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Obamacare & Gun Control

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 09:18 AM
It seems to me I see a pattern arising out of talk shows & articles that even maybe the strictest 2nd Amendment advocates may not be seeing. That is owning a gun, or the ability to own one, may be completely acceptable after you have submitted to and passed a complete & thorough mental evaluation. Who could be excluded (disarmed) after 200 million evaluations? What better way to use Obamacare and give BigPharma access to your mental health records and genome than to evaluate the single biggest pool outside of the fledgling workforce? You want to keep or own a gun? Submit to this tax-payer funded big-pharma prepared mental evaluation! We are goinv to pay for and provide their single largest research pool ever. Slick!!!

Definitely soldiers (who have been to war and trained in tactical combat but show a symptom of PTSD). Abused & neglected children with detachment issues. Depressed widowed or recent divorcees. Victims of violent crimes who show PTSD. Anyone getting disability or a form of government assistance. Maybe those having not did well enough in school. Someone from a family with prior criminal or mental health issues (eugenics). Anyone facing a serious surgery. Anyone having been recently fired & they dont pass their departing HR mental coping unemployment and non-productive preparedness departure evaluation (after all idle hands....). Anyone who was refered by their veterinary provider to the local mental community compliance office after having recently lost a companion. The mom & dad whose star student was killed by a drunk driver Friday night. The drunk driver. The public intox violator at Monday Night Football game. The team captain who just lost the game. ANYONE having been on or currently taking a psycotropic of anykind. Afterall what is more important? Is it your general overall everday perception of well-being OR you paranoid induced sense of government tyranny brought about by your unhealthy preoccupation with symbols and instruments of destruction?

Do you see where I am going? I read the Piers Morgan Tonight transcript of Mr. Shapiro from Brietbart this morning on Drudge. They and many others including Alex Jones are bringing light to the prescription problem. But the excellent PR and legal team at BigPharma will come out showing that their benevolence has been shiat on by paranoid gun owners and they have treatment ready for them as perhaps their care and guidance for us just simply may been a big misunderstanding on our mental deficient behalves. Gunridia taken three times a day. Stronger than flouride without the side effects.

I jest but I am starting to believe that Obamacare, BigPharma, Monsanto, Gun Control, Social Engineering, Eugenics. & Agenda 21 are coming together rather smoothly as the big picture emerges. Don't miss the forest because of the trees. Don't follow the Judas GoATS.

MORGAN: Just to clarify your position, then. The answer to Sandy Hook, as it was to Aurora, as it was to Gabrielle Giffords, as it was to Columbine and Virginia Tech is you do nothing. Is that your position? 

SHAPIRO: That's not my position. My position is that we have to calibrate laws that are designed to get guns out of the hands of bad people and keep guns in the hands of good people who want to buy them. 

MORGAN: How do you do that? 

SHAPIRO: I think one of the ways you do that is better screening for mental illness, I think that you do better background checks.

SCIENCE 2.0 Gun Violence is A Mental Health Issue

Does US Need More Gun Control or Better Mental Health Care?

Just GOOGLE the two and prepare to absorb the future.
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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 09:22 AM
Soon enough you want to own a gun, you submit to a mental health screening, the government will say who is sane and not. Even if you are 100% fine with nothing wrong and taking zero prescriptions, under obamacare tptb will say who can and cant own a firearm, which could be anyone/everyone, total disarmament under obamacare.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by sirjunlegun

Or they will say, if you want a gun, especially if you want to protect yourself from the government, you must be paranoid. That puts you into the mentally insane and therefore you should not have a gun.

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