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Love declaration from the light to the dark...

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 09:07 AM
A response to my older thread, which goes the other way:

Even I used to think that someone else was supposed to do that, bc I'd always been more connected with that flame that is within the darkness, more than with the dance of the light...
So I was just silent and waiting in that area...
But these days I start to embrace and remember my other side as well...
So this seemed like the right moment for it to come truly of the heart...
So this is my best attempt at it, hope any of it may resonate with you...

Here we go:

I wanted playfulness
Needed to dance
You were all just silent

I feared your silence
I thought it would take my music
My flow

I made demons out of my worries
Made shallowness out of my masks
Imbalance out of my fears

Blamed it all on you
You were just silent

Longing for me to remember

All the games
All of the ghosts
Vampires draining me
Draining you
Came out of me
Control were born out of my fears
Keeping you trapped in that judgement cage

By my own children
My light were dimmed down
Bend into something else
Petrified my heart became like a stone
Forgetting me
Forgetting you

Still you were just silent

The One true flame
From where we both were born
Still shining within that silence
Silence of yours

One love
One life
Flowing through it all

Spirit flame

I let go
That what my dance created
Which cannot stand by its own
Which do not connect to real
To that source of One
To that flame so pure
Light and darkness
Always One
A love-story unresolved
A heart two-ways broken

My heart was always longing
To see through
Touch the real you
Through you I remember my own light
Through you to see the illusions fall
Through our love the shadows are no longer demons, fears
Our love turns them into something real
Patterns of joy, unmirrored, true

I see it now, my fear for you
Was always just a fear for me
Let go of that for you to meet
Our hearts were one
And always is
Let light and darkness flow

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 12:20 PM
I just read that and its struck me deep. I know this was written about the opposite aspects of yourself, but this resonates with me in another way as well. From the point of view of twin flames, lovers that share a soul somehow. I know someone very dear to me, reading this was like hearing their voice saying what i've always wished them to say.

Reading again it could even be from me to her
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posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Tasmanaut

True, it can be understood in many dimensions
Just let your heart mirror and be creative
Would love it myself for my twinflame to tell me these words...
Guess we all so long just to be loved

Lots of love to you my friend

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