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Your future Robe (Body), future Crown (Mind) and future Position in the Kingdom of God

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posted on Jan, 21 2013 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by sacgamer25

You seem to ignore a lot but that is okay...

When your next step is in the right direction, you will be filled with the joy and knowledge that comes with pleasing God.

This is one area where our philosphies differ, I don't believe people should do good things to please God. I think people should do good things (love, show compassion, help others, etc.) because they feel it is the right thing to do. If it pleases God, that is an added bonus. I think it is wrong to decide to live a certain way because you want to please God. You are doing it for the wrong reason. The right reason is to help human beings here on this planet (not because you are hoping to win favor with God or be part of a special group of "saved" individuals that doesn't exist but because it is the right thing to do as a human being).

In Buddhism the whole good and evil is covered pretty simply and there is no need to make it complicated: "Do good and don't do evil." But God excepts our faults as He made us human and doesn't expect us to be more than human....He is not looking for "super-humans" or else He would have made us such.

If you can learn to let the bible and the Holy Spirit teach you. You will receive as a free gift the mind of Christ and the Heart of God. Once your mind and heart is in line with creation, you will no longer struggle against it. You will master all sin and all desire, so that every action is done in love.

I will never accept a book written by men to control men and women. It is fine if you accept that book as gospel. You speak of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit....the Trinity. To me it is a convenient way to make a Pagan religion look like it is not (and I have no issues with Pagans...I have many Pagan friends and have read much and the way they look at the world is wonderful). But, why does anyone need more than God?

No human will ever master all sin and all desire...not possible...just a human trying to be something other than human which is nonsense. Unles we are talking about a Bodhisattva which is essentially a being that has reached Nirvana and no longer needs to be here but comes back to help humanity. Mother Theresa was a Bodhisattva.

You have two choices,

You can say I am delusional and the Christ I believe in doesn't exist. And therefore I am not really changed nor am I free from my sin.

Or I listened to Christ and he did what he promises. He made me free so that I could worship the father as an obedient son should.

I/we have so many more than two choices. I wouldn't call someone delusional if they have faith. It is their faith...their path...their journey. Who am I to judge? My only opinion here is that religion is man-made and has nothing to do with God as God did not create religion and has no concept of religion . Religion is a human thing. Don't confuse God and religion.

Why do you feel you must be "obedient?" Obedient about what? God just wants you to enjoy the life He gave you to the best of your ability with the body and mind you have been given.

So why won't you hear with your ears and make a right judgment on what is being said.

Here is your ego again. I hear with my ears, see with my eyes, etc. Then I make up my mind based on who I am not who you are. You have your faith and I have mine. That is okay. The one simple common denominator in all of this is God. Why complicate it?

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