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Indianna Explosions. Drone Strikes? My Theory.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 09:20 AM

Please note: This is just a theory for fun. I always thought this story smelled fishy so I did some digging and found some interesting topics. I already know that this case is being investigated as homicide and that there are 3 suspects in custody to stand trial. Read and lemme know what u think ATS!

Hello all. For the last two hours I have been researching something that has troubled me since I first saw the story.

On November 10th an Indiana Home exploded damaging some 30+ homes in the neighborhood it resided in. Only a handful of people were injured accompanied by 2 deaths. The names of the dead are John Dion Longworth and Jennifer Longworth.

Now, despite the tragedy of Jennifer Longworth she is not the issue here in fact she’s completely irrelevant to the conspiracy. However I believe that her husband John Dion Longworth was a threat to US Military and therefore was killed by US Drone Strike. As I stated earlier I have only looked into this for two hours and therefore don’t have much "hard" evidence. Here’s what I got so far.

When the story initially broke there were many mixed allegations as to what actually happened. Some said meteorites/meteor strikes, some said Natural Gas leaks, others said Planet X, New Madrid faults, and I’m pretty sure somewhere in there terrorists were also mentioned. (note: I looked at many news sites MSM and non)
November 6th or 7th (depending on the news site you look at...weird) was the harbinger for the November 10th explosion; Similar situation with similar unknown conditions as to what caused it.

I couldn’t find any resources on the November 6th-7th explosion but I believe this was the first of 2 drone strikes in Indiana.

What was the the point of this nov. 6th-7th explosion? Desensitization.
How could MSM desensitize us further? Run a story about a Mexican restaurant catching on fire with headlines stating "Another explosion in Indiana" two days after the Nov. 10th Incident.

So where’s the Conspiracy? Bear with me for you must know this information as well.
John Dion Longworth (the deceased/murdered) was an Audio/Video/Technical Engineer and Director of Product Development at Indy Audio Labs LLC.

His career profile page can be found here:

Indy Audio Labs from what I could find on the internet is trying to take the market in China. They are a "high-end" technology company specializing in audio equipment, primarily amplifiers. They had received $600,000 from two mystery investors whom I cannot find any information on other than the fact that they reside in Sellersburg, Indiana.

Here’s the strangest thing I've found while digging around on this story. Bruce Borenstein. Bruce Borenstein is an advisor for Indy Audio Labs LLC, he works for them among other companies.

His Career Profile can be viewed here:

Who else does Bruce work for? He's the President and CEO of Voxlinc LLC, a manufacturer of Bone Conduction Audio Equipment for consumer and MILITARY.

That’s right, Bruce's company makes some of the most high tech audio equipment that it’s mostly limited to Special/Black Ops Operations. In Metal Gear Solid (if anyone hasn't heard of MGS it’s a video game that explores espionage operations and military technologies) the main character Snake has a speaker/microphone implanted directly into his jaw/ear allowing him to hear his comrades while the enemy cannot. That Tech worked off bone conduction methods...

Bone conduction audio works just how it sounds. The source is conducted with vibrations through your bones which create sound.
I was trying to tie Indy Audio Labs LLC with military contracts and could not find anything; Until Bruce popped up. If Indy Audio Labs DID/DOES have any military contracts then they are very much secretive. It's no lie and no doubt in my mind that Bruce's Company DOES have military contracts as that's what it states on their website which can be viewed here:

I posted this story in response to another story here on ATS with links to the articles.

The news article links can be viewed here
November 6-7 explosion ;

November 10th Explosion ;

November 12th fire ;

My theory is that Dion may have came across some information in his company that he wasn't supposed to see and of course was killed for it using US Military Drones.
It was very strenuous to find all these articles again since searching this topic currently comes up mostly with the allegations against the suspects being held.
Also finding who the investors of Indy Audio Labs LLC is impossible. I even took a look at the SEC filing's and nothing is noted there. I could use some help uncovering any other related information.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by idl3d3m0n

I dont know if I believe that its drone strikes (although I wouldnt but anything past the US government), but something weird is going on...

They’r e back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:34 PM
I don't know much about this story. But would it not be easier to send an assassin to kill him (if he was indeed killed shadily) sending drones would be a massive risk would it not?


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