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Could This Be The Solution To Gun Control In America ?

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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 04:21 PM

Armatix Digital Revolver

A digital handgun with an electronic safety that can automatically be disabled via wristwatch sounds like something out of Minority Report. The high-tech watch requires fingerprint authorization from the primary owner, which is then analyzed through the device's internal database and becomes activated for a restricted time period or until it's manually deactivated. After registering the wireless signal sent from the watch, the revolver's LED light on the back flashes green (unlocked) or red (locked) to inform the user of the gun's initial setting. Sounds like the perfect weapon for law enforcement.

This would help to stop people taking other people guns. This tech would have locked out the shooter from the latest massacre. Could this be a way to keep the second amendment going yet, reduce these incidents of mass shootings?
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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 04:32 PM
The sci-fi geek in me really appreciates the concept, but on a practical level I see a few basic problems. In the proposed LEO application, how much time would an officer actually need (and have available) to arm his watch to let him shoot the bad guy. What's shown in the video seems awkward, but I do imagine it would be significantly improved before it hit every day use.

Additionally, if something like this did become common, how long would it take before counter-technology started popping up to lock out the watch activation. Think of an EMP blast, or a mobile frequency strictly to lock out the use of guns. That would be disastrous, but seems like the logical progression to counter it.

Still, I love the concept.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 04:54 PM
All it comprises of is a mechanical solenoid to disable the firing system.
It is a strictly mechanical locking system.

It will strictly be effective against people stealing a gun and using right after the steal it. If they steal the gun and take it home with them, then the device will not stop the gun from being used in later crimes.

Just give me a day with a few screwdrivers, a drill, and a dremel tool, and I know (Without exception) I will have it working with no restrictions or locking function.

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Mr Tranny

True, but I am sure not everybody is as savvy as you with technical items like this.
This is a compromise, psychological at best.

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