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Do you need to be awakened?

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 02:22 PM
Do you need to be awakened?

Do you need to be awakened
For that fire
In your

To be touched
Burning free

Love and light
To follow

This moment
The Father wants to touch YOUR heart
To enlighten YOUR soul
Golden flames

Do you let him
To leave your safety zone
To take that leap of faith
This moment
Not tomorrow
Or in a week
Only now
This moment

Do you let your heart be touched
For real

All the seven layers
Veil upon veil
Illusion upon illusion
Hiding what is true

The world created by man do not want this light
The world of illusion fear this light
The true world, the true life flowing through us as One
Longs for us to wake
This moment
To remember
To walk the path of truth

Time is not at our hands
Balance will arrive
Like a thief in the night
Like a thunder out of the silence
Listen to the voices calling your true name
From within the emptiness
Listen to that true tune
That spirit free
Once so bravely flying
Now so sadly caught up in strings and boxes
Fly, firebird, fly
The moment has arisen
To spread those golden wings
The morning Sun dawned
Upon you

Let that heart be lit
Hear that true voice
Father calls you

You are His loved child
Remember and be that balance
Together reaching
We form that circle
Become that wave
Our true Source flowing

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:07 PM
The collective is opening
True light is pouring in
True love
There are signs to see
Signs of change to come
It is needed to bring balance forth
To bring us back to ourselves

The true Sun is dawning
Soon it will radiate its full colors
Soon the Earth will claim its true love back

We have the choice
To balance, to follow that true flow
Or to cling on to our confused ways

Where the one and where the other may bring us
Time will show

We speak of the same Source
And walk the same path
The time has arisen to open up the gates
To flow the truth upon humanity
To stand without shame and speak the true words of the Father and the Mother
To touch those hearts
Awakening them
So that they may hear that this is real
More real than anything gets

Now the moment has come for that seed to break through the surface of the soil
Reveil itself in its own beauty
Becoming that flower
Flower of the world
Time has come to cast away the mask
Flow that true love
Soon balance will bring this world back to its true love
Soon it will be taken out of the hands of the controllers
Those who stands in the middle
Caught up in ego and fear
Needs to see
Needs to know
They still have a choice

The soil has too long been poisoned
Too long has the shallow waters directed our ways

The longing of this world have grown into a pain immense
The last drop have been spilled

Games will play out to end to be no more
The soil will be cleansed
The deep waters speak

The eye of the observer, will have its hands to use

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