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Do You Have A Right To Be Skeptic?

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 10:42 AM
wooo, calm down already.

well we should all be somewhat skeptical, i guess it would be the opposing force of believing and one cant be without the other, but sometimes it seems so many skeptics just blab out there mouth, without having any real info to back it up.i guess it goes the same for both sides, but just because you cant explain your reason behind being able to bend spoons, with the newest phsyics, which changes all the time and will continue to always change, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

im not talking people in here only but people everywhere, but nevermind that. the real reason i made the thread was because, although we should be skeptical about somethings, can we really say what is and isnt possible, when we barely know anything.

i mean there are so, so, so many things about the human body and mind, that people are just figuring out now(things that have been known for centuries) and who's to say that in the future, we could find a means to levitating with the forces within and around your own body or regenerating limbs and tissue instantly by your own means, and not an external source. maybe you could will yourself to both of these amazing feats, the body seems to be subjective to the mind, but how far can you push the envelope?

there are so many things in us and on our own planet that we dont understand, so can we really just through psychic, demonic, etc.., stories to the side as just rubbish, when we know for a fact that there is something there, something that we probably couldnt even begin to imagine existed.

as most of us know, science fiction, usually becomes science fact. now you probably wont be generating enough power to blow up an entire planet, like goku in dbz, but i believe there are many things that the human mind/body can manifest, and most of those things have been done for countless years by us and civilizations before us(assuming from stories of past civilizations).

i have no side, i just like knowledge and i like it when the knowledge is brought about by an unbiased person, who isnt just looking for what he wants, but hey you gotta take what you get sometimes and then just mix it all up yourself.

plus, can anyone give me the reasons why most skeptics just throw psychic stuff to the side and all other physical manifestations that boggle the mind. i mean it appears to be undeniable but yet they refuse to believe, what kind of mentality is this?

its amazing that people will laugh at you, if you said you saw a ufo, as if were the only planet in existance with life on it.(well human like life) i think if people spent more money on this research into the psychic phenomenon or demons, subterranean worlds, whatever, if there was more research into it, i think we would be light years ahead of where we are now(well the mainstream at least, im sure behind the curtains, there is knowledge of more than we can imagine)

i would also like to say that for the argument, that "if people in this world existed with those powers, they would come front and show everyone", is completely lugnut headed. if i was a being like, lets say, superman and i lived in this world, as it is now, i wouldnt show anyone, anything. of course my ego wouldnt allow me to just sit in the house, but coming public and showing my face and letting people test on me, for the means to finding out more about the human mind and body, no sir. plus, humanity is ignorant enough, there is no need for people to really know how to create superhumans(assuming they dont have any, which im sure they do)

yeah yeah, it could help heal people and make the crippled walk again or help science greatly, but then again, it would also destroy, but then again, this is undeniable. well i know that i personally wouldnt go through with it and i think that any rational person, would not come show the world that they have powers like superman(hypothetically speaking). especially with the kind of people that exist in this world, you would be name a demon and a saint, your family would be harrassed, you would be expected to be a hero by some, just to much, it would be like, brad pitt times 3,000, f that.

sorry im ranting
yes there are people who have come forth with there power but its usually so minute, that its easily shunned off as rubbish. im talking about the real heavy hitters out there and to my knowledge there hasnt been many of them tested recently, excepty uri geller, but people still say he is a fake, dont they.

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 10:51 AM
Some interesting points,

The only Skeptics i dont like are the ones who are 100% skeptical no matter what evidence is put forth.

Its ok to be skeptic about certain issues that has evidence to be skeptical about but, you could shove thousands of pieces of evidence about something in front of some skeptics and they will totally discount it.

But back to your main question, i believe it is good to be a little skeptical but not 100% skeptical about issues that go against what you believe.

posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 12:30 PM
I believe each one of us has a right to use the tools we have to make an assesment of situations, however I think there is a process a person should go through as a skeptic. Something like this:

1. Read with an open mind
2. Consider the possibilities
3. Apply reason to those possibilities
5. Make a determination
6. Make your claim with support
7. Listen for new information

Instead of:

1. Read
2. Laugh
3. Retort

Being right is not important, but finding the truth is.


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