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Telepathy/Sixth-Sense/Psychic Powers/Animal Instincts Specifically When Concerning Children.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 07:24 PM
I was trying to come up with a way to structure this thread before posting to no avail so if it seems all over the place, my apologies. I also did a search for this specific topic and came up with nothing.

I guess it would be proper to state my opinion(s) before delving into the topic, so first off I just want to say that I do believe in telepathy and the following topic will help explain why. I also believe in psychic abilities, not the late-night money grabbers, but real psychic abilities. Edgar Cayce would be the best example of who I believe to be genuine in modern times. Sylvia Browne would be the type I consider frauds. I understand biologically we are animals, no matter if there is a God or not, which also leads credence to why I also believe in animal instincts. I somewhat consider instincts and sixth-sense in the same category or family if you will as they are so closely related in nature.

OK, now on to the topic at hand.

I made this thread because I have a 4 year old son, and since he's been born on almost a daily basis when I have him (his mother and I aren't together anymore) there's at least one occasion where I experience something with him. ANY parent can attest to this, and it's why I believe things such as telepathy and extra senses exist.

For example when he was born I had to take care of him by myself for the first week because his mother was suffering from horrible post-partem and slept all day and couldn't deal with it. During the nights where I actually got some sleep I would wake up every hour on the hour, and immediately look in his bassinet to check on him. This is what I consider to be the animal instincts in its human form. It's as if I knew from a biological level if not a spiritual one when to wake up and check on my child. To me this isn't anything miraculous or magical, it's just nature. I look at it no different than an animal knowing how to take care of her young when she gives birth even though no one has taught her how to. It just comes with the territory of being a parent.

As far as telepathy goes, I haven't experience anything that I would consider to be that with him, most of it is just the natural instincts that bond parents to their children, but there are some weird occurrences. For example, any parent will tell you when their child is taking a nap or hasn't awoken in the morning yet is a very cherished moment of quiet time lol. However, no matter what time he goes to bed, or how long he's been asleep I always know when he's about to wake up. It's a feeling inside of me telling me my quiet is about to be shattered by lots of loud noises, broken things around the house and toys all over the floor, and within five minutes he comes walking into the room to give me early gray hairs.

I have never experienced anything psychic with him but know of more occurrences than I can count of testimonies from parents who knew something had happened with their children or that they needed help, etc. My grandma is the closest one to me who has experienced this. I had two uncles who passed away as teenagers in separate car accidents, and she knew the nights that they happened, that something had happened to them. She had no indication anything had happened but just knew it before she found out about it. I hope I never have to experience any kind of feelings such as this.

In conclusion the basis of this thread was to see if anyone has ever experienced anything like this, specifically those who have children, and what your experiences were and what your overall opinion on the subject is. I know twins also seem to have similar abilities between each other. But it's my own personal connection with my son that seems to be on a completely different plane, whether it is a spiritual connection, metaphysical, telepathic, etc., I have no idea. It could be a combination of all three, but it is that connection that leads me to believe these things, or at least some form of them are real in this universe.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 07:31 PM

Originally posted by MadhatterTheGreat

It's a feeling inside of me telling me my quiet is about to be shattered by lots of loud noises, broken things around the house and toys all over the floor, and within five minutes he comes walking into the room to give me early gray hairs.


The universe is a funny and paranormal place indeed...

posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 05:10 AM
I actually just posted a thread regarding telepathy and small children. Take a look and participate if you'd like!

Proposal for telepathy experiment for those with young children

posted on Jan, 16 2013 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by MadhatterTheGreat

i completely understand where your comming from and i think there really is more to it than meets the eye. Im a parent aswell thats had some odd connections with my own child since the day she was born. we've always been able to communicate through gestures and sounds from the time she just came out. granted shes a really good kid but shes smart you can say just about anything to her and she knows what your saying. many times she'll retort back accordingly through gestures and sounds until you get what shes saying and you respond. now that shes a little over a year theres more english mixed in but she still responds with the same accuracy she normally would just any outsider can see it aswell. ive always known what she wants and when she wants it. i think she pushes it into my head as crazy as that sounds. my arms have been covered by her vision and gestures of her arms from her point of view a few times one of which i was driving?
but i knew what she wanted and txted her mother when i got to work and had the solution to the problem that i didnt know about, she was hungry and really wanted her bottle. whenever shes up at night and her mother cant seem ti figure out what she wants i usually know the answer even if i jolt up out of deep sleep. go in there tell her and then everything is fine. its really weird but i enjoy it.

one of my friends also has a beautiful blue pit. the mccoy blood line very fine dog. hes getting older but is still really sharp. the dog has more personality than any other dog i know (raised a german shepherd and husky collie mix recently) but he was raised by talking to not giving commands. the dog has his own agenda cause he was allowed his own space and thoughts growing up but you can tell him almost anything and hell listen and sometimes if he feels like it respond. ask him to get a specific toy and he brings it when he gets around to it. sometimes hours later but usually within a few mins. but the kicker for this pesky pooch, is he pushes his thoughts into your head. doesnt make a gesture or sound just walks up lays his head in your lap and by the time you feel the weight of his head you already know what he wants. hell tell you he wants water food outside your drink and quite a few other random odds and ends. sometimes if you act like you didnt get it he does a lame bark or growl/grunt but he makes sure you get it got it good. my friend cant think anything without the dog knowing. the dogs been pushing things into my mind aswell but hasnt quite figured out how to read mine yet but he really tries. he can be in the other room and all u have to do is think his name dont say anything dont make any noise and he will be staring directly at you by the time you can see him. even if its through a wall. you can explain him to somebody without any hints that your talking about a dog or him and all of a sudden when the convo is about him hes ears perked up listening intently. its creepy but i need to know what goes through that dogs mind....

think about the world of quantum computing, for a moment. all it is is particles that are entangled. reacting to one another from any point in space and time. their entangled forever as far as we know. your children are a part of you they came from your genetic code. along with your other half i should add. if that isnt on the edge of quantum entanglement i need a refresher on that then. were all from one point in space at the same time if the big bang truly happened. so were kinda already entangled. science has proven that our saliva and other body fluids can react to us from places that we are not any more because we created that and it is part of us. i personally believe that ancient cultures were on to something with putting their mind over matter (technology) unlike present day where we created the technology to not use our mind and have matter over mind in a sense. if all the ancient cultures were crack pots i dont think we would be where we are today still standing in awe at their accomplishments with the sticks and rocks they had for tools. most of the cultures point to using their mind to accomplish the tasks and speak to eachother and the gods. who were they talking to? and how they didnt even have coffee cans or paper clips to create the can phones we made as kids in school. they did have string im pretty sure about that. if they had no real form of communication then where did they get the info to make those creations? many of those plans were given to them by the gods or came in a dream. most of them were way too out there to just pull out of your rear and have it actually work. work well enough to leave even modern man standing in awe and befuddlement. something was lost by us some time ago and we really need to find out what because all of mother nature seems to still have their senses past the 5th.

posted on Feb, 19 2013 @ 07:15 AM
Ha! Already 6 ears of Absolutely... Effective EXACT Telepathy (Sy-T way):

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