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My personal research about post-modern astrology, 24 new planets!

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:52 PM
First of all it is good to start by saying that 'astrology is not fixed in its features ... The tradition is to incorporate new planets, dwarf planets and meteorites, once discovered, giving them a myth, which is not only the greek myth or Roman, but also by

around the world, and assigning a psychological component to represent ... 's astrology then evolves, and a day at least 4/5 of these planets called in the title will be part of traditional astrology.

Chiron and Ceres were discovered first in 1977 and second in 1801, but are not yet widely recognized in 'astrology on them although there is as much information as possible compared to others described here ...

Eris was discovered exactly eight years ago, and is well known, but it is a slow planet and all living so far fall into one his passing, it is totally unexplored in the field of psychology.

Quaoar (read Quawor) was discovered in June 2002 and is too 'it totally unexplored.

The other 4 myths were invented by me, as I had noticed that some human characteristics and traits had not yet been addressed in the field of astrology, and the 'friendship (that' traditional astrology assigns to Venus), grief and loss, the 'manual dexterity and' attitude towards technology, and 'art and creativity in the pure sense, and as the evolution of it.

so I tried 4 dwarf planets discovered from 1992 to 2009 that did not have a name yet, but they were still classified, and I gave them these names, from 4 myths that represent such attitudes.

In my opinion the 'allocation of "governor" of a sign to the planets must be changed and modified in astrology ...

I'm passionate hard since I was 15 so I'm very knowledgeable about it.

What we must understand is that the 'astrology is basically psychology, and it's not so much spiritual / esoteric, but based on reality.

I would change things in this way:

Ceres is clearly a meteorite that may govern the sign of Taurus, 'cause is the food given by the food and the role of parents towards their children.

Uranus rather than to 'give it to the Aquarius Gemini, because Uranus is a planet that represents the' agitation, revolution, change, new, unexpected things.

I am undecided whether to assign Hyacinth (Hyacinth) Cancer or Scorpio, because it is still bound to Pluto.

Cancer is a sign of affection and attachment, so this dwarf planet would be your approach with the loss.

Orpheus is definitely a dwarf planet to be assigned to the sign of Leo, the sign of pure creativity.

And 'the Virgin should change completely its governors: I would put Eris and Hygeia, to represent the care of the body and the dark side of the Virgin, which brings discord is associated with Mars, and Virgo is connected to martial and punctuality , and can be subtle.

Quaoar give it to the Capricorn, because this is the Chaos dwarf planet and how to get out, how to deal with crisis situations and no sign as Capricorn is able to make chaos' s order.

All 'Aquarius Daedalus and then give it Pythius, as this is the sign of' friendship, technology.

'd Give Pisces Chiron with Neptune. Chiron because Pisces often feels self-pitying, self-sacrificing and must often recover from a "wound" that is more 'or less real or metaphorical.

'll Update this note to share, trying to write everything ... Follow it step by step.

Let's start from Chiron and Ceres, which is the only of all these stars to have been partially incorporated in 'astrology today.


The myth:

It 'a character from Greek mythology and was a centaur. He was a demi-god and therefore immortal and was among the centaurs, the more 'wise and benevolent. He was a doctor and was called to heal Achilles.

Heracles had killed some centaurs and survivors were hosted by Chiron, a friend of Heracles. He hit him with a poisoned arrow, and Chiron could not recover. Chiron was able to obtain the death exchanging his immortality with Prometheus.

Chiron is therefore the founder of medicine in the Greek world.


Chiron represents what you can not do, but you can still teach, and is essentially your weakness, and depending on the sign tells you how to make a virtue of this weakness and strength, transforming and healing the "wound" internal.


Chiron stop at a sign for a period of 1 year and a half (Libra) to 8 years old (Aries). She is currently in sidereal Aquarius (Pisces then in 'standard astrology, incorrect) and in 2018/2019 some will move into Pisces.

--- Its qualities are exalted in Pisces, while weak quality in the sign of Virgo, which is its opposite.

Are more 'obvious flaws in the sign of the lion. Has little influence on this sign.

Defects are Chiron 's ability to follow the wrong path to underestimate their abilities to take advantage of a weakness to exploit others.

The path to healing Chiron is solitary and introspective, not to delegate to others



Roman deity, the goddess of earth and fertility, protected the crops, flowers, and fruit cultivation. Ceres was a goddess generous, who led the peasants in different seasons, giving them the quality to produce a good harvest.


Ceres rules about food and how to feed, represents the mother earth 's environment and nature and rustic as it is, and also how to approach as parents, and' art of gardening, self-esteem.

On the negative side is the 'abandonment,' attachment inappropriate and unnecessary, and the various complexes of the family, father and son, mother and son, and all the problems of power and defects with food.


Ceres stop at a sign for 4 and a half months. She is currently in sidereal Taurus, Gemini standard and will change on April 5, 2013.

Its qualities are best expressed in Taurus, while the negative is expressed more often in Scorpio. Has little influence on the sign of Virgo.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:54 PM


is a figure from Greek mythology, the goddess of discord. Closely related to Mars, which often accompanies it. And 'the myth of the apple of discord. Furious' s exclusion from a wedding banquet, chose a sneaky way to get revenge. Come to the banquet "uninvited" he rolled an apple d 'oro, for the most' beautiful among the invited. Then arose a dispute and rivalry between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Paris chose a fourth, Elena, and this fact gave rise to the Trojan War.

Goddess ruthless and Amazon, animator conflict, welcomes the consequences of human rabies.

Grows in size, on its way, sowing discord among humans.


This planet is Pluto the female, and is closely related to the female world. Is the competition, the struggle of women to take their place in the affairs of man 's, which in the past was substantially excluded. All that is the suffragismo is Eris. The woman falls in the territory of 'man and begins to govern, but unknowingly, believing incapable of guilt of the male, is too' it able to trigger conflicts, to express anger and resentment.

The positive stimulates the woman to show his true character, the negative sign of great and dramatic rebellion, reckless behavior and a desire for anarchy, refusal to submit to the rules and to 'order-social status quo.

It 's the reason why women now account for as much power as the' man.


Basically, all living persons born from 1923 to 2047 will sidereal Eris in Pisces / Aries standard, so in this century time Eris is below deck, it's all hidden and hidden quality and misdeeds. In 2048, from March 15, 2048, we see a world of women to fully adapt to the male world, in fact, the two worlds will merge and the woman take martial tones, enterprising, competitive, able to initiate many new things, pioneering work will be female.

in 'standard astrology, however, in 2048 Eris will change and will be in the sign of Taurus. She will devote to the care of 'environment, to' ecology and the kitchen, returning to stay in the narrow world of the home kitchen and garden doorstep, putting aside the anger to express unconditional love.

Anyone who knows someone who was born before 1923 is lucky! For their Eris was in Aquarius, so suffragismo was at the center of their world, the rebellion against convention and dexterity were female.



Figure from Greek mythology, the daughter of Asclepius, an important figure in the world of medicine greek, protection 's entire state of health of' individual, prevents disease, and restore health. It is clean, well-being and care of the body.


Igea is the 'hygiene, health, conservation, the measures taken, hospital organizations, fitness, l' exercise, meditation, and hospitalization, convalescence.


Igea through all the signs in the space of five years and a half, then changes sign very quickly, a bit 'like Venus, Mercury and the Moon. From December 6, 2012 is in sidereal Aquarius, Pisces standard and will change sign March 12, 2013.

Its qualities are best expressed in the virgin, and the most obvious defects in Pisces.

The defects are poor care of your body, unsanitary conditions, life in the third world, fear of hospitals, hypochondria, lack of interest in the 'physical activity and a tendency to poor health, often guilty of it themselves.

Quaoar (QUAWOR pron.)


The god of the tribes' Indian-American Tongva, who created the world singing and dancing, just so chaotic. All 'beginning c' was chaos, then came Quaoar and 'universe began.

The tribes' living in California.

Quaoar all 'beginning was saddened by the emptiness of the' universe that surrounded him. Began to dance wildly and his creations joined him to form other forms of life.


Quaoar is the 'approach to the chaos, the hustle of life, so is the way we deal with crisis situations where our actions need to be able to bring back the' order. What worried Quaoar was the lack of structure in the 'universe. Was up to him to create the structures of life forms. Quaoar puts patches, fixes, repairs, rebuilds, so essentially in control of the situation.

When negative soppraffare you from the chaos and too many choices, things to do and choose from, and then stops stunned, unable to move forward. Also, the person causes chaos wherever he goes, no matter remedy the wrongdoing.


Quaoar stop at a sign for about 24 years and is now in Scorpio. Its qualities are expressed best in Capricorn and its shortcomings are expressed more in Cancer. It 'exalted in Libra and' Aries' little influenced by this planet



In Greek mythology, the legend of Damon and Pythias symbolizes trust, loyalty and 'friendship.

The two were followers of Pythagoras and traveled to Syracuse. Pythias was accused of plotting against the tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysius I, and was sentenced to death. He asked to be allowed to go home for the 'last time to fix the last things and help his family. But the king refused thinking it would never return. Damon asked the king to be killed if Pythias did not return.

Pythias returned just in time, during the preparations for eliminating Damon. Apologized to 'friend for the delay, as it had been attacked by pirates.

The tyrant, surprised by the strength of their friendship, forgave them both.


Pythias represents the 'true friendship, fidelity and loyalty, brotherhood and a desire to share with others.

the result indicates false friends, infidelity, inability to make and keep covenants, be unfair, trust and little people 'inability to equitably share something with someone. Means all those things similar to apartheid and racism.

Indicates rivalry and bullying, also.


Pythias stop at a sign for 34 years. People alive today will see only its transit in Aries, Taurus and Gemini. She is currently in Aries from 'March 11, 2005. It 'was in Aquarius 1920-26 March 1966 and in Pisces since that day in 1966 until' March 11, 2005.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:56 PM
Hyacinth ( Giacinto )

Character from Greek mythology. The 'love of Apollo for Hyacinth was so great that he omitted other activities to follow.

One day, the two began a race to throw, and Apollo launched first, but this record was diverted by the jealous Zephyrus, hitting to death Hyacinth. Apollo tried to save his life, but he could not do anything. He decided at that point to turn the 'love in a flower the color of blood. Apollo wrote on the petals "to the (alas, 'alas') as condolences. Such signs resemble those found on the petals of the hyacinth.


Is mourning the loss of something important, the way we deal with this loss and how we see, how we represent death. Where have turned our thoughts after the occurrence of a tragic event. And 'well represented by Libra, which loses the' harmony and 'balance in the life, without a partner or someone with whom to share something.

On the negative side is the 'inability to detach themselves from their emotions, searching in vain for something to replace the person / thing lost and the loss of contact with reality. Indicates where we will see major changes after a tragedy, a forced separation.

it is also how we behave in the distance from any authority as parents.


On about 45 years in a sign, and is currently in Aquarius from January 15, 2008, which happens to be the day of the disappearance of the 'famous actor Brad Renfro. Will remain in this sign until 2052. By the end of this century, in 2097, will enter Aries.

So the living face only 1 or 2 hours of this dwarf planet transits. It 'was in Sagittarius from 5 January 1905 to 28 December 1938. From this day of 1938 to 2008 was instead in Capricorn.



Character of Greek mythology, the great architect, sculptor and inventor, created the labyrinth that housed the Minotaur.

He removed his assistant and nephew Talo, envious of his abilities. Daedalus was imprisoned in the labyrinth with his son Icarus. To escape the pens built with a couple of 'wings that clung to his shoulders. His son, Icarus fell into the sea, blinded by the sunlight.


Daedalus is the manual, modernity, 'approach to technology and' computer use, and also represents the 'whole world of internet, video games and any future virtual reality. Is the ability to build with your hands and manipulate objects, but also people. Represents the virtual contacts, chats, forums, websites, e-mails and text messages.

Represents the 'advance in technology and' architecture and sculpture. Everything that can be done using your hands and mind.

On the negative side is the distraction, detachment from people, poor ability to manipulate objects, and all the many faults of the internet. Is the Amish, a group of people who reject the progress and prefers to live 'old.

Represents all the new trends and new words, and even social networks like facebook and twitter.


Daedalus stop at a sign for 24 years. From March 12 1993 to April 1, 2014 is in Pisces. From 1902 to 1927 in Scorpio, Sagittarius in 1927-1950, from 1950 to 'September 11, 1972 was in Capricorn. From that day in 1972 was expressed in its home sign of then expressing his greatest qualities. On 5 April 2036 enters Taurus. On 1 April 2014 enters Aries.

The living today will also see the transit of Gemini, Cancer and Leo.



It 's the artist par excellence, he enchantress with the power of his lyre and his hand soothed the wild beasts and animated the rocks.

Promoter of the arts and human religious teacher. Has a sympathetic relationship with nature, an intimate understanding with it.

Orpheus took part in the expedition of the Argonauts.


Orpheus is our voice, as modulate the voice in the song, the way we talk, the unique features and also the 'spelling and musical talent, musical instruments and songs, the' evolution of music and styles of music. Is the way we write.

Orfeo also represents all the arts, as for example the painting. Represents the 'inspiration' muse 'and those moments when we feel inspired and work to improve our talent.

On the negative side is the lack of artistic talent and musical problems of voice and 'illiteracy.


Orpheus stop at a sign for 33 years. At the end of this year 's 2013 should change sign and enter the Taurus, and is currently in Aries. Will remain in Taurus until 2046. The living will also see the current transits in Gemini and Cancer. From 1925 to 1980 he was in fish.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:59 PM


Orcus was a god of the 'underworld, punisher of those who break the agreements and not keep his promise. He was a bearded giant. And 'son of Eris. The word Ogre comes from this myth.


Orcus is the 'instinct, the temptation to push decision-making, the' unconscious and 'pulse. And 'thought and action pure and primitive. It 's the twin of Pluto, having almost its own orbit, but passing in different signs.

Represents those times when it is better to act of impulse, without extricate the options and decisions. It 's all what we are, but unconsciously we are, everything we do not know ourselves. He pushed all 'exploration of the self unexplored and create our destiny using the' instinct. It 's the opposite of Quaoar. It 's dive into chaos and in the' unknown.


Orcus is currently in Leo from August 7, 2009 and stop about 20 and a half years in a sign. By 2038 will be in Virgo. The living will present its transits to Sagittarius. It 'came into fish March 16, 1905, March 28, 1918 is entered Aries, April 3, 1934 and' entered in Taurus, June 7, 1954, and 'entered Gemini, June 30, 1980 entered in Cancer .

Haumea (Omea pron.)


The myth of Haumea comes from the goddess of fertility and pregnancy Hawaiiana.


Haumea is once again the woman, pregnancy and behavior while expecting a baby. It is also about the willingness or not to adopt. It also represents the expectations and desires in general and whether or not the desire to have a family of their own. Also governs fertility and births in the history of 'man.

On the negative side is the disappointment and sadness, 'selfishness and epidemics.


Haumea on about 23 years in a sign. She is currently in virgin from 17 July 1994. On October 3, 2023 will be in Libra and October 31, 2050 will be in Scorpio. The living today will see the transits in Sagittarius and Capricorn, but no further.

It 'was a lion between 20 June 1961 and 1994 and in Cancer on June 3, 1928 to 1961.



Character of Greek mythology. Hermes teaches the 'art of farming, how to make cheese, the' bee-keeping and the cultivation of 'olive. Also educated by Chiron the war and hunting.


Is our relationship with animals, the 'breeding and protection to animals. The negative relation to animal cruelty and lack of sensitivity and empathy.

It is also the commercial production and international trade, diplomatic relations between nations.

It is the contemplation, experimentation and research of all kinds. On the negative side is the indiscriminate hunting.

The positive indicates a special relationship with an animal and the ability to calm things down.


Aristeo stop for 9 years and a half to 29 years in a sign, then for each sign is different. It is currently in Pisces since 1980 and will remain in Pisces until January 1, 2015, when it enters into Aries, where it will remain until 2035.

Its qualities are expressed best in Sagittarius and its shortcomings are more 'evident in Gemini.

the next 12 stars, one for sign, to be attached to Orcus (Aries), Ceres (Taurus), Orpheus (Gemini), Haumea (Cancer), Eris (Leo), Hygeia (Virgo), Pythias (Libra), Hyacinth (Scorpio ), Aristaeus (Sagittarius), Quaoar (Capricorn), Daedalus (Aquarius), Chiron (Pisces).

What 's more I found out that the stars Orpheus, Daedalus and Aristaeus really ARE! Orpheus discovered Nerl 1982, Daedalus discovered in 1971 and Aristaeus discovered in 1977. Orpheus is 40 years in a sign, Daedalus is 53 years in a sign and Aristaeus is 2 months in a sign.

I discovered that there are a HOST of stars CONNECTED to a psychological-astrological symbol and these are some of them, chosen because you can see the changes in each sign where the 'star transits.

The stars are coming:

Child (Gemini) which means Child and indicates our attitude towards children and, depending on the sign, it also indicates children's behavior, the events of 'childhood related to what the sign and symbolizes life and the fate of orphans and the point of view of the child. It 'an asteroid.

House (Cancer) which means House indicates the place where we live, both the city and the house, how much importance we give to our house, the 'organization and' beautification of the house, and how we feel when we are at home, and also indicates the fate of the house in the future.

It 'an asteroid.

Altjira (Pisces) indicates our approach to dreams, the kind of dreams we depending on the sign, as we imagine things and how we feel about the supernatural and myths and legends. It 'sa transneptunian.

Ceto (Libra) is the fear that is in us, what we fear depending on the sign, the type of phobia that we have, the way we deal with our fear, seeing an enemy in someone, our level of paranoia depending on the sign, and whether or not we are viewed with fear, if we feared. It 'sa transneptunian.

Deucalion (Scorpio) indicates' s identity hidden and repressed within us, what we do not want to show to others, how we control the emotions, as we give a distorted version of our identity, and the revelation will be revealed as our identity and what do you think others, indicates all the false identities and roles in which we recite as actors. It 'sa transettuniano.

Bacchus (Taurus) indicates our vices and what we depend on, such as food, indicates excesses of all kinds, being drunk and what is revealed, it is said while drunk, and indicates negligence. It 'an asteroid.

Icarus (Aries) indicates the speed, our relationship with the speed of things, our relationship with the danger and how many and what risks we run, the 'adventure, escape from a place, leave home, the desire to get away . It 'an asteroid.

Tantalus (Aquarius) indicates what you want, knowing that he could not have, get and why. Indicates gratitude and ingratitude. Who would you be, but you can not, and why.

Khryses (Capricorn) indicates a crisis, a moment of crisis, our most difficult period and more intense, our term "lowest" in our lives, an important event for us and sends us in crisis, sends us into a spiral we need to get out. Discovered August 13, 1988, is a sign for almost one year at a time. Indicates in which period of our life we ​​meet a crisis like the adolescent and the middle-aged.

Protogeneia (Virgo) indicates something we do for the first time, a rite of passage, an important moment in the second of the 'age, something important for us that is positive. It 'an asteroid. Discovered in 1875. 41-43 days is a sign.

Soomana (Leo) indicates what idealize, what we think is important, sacred, of special importance to us, please celebrities, myths and people who represent ideals, our level of fame, exalts everything that symbolizes the sign of transit. Discovered in 1981. Are in a sign for 3 months.

(Asteroid yet unnamed) 2002 RP120, discovered in 2002, indicates the most important moment of our lives, incidents and events that change our destiny and that brings us to another way of life. (Sagittarius). The guide will call or Destiny.

See you soon!

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 12:25 AM
Congratulations! You have made a brave start.

Only another few tens of thousands of solar system bodies to account for, and the study of astrology will at last be complete – all thanks to you!

Mankind eagerly awaits the conclusion of this great work. Do not falter! At the rate of one object a day it should take you only about forty years to complete it. Eat healthily, avoid stress and alcohol, get plenty or rest and exercise, and do come back and let us know when you've finished the job.

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by Zagari

Chiron I hate that bleeding sign ugh ....
It is my pisces tenth house conjunct the sun/mars [ both pisces] and mercury / saturn both aquarius.. being transitted by neptune !!!!!!!! trine scorpio neptune and moon cancer !!!
No wonder I am unemployed and indolent - aimless and a bit cast adrift ... I hate those signs, my very logical side tells me it is all rubbish but then again .. I hear a whisper that says maybe not...

I though Pluto had been given the boot planet wise by astonomers in which case why is it still being used in astrology .. another planet I hate.

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