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Deeper connecting with the flame of One in the heart-mind... Living it...

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 03:03 PM
Deeper connecting with the flame of One in the heart-mind... Living it...

Through your doubts
Let the veil be lifted

Let that spark inside your heart
Grow to be a flame
Feel that fire warm and true
Feel that burning light
All connecting me and you
To that Source of All

Trust so deeply in yourself
Find that final faith
Break all through the lies my friend
Hear that call within

Father, Mother talks to you
Speaks within your heart
This is real to touch into
If you make the leap

True intention needed is
And that sparkling flame
Let your heart be touched by this
Let yourself be real

This world shows you many things
Yet not all is real
From that flaming burning heart
Courage sees it through

Let that flame connect your mind
Let it be a light
Shine so bright in wisdom glow
Heart-mind golden flow

When you see and hear for real
Be illusion free
Let the lies melt of you, dear
Be that word of truth

What this world expects from you
Is not always real
Spirit knows the way to flow
Melting off the fear

Freedom rise with true connect
Rises from within
When the world return to true
Balance forth we bring

What will come our days to pass
How this world will dance
Always with a truthful heart
All mirages pass

You were born from Spirit's Realm
Born to change this world
Now wake up and be that change
Be that star born child

Dancing free among the stars
In our Fathers light
With our Mothers love so deep
Dancing off the lie

Bring that strongest will you have
Bring your essence forth
Go and be the best you can
Go and make it true


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