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Did the movie Avatar blow your mind? This will too...

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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by SonoftheSun
reply to post by SoulSearching8

but I have always said that our own planet is stunning and to me the most beautiful planet of all.

Stunning and beautiful...I absolutely agree !!!

I agree by default, since I have not visited any other planets.

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 04:37 PM
*cries* it's all so pretty!!!

Um, ok, done with my little spell now. I wanna see the glowing beaches so bad.. It reminds me of the Life Of Pi trailer too, I always wanted to see it just because it looked so pretty

posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 04:43 PM
I really liked the movie and its special effects but we have so little sun shine here at the coast, the idea of living in that world strikes terror into my heart. I cannot stand rain. Just a bit at night every now and then, thank you very much. Nice to see the pictures and all, thats as close as it gets to my heaven.

Give me the Shire instead:
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posted on Jan, 14 2013 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Pictures are magical in a sense. It permits us to see what we wouldn't be able to see otherwise. Cinematography is another gift, I believe. For me anyways.

You've made nice contributions to this thread, Unity. Thank you !!

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 06:47 AM
If a planet like this truly did exist do you think mankind would destroy it?

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by DaveWheelerWODZ

The problem with us humans is that we take everything for granted, until we lose it, then we regret. My answer to your question would be yes, unfortunately. But this is just my opinion.

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by woogleuk

Back in the mid 80's Long Island experienced the force of huriccane Gloria. I lived within a few miles of where the eye came ashore. The storm split a tree on my front lawn in two. That night the kids were playing outside because the power was out and so no TV or air conditioning. They noticed that the inside of the split tree was glowing. The kids were young, less than 10 years old and younger ones were also playing outside. They all gathered around this tree to look at the glowing interior. I dont know what it was but it was pretty. I would not let any of them touch it. The next night the glow was not there. What ever it was I guess died from exposure to the outside world. Anyone know what luminescent creatures live inside trees?

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by karen61560

Sorry it took a while to answer. I looked into this (luminescence inside trees) and while I do not know if the glow you've seen was green, the only thing I could find was something called "Bioluminescent Foxfire Fungus" :

Bioluminescent fungus goes by many names, Will o' the Wisp, Foxfire and Fairy Fire to name a few. The rotted falling logs around the oldest portions of old growth forest along the Trinity host the fungus among the detrius of the forest floor. I have found it after sunset in a number of places on the Trinity but only in areas above the 100 year floodplain or not subject to prolonged submerged periods.

Scientists are unsure as to why some species of fungus are bioluminescent. One possibility is that the faint glow attracts insects, which proceed to disperse fungal spores. Thus, in the case of fungi bioluminescence may serve as a form of reproductive assistance.


posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 09:33 AM
SnF op

I loved the movie Avatar, all the brilliant colors and lights amazed me, so this thread was a great read for me this morning, very uplifting!

posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by magycpapyri

Thank you for the kind words.

Glad you enjoyed !!!

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by Juggernog

Actually, it was a connection with the Africans, not Natives.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

Do you realize what the consequences of GMOs in humans and animals are? Do you realize what happens when you play god with nature? Do you know what the manipulation of genes could do to life on this planet?

You wanna see glowing animals all day and all night just for fun? If you know what all of this could cause, you probably wanna think twice before enjoying the view. Playing god has a huge price that will bite us all in the back!

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Ghost147

I understand what you're saying, some animals do glow and that's called natural selection, not manmade genetic manipulation. and they glow for a reason.

Let me ask you this, do you sleep with the lights on every night?

Me, i have slept with the lights on before. and I know what's it like and this is not a natural thing.

But you did misunderstood my point though. I think we should not play gods for the sake of having fun, do you? would you like it if your city have an all night festival while your sleeping? Do you think you could function the next day? now this is just for you. Now imagine what would happen when you manipulate the genetics in humans, animals or plants, just ask yourself what could it cause?
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 06:15 AM
reply to post by BristolStew

You wanna see glowing animals all day and all night just for fun?

Apparently not, as I responded to you HERE...

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