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Kanehsatake. A reminder of how tyranny is never far away.

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 07:47 PM
As Chief Theresa Spence prepares for death merely to bring awareness to the plight of her people, life goes on for most Canadians. But to anyone who's lived more than 300km north of the US/Canadian border in the more rural outback of this large land, this sort of attitude by Harper and his cronies is a slap in the face of anyone no matter what the color of our skins. This is nothing at all out of the ordinary.

Don't forget the 'Oka Crisis' of 1990, when the Canadian Army was an order away from firing and killing its own people, the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, all because they stood up to the bullies and profit-mongers who wanted to build a golf course on their sacred burial site.

Remember how they wanted to trade Mohawk lives and tradition for the chance to swing a 9-iron, to prove a pointless point.

Remember, tyranny is never far away.

This great documentary regarding the crisis and the events and political madness leading up to it is well worth the watch if you have the time. The rift between the Canadian gov't and the First Nations people persists to this very day.

Any other examples come to mind? Perhaps Waco?
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