after bringing a plate loaded with
chunky slices of walnut cake "... Even when Norris came in, that's Norris Bradbury -the
Director, even when he came in, we continued to enjoy our little place in the desert"

Norris Bradbury took over the Base after J. Robert Oppenheimer laid down the reins
at the end of the war and it was said by some that Los Alamos lost it's magic around then
and many of the more-innovational scientists moved away too.
Charles Shaw was certainly one of them.

The sepia photos that Della had provided lay on the knee-high table next to the second
pot of tea and picking the one where Boy In A Dress was standing with a young soldier,
Della placed her china cup carefully on the arm of her faded armchair and asked if I
recognised the fair-haired man.

"BIAD saved that lad's life..." she said softly and opened the large album on her lap,
"...The pair of them were taking part in an experiment to see if BIAD could withstand a
certain type of gas, the young man's mask leaked and he almost died" she added and
didn't look up from her perusing.

Helen sipped at her tea and after a few seconds of waiting to see if Della was going to
continue, she asked "you mentioned the Bible, what did you mean by my Father
believing in it?"

The old lady peered over the small spectacles she had produced for her readings and
smiled the smile of a grandmother doting on her favourite child "Ah yes, thank you
for reminding me" she whispered and accompanied Helen in drinking the tea.

"In 1954, some of us had realised that Charles' protege held a talent that hadn't become
appararent to the echelon that ran the Base and after a very-clandestine meeting between
Charles, your Father, myself and two from the Turing Section, we decided to examine BIAD's
'other' abilities under the radar. The Military were pushing more-and-more for a 'Super
Soldier' designed to tolerate all the obstacles that the poor creature had to endure and
Charles was becoming very concerned that BIAD was being used for what he believed were
the wrong reasons"

Della searched our faces for any clues to what we were thinking and as the ugly clock on
the dresser ticked away, I waited with bated-breath for her to continue.

"You know about BIAD's gift to phase in and out of reality...?" she said softly "I presumed
you had come this far with that fact?" Della's eyes betrayed her worries about confidential
information and with my best poker-face, I nodded that I knew and prayed she'd buy the
bluff. We did know, but what Helen and I did know comprised of nothing more than a few
sentences Helen had gleaned from her Father's writings.
The old woman nodded back with a stony-look and continued.

"Some of us had been looking at David Hilbert's early work in regards of mathematical logic
and how engineered-computerised functions will eventually emulate real life, it was quite
a breakthrough that the Military wanted to harness with something they were doing up at
The mention of the Utah facility pricked my ears up and ignoring the yearning to take the
album from the elderly lady, I nibbled my walnut slice and said nothing.

"What we discovered made us realise that many of the answers were already mentioned in
the scriptures of the Bible... I suppose the best example is 'As above -So below' Everything
is the same regardless of size. If you take out the meaning that religeon was trying to pass
along then you see a wisdom that pointed us into directions that we'd never imagined" she
offered and waited for the barrage of questions.

It was Helen who spoke first.

(Continued Below)

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