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The Death of JFK: Project Amworld

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 09:31 AM

The Death of JFK: Project Amworld


Hey all,

I'm writing this thread to bring to light something that I've never before seen discussed here on ATS concerning the JFK assassination, even by me in all of my other threads looking at various aspects of the case. Upon a quick search prior to posting absolutely no results could be provided either so I think I'm potentially safe in assuming this is quite one of, if not the, first ever mention and subsequent discussion on this around here - It seems to be the case as far as I can tell at this stage anyway.

What I want to bring forward for discussion is this - I want to bring forward Project Amworld, a now declassified project orchestrated by President Kennedy's Government, primarily ran by Bobby Kennedy (the brother of JFK, the Attorney General at the time, and clearly - despite his position - the second in command of the country at the time also) and supported by the active CIA. The aim of Project Amworld was simple: It was a planned government sponsored Coup of another country - in this case Fidel Castro's Cuba, which he had taken control of a few years before.

Quite crucially and perhaps coincidentally too It has to be said, the project, thought up and planned in the summer of 1963, was set to go into action quite specifically on the 1st of December, 1963. The date for the beginning of Project Amworld - December 1st, 1963 - is one that some of you will immediately recognize as significant at this stage due to the fact that this is a mere 9 days after JFK was slain while travelling through Dallas, Texas riding in the Presidential motorcade. It's very likely possible, in my opinion at least, that Amworld was one of the contributing, if not *The* contributing factors in the death of JFK on November, 22nd, 1963 and I’ll go into this in more detail over the course of this thread as I look towards the various connections.

Anyway, the aims of the project were relatively simple. There were to be what's known as a "Palace Coup" which translates to this:

"A situation in which a leader is removed from power by the people who have worked with him or her"

Involved in this was the assassination of not just Castro himself, but also his brother Raul. And it was to be led by a high ranking official with-in the Cuban government, Cuban Army Commander Juan Almeida, and in turn a provisional government would then be put in place aided by the US government. Now, for those sceptical of a mere claim such as this at this stage, please allow me to remind you of an incident in America in the 1930's of an incredibly similar sounding incident involving a high ranking American figure by the name of Smedley Butler - someone who was also approached to lead a coup, this time however against America. I have a thread on this incident which can be viewed here: The Attempted American Coup d'etat..

A small collection of the many Important Documents relating to the Amworld project can also be found here at the Mary Ferrell Foundation:

198-10004-10011: Training Of Cuban Refugees In Nicaragua (Chapter 7, note 3)

104-10163-10258: Amclatter-1 In 8 Nov 63 Report 121 Receive 13 Nov (Chapter 2, note 53)

104-10308-10113: Cable: Ampalm-4 said Francisco Chao Attended... (Chapter 12, note 47)

104-10308-10040: Dispatch: Alleged Plan to Overthrow Fidel Castro

104-10102-10060: Possible Defection of Army Chief Almeida.

The rest of the many documents can be found here, along with much other information about the case:

There are other incidents of this nature too. For example a coup was how Castro gained power in the first place. It was 1959 and Castro himself led an army forcibly taking Cuba from Fulgencio Batista, something which angered not just the American government but also the Mafia at the time too as they were making a great deal of money from Havana for example. Castro was not trusted at all and his relationship with the Soviet Union was seen as an even greater threat to America in the eyes of the government. He had to be removed and the actions of Castro were adopted - A planned coup. The original however was not the 1963 plot, It was the Bay of Pigs from a few years before.

According to the JFK Library:

President Eisenhower approved the program in March 1960. The CIA set up training camps in Guatemala, and by November the operation had trained a small army for an assault landing and guerilla warfare.

José Miró Cardona led the anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the United States. A former member of Castro's government, he was the head of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, an exile committee. Cardona was poised to take over the provisional presidency of Cuba if the invasion succeeded.

Despite efforts of the government to keep the invasion plans covert, it became common knowledge among Cuban exiles in Miami. Through Cuban intelligence, Castro learned of the guerilla training camps in Guatemala as early as October 1960, and the press reported widely on events as they unfolded.

Shortly after his inauguration, in February 1961, President Kennedy authorized the invasion plan. But he was determined to disguise U.S. support. The landing point at the Bay of Pigs was part of the deception. The site was a remote swampy area on the southern coast of Cuba, where a night landing might bring a force ashore against little resistance and help to hide any U.S. involvement. Unfortunately, the landing site also left the invading force more than 80 miles from refuge in Cuba's Escambray Mountains, if anything went wrong.

Of course as we all must know by now, this invasion failed massively, it resulted in a large loss of life and both Kennedy and elements with-in the CIA seemingly went to war with each other, JFK threatening to splinter the entire organisation "into a thousand pieces." It was also the main cause for the President and the Press speech which many have twisted around today to involve secret societies. Another thread of mine on this relevant issue here can be found by following this link: Addressing the JFK “Secret Society” Speech...

The new plot in 1963 was not the same nor was it not just an invasion. With the Cold war largely in the past including the infamous stand off with the Soviets bringing the world the closest It's ever been to devastating Nuclear war, the significance of a new coup at this time was now vastly greater, something we really must understand. Government sponsored attempts to forcibly remove and take control - to a degree - of the Cuban government, which if revealed would undoubtedly cause war to begin with the Soviets thus potentially bringing the world to a war that had only really just been avoided. Project Amworld was potentially very, very dangerous indeed and It was seemingly going ahead and had even set for a launch date for the 1st of December, coincidentally less than 2 weeks after JFK was slain.

The Kennedy plan, unique and different from any previously disclosed operation, was—as detailed in a Joint Chiefs of Staff memo—to have included a "palace coup," a provisional Cuban government and, if necessary, a "full-scale invasion" by "invited" US military forces.

The CIA's code name for their part of the operation, AMWORLD, has never previously appeared, making it one of the most covert operations in United States history.

It also wouldn't be fair to point out all of this without a mention of the ARRB - Assassination Records Review Board for short - without them we wouldn't have millions of documents to pour through right now and they should be thoroughly applauded for the work they've done in bringing information about this case to light.

For instance, it was only late in the ARRB's term that it came across records for CIA project AMWORLD, a key 1963 program of moving Manuel Artime and other anti-Castro exiles offshore, and interpreted by author Lamar Waldron as being formed in support of a Kennedy coup plan for Cuba. The handful of AMWORLD records point to more.

The “feud” between Castro and the American government was well known at the time, and is more than a proven fact today. We also now know for a fact, for example, that despite project Amworld being in the works during the summer of 1963, the CIA were also going behind the back of the Kennedy’s - amazing as this was the President remember - and were recruiting the mafia, who were initially damaged financially by Castro’s new government, to go into Cuba and attempt to assassinate him.

Links on this can be found here:

- CIA conspired with mafia to kill Castro
- New RFK documents reveal mob-backed plan to assassinate Fidel Castro
- CIA Plots To Kill Fidel Castro

Documents are readily available to prove this also as highlighted in this article here:

The Central Intelligence Agency knowingly worked with two of America's most-wanted Mafia figures in a botched attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro in the early 1960s, according to documents released yesterday.

The CIA declassified 705 pages of memorandums and reports detailing some of the agency's worst illegal abuses during 25 years of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying and kidnapping.

The documents are known within the agency as the "Family Jewels," and were written in the mid 1970s at the behest of former directors anxious to know the worst of its activities in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

They acknowledge the secret testing of mind-altering drugs like '___' on unwitting US citizens, the wiretapping of journalists, spying on civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protesters, and break-ins at the homes of ex-CIA employees and others.

And also this:

In August 1960, the year after the young Left-wing revolutionary swept to power, a CIA official approached Col Sheffield Edwards of the agency's Office of Security to determine if Edwards "had assets that may assist in a sensitive mission requiring gangster-type action," according to the documents. "The mission target was Fidel Castro," one memo said.

A go-between contacted a man named Johnny Roselli, a member of the Mafia who controlled the ice-making machines on the Las Vegas Strip.

At meetings attended by a covert CIA officer, Roselli was told that Cuban businessmen angry at losing money under Castro's regime would pay $150,000 for his assassination.

At the Fontainebleu Hotel, Miami Beach, Roselli then introduced the go-between to a friend, Sam Gold, whom he said knew the "Cuban crowd". Sam recommended that it would be easier to poison Castro than shoot him.

Weeks later the CIA realised that Sam Gold was Momo Salvatore Giancana, successor to Al Capone in Chicago, while his friend "Joe" also present at the meeting was Santos Trafficant, head of the Cosa Nostra in Cuba.

Of course there’s always been rumors about the thousands of attempts on Castro’s life over the course of his tenure, something I’m sure we’ve all heard of to one degree or another, some serious some not so much, but the fact remains that these CIA sponsored claims on his life were not a rumor at all. It was all based on genuine fact. And they were directed by the Mafia and the CIA at the time both of whom were working together on the operation despite the fact that during all of this, the Kennedy’s, particularly Bobby, was relentless in targeting them, and even had no clue all of this was taking place.

One of whom the Kennedy's were well known to have targeted was none other than “Godfather of the New Orleans outfit” Carlos Marcello, born Calogero Minacore to Sicilian parents on the 6th of February, 1910, in Tunis, Tunisia, moving to Louisiana in 1911 rising through the ranks late on in life. Prior to the Presidency of Kennedy Marcello was also targeted by both Kennedy’s in the House select committee’s investigations into Mafia activities. He was one amongst many, and was brought in due to his power and influence in mafia activities at the time.

Working under Todaro, Marcello became a major player in illegal rackets during the 1940s. In 1947, after Carolla was deported to Palermo, Sicily, Marcello became the undisputed leader of the Mafia in New Orleans. He held the position for the next 30 years. His reign included Louisiana's gambling network, including some of New Orleans' biggest casinos. Authorities claim he also extended his criminal activities to Dallas, Texas, during the 1950s.

On March 24, 1959, Marcello appeared before a United States Senate committee investigating organized crime. Serving as Chief Counsel to the committee was Robert F. Kennedy; his brother, Senator John F. Kennedy, was a member of the committee. In response to committee questioning, Marcello invoked the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, in refusing to answer any questions relating to his background, activities and associates.

In 1960, Marcello donated $500,000 through Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa, to the Republican campaign of Richard M. Nixon, challenging the Democrat John F. Kennedy.

He grew to hate them greatly - to say the least - and In 1960, he even donated approximately $500,000 to Kennedy's presidential opponent at the time through Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa, as mentioned above. A thread of mine concerning the demise of Hoffa, and potential cause, can be found here: The Mysterious Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Once President and with Bobby Kennedy in the attorney general position, organized crime could now be properly tackled with the full force of a governmental administration for the very first time, as previously they were largely left to do as they pleased thanks to FBI's own J. Edgar Hoover, who had always, despite the evidence, maintained their existence was nothing but a wacky conspiracy theory.

In 1961 Marcello was to be deported from America and into Guatemala, something which further angered and now embarrassed him. Being an influential man however he was quite easily able to fly back into America thanks to the help of a certain David Ferrie, who was also arrested for involvement in the JFK assassination almost immediately following it btw, and claimed to get his revenge on the Kennedy brothers who wee targeting him and others.

Some information on Mr. Ferrie can also be found here:

- David Ferrie: Biography
- The Mystery of David Ferrie
- Who Was David Ferrie?

Marcello soon returned to the United States. Undercover informants reported that Marcello made several threats against John F. Kennedy, at one time uttering the traditional Sicilian death threat curse, "Take the stone from my shoe". Some of those who knew him, however, suggested that Marcello did not know enough Italian to utter such a threat. In September 1962, Marcello told private investigator Edwin Nicholas Becker that, "A dog will continue to bite you if you cut off its tail...," (meaning Attorney General Robert Kennedy.), "...whereas if you cut off the dog's head...," (meaning President Kennedy), "... it would cease to cause trouble". Becker reported that Marcello, "clearly stated that he was going to arrange to have President Kennedy killed in some way". Marcello told another informant that he would need to take out "insurance" for the assassination by, ".... setting up some nut to take the fall for the job, just like they do in Sicily".

The mafia were far from a little group of gangsters. At the time they were a vast network spanning not just America, but most of the world. And their poer and influence was truly tremendous. Worse yet, they used whatever means possible to get to that position whethe it be bribery or even murder. We also know they were working with the CIA in operations in Cuba, and met with at least one CIA agent prior to the assassination of Kennedy also:

Reason being that During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert Kennedy had instructed the then CIA director, John McCone, to halt all covert operations specifically aimed at Cuba. A few days later he discovered that Harvey had ignored this order (Harvey being the head of Task Force at the CIA JM/WAVE station in Miami) and had dispatched three commando teams into Cuba to prepare for what he believed would be an inevitable invasion.

Kennedy was furious and as soon as the Cuban Missile Crisis was over, Harvey was removed as commander of ZR/RIFLE. On 30th October, 1962, RFK terminated "all sabotage operations" against Cuba. As a result of President Kennedy kept his promise to Nikita Khrushchev that he would not invade Cuba, Operation Mongoose was disbanded.

In '61 though, Harvey arranged for CIA operative, Jim O'Connell, to meet Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante, Johnny Roselli and Robert Maheu at the Fontainebleau Hotel. During the meeting O'Connell gave poison pills and $10,000 to Rosselli to be used against Fidel Castro.

Harvey was demoted and sent to Italy to work and It was hear he developed such a hatred for the Kennedy's. And It was also at this time he kept continual contact with the mafia - specifically Roselli. In fact they even met in New York on the 8th of April. Then a week later in Miami. According to Richard D. Mahoney: "On April 21 he (Harvey) flew from Washington to deliver four poison pills directly to Rosselli, who got them to Tony Varona and hence to Havana. That same evening, Harvey and Ted Shackley, the chief of the CIA's south Florida base, drove a U-Haul truck filled with the requested arms through the rain to a deserted parking lot in Miami. They got out and handed the keys to Rosselli.""

They more than had the means, the motive - As proven in the HSCA investigation the 70's - and of course they also had the firepower, especially now with the help from the CIA after the bay of pigs. They can at many times be tied to the Kennedy assassination case, and to other key figures involved (such as Oswald Or Jack Ruby) too.

- Biography: Jack Ruby
- The CIA and the JFK Assassination
- JFK and the Mafia
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 09:32 AM
It seems as though JFK was thoroughly un-wanted. The mafia despised them, in large part to them targeting them like no other government had done before, and Marcello in particular was picked up many times with threats, and of course there was potentially those connected to the CIA whom were likely to have been plotting to some degree as well, William Harvey for example.

We also now know for a fact that prior to Dallas, information suggests that there were at least 2 other potential assassination plots on President Kennedy, and at least 2 potential patsies too - Crucial for the case against Oswald. Of course in Dallas as we know there was Oswald, assuming he was a patsy which I personally believe he was. In Tampa Florida there was a gentleman by the name of Gilberto Lopez who we suspect was a potential patsy and In Chicago there was Thomas Valle who was undoubtedly a potential patsy, even fitting the description and background of Oswald very well.

(Abraham Bolden)

According to Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden (above) there was certainly a foiled assassination plot against the President mere weeks before he was to die which had been publicly, in regards to law inforcement and the secret service, uncovered in Chicago, one of the cities Kennedy was set to visit prior to Dallas, on the 2nd of November, this being where JFK was to attend the Army-Air Force football game at Soldier Field and ride in a parade – The route of which was being publicly reported in newspapers prior to the event, as it was in Dallas later that month, all of this forcing Kennedy to reluctantly cancel, the news reporting that he was ill at the time.

In reality he was waved off by the Secret Service according to agent Abraham Bolden firstly due to the threat of a “Right-wing radical and expert marksman” by the name of Thomas Vallee who had a remarkable similarity to Lee Harvey Oswald in terms of their backgrounds as I mentioned above and at time of Kennedy's visit he had also taken a week off work. After being arrested during a routine stop I believe, he was found with an M1 rifle, a handgun and 3,000 rounds of ammo.

(Thomas Valle)

And secondly due to a “Cuban Hit Squad” who, at that time, were unaccounted for - According to Bolden they were Initially brought to the attention of authorities after a call from a motel manager who claimed that in a oom of his were 2 suspicious looking Cuban men and she had also "seen lying on the bed several automatic rifles with telescopic sights, with an outline of the route that President Kennedy was supposed to take in Chicago that would bring him past that building.”

They were put under surveillance but Bolden recalled how agents mistakenly made their presence known to the 2 men and they then immediately left the rented room never to be seen again. Officially, they disappeared and were never identified nor were they officially investigated either. According to Bolden “No one was sent to the room to fingerprint it or get an ID. The case was lost and that was the end of it.” Information about Vallee, his similarity in appearance and background to Oswald and details of the Cuban hit squad in Chicago were never given to federal agents in Dallas nor was this investigated by the Warren Commission.

Bolden was told not to mention the incident. But, he wanted to, quite naturally of course. He tried to personally contact the Warren Commission after the assassination of JFK but this rather unfortunately became of him, whether true or not we don't know, but coincidental certainly:

Abraham Bolden later discovered that this information was being kept from the Warren Commission. When he complained about this he was warned "to keep his mouth shut". Bolden decided to travel to Washington where he telephoned Warren Commission Counsel J. Lee Rankin. Bolden was arrested and taken back to Chicago where he was charged with discussing a bribe with two known counterfeiters. He was eventually found guilty of accepting a bribe and spent six years in prison. When he tried to draw attention to his case, he was placed in solitary confinement.

Sam DeStefano, one of the men who accused Bolden of this crime, was murdered in 1973. DeStefano was close to Sam Giancana, Charles Nicoletti and Richard Cain. It is believed that Cain murdered DeStefano. Soon afterwards, Cain himself was murdered.

Lamar Waldron claims in his book, Ultimate Sacrifice, that according to a Central Intelligence Agency memo, mobsters in Chicago were involved in framing Bolden on the bribery charges.

- 44 Years After JFK's Death, New Assassination Plot Revealed
- JFK Assassination Plot Discovered In Chicago

This leaves the conspirators, again assuming there is any to begin with, one patsy down. Thomas Valle is no longer an option. He was arrested, yes, and the seemingly apparent "Cuban hit squad" were gone. Valle was released with no charge but the attempt here would undoubtedly be off. Next up on the campaign would be Tampa and our potential fall guy by the name of Lopez.

For this I urge you to read the following links and sources of information on the subject.

- New book tells of JFK plot in Tampa
- The Tampa Plot in Retrospect
- JFK Assassination: Fidel Castro Knew Of Plot, New Book Claims

The last possible chance for JFK to be assassinated prior to the 1st was in Dallas. That was it, the very last chance. And It was one they seemingly took - once again of course, acting under the assumption that a plot was indeed taking place and Oswald was not conspiring alone, which very few even today believe. What we do know however for a fact is with the emergence of the new President we know that this project did not go ahead and to this day Castro lives on. Cuba was also not invaded again. I also ask and theorize now, is all of this potentially the very reason why we have so much secrecy surrounding this case, and one of the reasons why we have millions upon millions of documents sealed, many until 2017 still?

After all, If there was plans of coup's in the works, even the remaining U.S., not forgetting Bobby Kennedy himself, would have to go along with it and help to a degree in the cover-up. Revealing the plot would've been disastrous, potentially threatening too. Especially from Castro, in my opinion at least. It is but a theory, but I think It holds a lot of weight. And I think the mafia involvement was undoubtedly there too, just as It was in the plots to assassinate Castro, It was here also and Oswald really as as he said he was, a Patsy:

Now, Carlos Marcello is a person who, personally, I feel played a role in the demise of JFK. Some other research don't think so, some others do. I'm certainly one of those who do. As well as him, I'm a believer in the theory that the mafia in general played a role in the assassination too. Particularly Johnny Roselli, Santo Trafficante and also Marcello himself, 3 men also implicated in the plot by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann in their book Legacy of secrets for example.

For those not aware, there's seemingly a lot to this, especially when looking back at Marcello, the person I've chosen to primarily focus on over the course of this thread and a primary reason for this is simple - Project Camtex. See, while Marcello was in jail after a sting operation by the name of BriLab due to conspiracy, racketeering, and mail, wire fraud and attempting to bribe state officials. While there his cellmate, a man by the name of Jack Van Laningham, who was there long enough to grew close to Marcello and become his friend, was recruited by the FBI and in return he was responsible for sticking by Marcello in the hope he would talk as he had done before, this time however on tape. Something he did so.

(MMD Newswire) November 30, 2009 -- FBI files at the National Archives say that in 1985, Louisiana-Texas godfather Carlos Marcello confessed to a "reliable" Bureau informant that he ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Marcello's confession to the informant was obtained during a long-secret FBI undercover operation, code-named CAMTEX. According to the files, the FBI used a bugged transistor radio in Marcello's prison cell to secretly record "hundreds of hours" of tapes of Marcello talking to confidants about his crimes. The tapes included Marcello talking about his meetings with Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Tampa-Miami mob boss Santo Trafficante.

In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, chaired by Rep. Louis Stokes, published their conclusion that "Kennedy was probably killed as a result of a conspiracy." Their final report stated that "the Committee found that Trafficante, like Marcello, had the motive, means, and opportunity to assassinate President Kennedy." Marcello died in 1993, and Trafficante passed away in 1987, after discussing his role in Kennedy's murder with his attorney, the late Frank Ragano. As for motive, the Committee pointed out that from 1961 to 1963, President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had waged a massive war against organized crime. They had especially targeted the mob families of Marcello in New Orleans, Trafficante in Tampa, and the Chicago Mafia.

The Audio is sealed aswell unfortunately and we can only hope in the 2017 release, we get it - which I doubt - but at least we know about the documents and the audio in the first place, that's a plus if anything and we do have access to documents such as the one below detailing his onfession, and taking into consideration the threats, the deportation, the war waged on Kennedy, his eventual death, the previous assassination attempts, Amworld a project the mafia knew about, Oswalds connections to crime, Ruby's connections to crime, Marcello's confession and everything else in between, I really think it's plausible that Amworld fits in the missing pieces here and does help to shed light on the Kennedy assassination.

As I come towards an end of this thread I really do urge you all to not only read what I have here, but to read the links and do some of your own research too. The mafia connection to the case truly is astounding, and also more than plausible in my opinion. If I had to come out and say which theory seems to make more sense, It's this one. These were not small time crooks, the mafia at the time was vast to say the least, and It was certainly capable.

Anyway, with coming an end to this thread here and now I leave with a video from none other Jack Ruby in the aftermath of his assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, if anything at all it makes for some fascinating watching and provides some food for thought..

Thanks to those who took the time to read this thread, I'd love to hear your opinions on this over all theory..

Thanks again.
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:14 AM
Well RA as usual a really well done thread. I'll get to the links and such later. The information you have provided here supports the view I have had that the MAFIA was somehow involved with the assinations of both JFK and RFK. They were both putting pressure on the mafia and were costing them money.That alone would make them targets. Never step on the godfathers feet.

The mafia surely had alot to do with wanting to overthrow castro as they had lost millions due to his takeover of cuba.Truthfully I have always been suprised that they alone didn't wack castro,so they could get back the very lucritive businesses they had before the original takeover by castro.
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:15 AM
I wish I had more time to review all of the material you've presented but I do want to say that I've recently seen a movie on Netflix titled Dark Legacy which strongly implicates the Bush family into the coordination of the events that took place that day. Part of the evidence presented are ties between the Prescott Bush, his business holdings, the CIA and their actions towards Cuba.

I urge you to check it out if you've not seen it before.

Thanks for your work RA

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by TXRabbit

Well, I'm not a fan of the Bush connection in all honesty - I feel as though they're just automatically connected to anything negative because they're already hated as opposed to the actual evidence involved - but, as you brought this up, I think you should check out one of these, preferably the most recent: Youtube - Bush documentaries. Fascinating information there, no one can deny that.

And in regards to Prescott Bush, a thread of mine on him and the "business plot" is posted in the opening post here.

Thanks for taking the time out to post.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Explanation: S&F!


Personal Disclosure: Bumped!

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 01:32 PM
I haven't yet read all the linked documents, etc., but even with just what's presented here on the surface it's all just too sick and twisted to comprehend. I knew Kennedy wasn't clean but I had no idea his hands were this dirty. I must say it makes me look at all politicians, top to bottom, with a somewhat more critical eye. I had honestly thought that Kennedy had good intentions overall. Your exposé here has certainly filled in a lot of gaps.

The world of politics just needs to be taken off planet Earth. All of them and any successive aspirants thereto, let's just get rid of them. No good will ever come of their presence here. None at all.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Well, I'm sorry my thread spawned this reaction. I know a lot of people are fan's of Kennedy, but facts are facts I guess, this is what it is. As a person he wasn't too great - he was a huge womanizer for example, and as President I would say over all above average as well but not the best. Time and time again plans were in the making to deal with Cuba and they were almost never humane plans - but, then again, no one said the top job was easy.

It wasn't made easy for him either thanks to the actions of the CIA constantly going behind his back - which makes me think such a thing is potentially happening today too. In fact I think there's very little doubt of it really.

The world of politics is a tough ol', morally vacant world indeed.
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 02:41 PM
Thank our lucky stars (the real ones, not these fake electronic ones) that we have another thread from Rising Against. ATS is very lucky to have him writing and posting here. I hope the Kennedy family has read or is reading your threads, nice work.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Aleister

I wish the likes of Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover were alive to read them, that would make thing's interesting.

But no, in all honesty, thank you for those kind words. That's really nice and awfully appreciated too. Hope you enjoyed the read.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:30 PM
For those who may prefer to watch as opposed to read, here's a fascinating documentary on the subject:

JFK: The Mob Connection, part 1

Part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:37 PM
Bravo Bravo...great thread. I will have to go back and read again as I just slightly skimmed thru it.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

I have a big fat folder of notes and research stuff that I would love to pass on to you RA, I think that you would really be able to do it the justice that I can't seem to
Plus it would fit in very nicely with what you have presented here, and the declassification of Project Amworld in particular answers some of the questions that had me stumbling as to the more specific 'whys'.

Good job

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by KilgoreTrout

Sounds great.

If you'd like to send anything my way, feel more than free. I can be found on ATS here.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Ah I know 'notes' are of the physical kind...hard copy...a couple of hundred pages of print outs and hand written notes...

...I'm an old-fashioned kind of gal

I need to finish reading your links...and will do tomorrow...I will think then about if I have anything useful link wise that I can pass on.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 05:22 PM
It all starts and ends with the Secret Service details standing down before the limo even got to Dealy Plaza and with the order to remove the SS man from the back of the limo and out of the shooting lane as the car got to the kill zone.

The Secret Service was involved and that means it was a coup de tat.

Nothing more is needed to cause a revolt,JUST the actions of the Secret Service are enough to PROVE a coup de tat was initiated and completed.

There is so much data on Youtube it is sad to read at this point,it brings tears to your eyes to know a nation so great has had its ball cut off.
Looking at LBJ makes you want to puke,you can see he is a psycopath just by looking at his facial expressions.

You are correct,in more ways than you know,the organisation in some phases was CIA orchestrated from a technical standpoint and one or more of the shooters trained by the CIA for operations like Amworld were used in Dallas,one guys entire history is outlined--he was an instructor.

Watch the look in Kennedys eyes as his secret service detail is called off of his car,he KNEW that was the moment he would meet his fate,and it is for that moment in time i want to see justice served.That one moment when a TRUE AMERICAN HERO stood tall,did not run like a coward,like the cowards that murdered him,JFK could have stopped the motorcade at that moment but instead he crushed himself against his car door as far away from his wife as he could get to keep her safe and he rode forward to his destiny like a man ,like an American Man.That moves me,that moves hundreds of millions of people.

Any American who can watch those youtube videos and not go crazy must be either sick in the head or brainwashed.

These videos need to be made viral in America,young people need to see them,this is a global atrocity and it needs to be addressed immedialy.

There needs to be another BIG EVENT,and this time Americans not traitors need to host the Party.

Jesus ,I always thought Americans were patriotic and brave,if I can see this truth so can they,they cannot be either patriotic nor brave.

I think its time for the entire world to get together and see this through,to help America.

Ask Obama to explain the youtube truths,ask him every day,force him to publicly refuse to address this,make him implicate himself through his refusal to deal with reality,do not become violent,force people to be accountable in the public eye because today we have the internet and global review,not censored television stations,force this issue in the Peoples Court of Cyberspace.Let the WORLD see this abomination,at least let

Do NOT accept the National Security risk story,it was TRAITORS who let your country down,and the battle to find and punish traitors is always long ,hard and bloody,as they are ALWAYS deeply entrenched and have a fight to the end mentality.

A new generation was supposed to step up and do this job find these traitors and out them --they FAILED THEIR COUNTRY--now its the 20s and 30s generation we need to rely on to do our jobs,that itself is sickening weak kneed and un-American---to ask children to do adults jobs.

Clinton failed his country,Obama is failing his country,there will never come a day when a post coup de tat president is accepted by the People,there has never been an American President since JFK,the coup de tat means that your country has been drifting into hell without a true american at the Helm.

Obama knows he cannot be President ,every American knows that until this is settled they cannot possibly have a real president of the people,nothing is of the people once a coup de tat has been acted upon,america CANNOT MOVE ON after a coup de tat until the traitors are discovered and punished and democracy is restored,if the people do not soon rise up and right the ship it will SEEM AS IF THEY ARE PART OF THE COUP DE TAT,as if the are willing participants and are happy with watching their Presidentshead be blown apart and the countrys heart being ripped out at the same moment,actuallythe entire world watched these traitors publicly sodomise America

The Warren Commission members and everyFederal judge or employee who failed to use due dilligence must be indicted and charged,there needs to be literally hundreds of Federal Warrants sworn in secrecy and actioned in a sweeping motion,tens of billions of dollars of assets must be seized as being related to this coup de tat,America will seize enough money to fix their economic woes overnight--LEGALLY FREEZE TENS OF BILLIONS--.

This is Elliot Ness type of stuff here.

I mean to actually bring the American People justice and a true government devoid of traitors will take an effort at least as big and secret and powerfull as the one that sodomised america with the coup de tat.

This will take HEROS,this will take men and women OF POWER,this will take a monumnental effort which will turn the tides and power structures of EVERY corner of American life,this will need to be a renewal,a redistribution of americas power structure overnight as was done during the coup de tat.

Does America have the strength and the balls and the wherewithall to do this??Because the world is watching for signs of weakness and America has been leaving a blood trail since the coup de tat,ONLY America has the strength to cure America,global powers will rip her to pieces and share her if they have to intervene----many countrys know this was a coup de tat and would not support America in her time of need because of this fact.Americas brothers to the North and to the South want her healthy and strong and have done a tremendous amount to enable this healing to happen,for this excision of the cancer to be accomplished now not later.Our futures are intertwined with Americas but we know the truth and if America wont face their own traitors then how can we be expected to bare our necks to those same cowardly monsters???We will not do it and neither will the global community,things have changed on planet earth,there is nowhere to hide today.

And like it or not ,no one listens to or takes seriously mainstream media anymore,we know the INTERNET HOLDS ALL TRUTHS and we will not be denied any longer --the truth will be Americas to cherish and hold and protect once more sooner than many expect.

One American,one TRUE American is really all it takes to catalyse this healing,this correction,this justice.

Someone walk into a courtroom in Dallas and file a court motion that begins this process--then engage and execute thousands of warrants simultaneously worldwide----draw the net tight and pick the conspirators up globally and enmasse.Politicians,Preachers Sunday School teachers,CEOs Billionaires,everyone is coming to this party to this "Big Event".

The Secret service,the CIA the FBI the American government et all,major industry ,major Religons,major crime syndicates on an International level are all invited to this party.

Dont worry,for every bad apple ,every rotten fruit you remove from the barrel a new fresh one is just waiting to take its place,all of these organisations are full of real americans,not traitors,and there are many to fill the shoes of those we depose.

The Secret Service must be imploded and rebuilt as they are the catalyst of this coup de tat,without their co-operation the cuop de tat couldnt have happened.

Obama has recently made some changes in the Secret Service,possibly he watches youtube as well ,ha ha ha,maybe he needs some help here.It will take a lot more than one or two changes,it will take the REMOVAL OF THE COUP DE TATS SPHERES OF INFLUENCE globally and simultaneously to restore integrity and justice.Tens maybe hundreds of billions of dollars in assets must be seized and frozen.There will be global impact as americas wealth and power is suddenly restored like a high voltage surge of strength,like an electro-shock to its heart and soul.

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 05:48 PM
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I agree for the most part, and certainly, in that the Secret Service stand down is integral to the assassination plot...BUT...apart from a lack of professionalism and a apathetic attitude, I do not think that any of those on duty, with the possible exception of Elmer Moore, were involved, or privy to the plot itself. They were negligent though, but I also think that setting them up to be negligent and relaxed was part of the plan. Moore allowed those on duty the next day at Dealey Plaza to stay up late drinking, which given that they were technically drinking on duty, was a instant dismissal offence...but given that they had lost their charge, that was considered punishment enough...and certainly it made them feel suitably responsible for JFKs death...that they then were not called to testify before the Warren Commission compounds the sense that the SS were to be made to be scapegoats, in their own minds, and thus prevent any further questioning or investigation of what had gone wrong etc within their own ranks. Also, it can be argued that the drinking may have diminished their responses, slowing them down, which when combined with the presence of the ambulance in the Plaza, with it's flashing red light, known to cause disorientation, could have made them sluggish and not as reactive as they should be...which when we add to that, the understanding that Moore told the men not to move into surround Kennedy when the first shot seemed to be fired...under normal circumstances, and at the peak of their game, I doubt that those men would have listened to their hung-over, sleep deprived confused them...

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:24 PM
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Sorry I have a LOT of reading to do.. But wanted to post before I finished. .
Between your OP and the TV Series "The History of the United States" ~Oliver Stone
I have learned SO much and my perspective has completely shifted.. Things seem more fixable more in grasp.. The bad guys don't seem to be a team, until they find each other, but there are still a thousand other "teams"

History is just looking very different today I guess..

Here is my one question so far:

Is this picture fake?

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 07:00 PM
Great thread as always RA!
Project Amworld does fill in some blanks but,I don't think it was just Marcello,Roselli and Santos who simply penetrated the op.You have the anti-Castro Cubans and the rouge CIA agents and contract operators.The decision to murder JFK came from a level far above these guys.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 10:54 PM
Look deeper into "Box 13" during LBJ's senate race. Look into the "Duke of Duvall"... George and Archer Parr. Look into the county records from Duvall county in the '50's and 60's..... see if they are there or have been erased and/or just totally absent. Find this and ask yourself what these powerful political individuals/groups wanted and not wanted from JFK.

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