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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 08:20 AM

M. J. Slabosz (aka TheAnarchist)

Animation by Justin Muller (
Drums by Jim Dooley (

F$ck the System!

(c) 2013 Drugstore Records.

Hope someone out there enjoys this track as much as I enjoyed making it.

Peace & Love

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 08:24 AM
You nailed it
awesome video very nicely done you need to get as many people as possible to see this seriously it's a eye opener S&F

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 09:30 AM

Well done, not bad at all, a good analogy for what could be, but what happens after the locomotive crashes, who rebuilds it, and how?

( S&F ) I specifically love the first three minutes of the video, * flails arms in the air, there's a train coming!

Thanks for posting.


posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 11:36 PM
Cheers guys, appreciate it!

Originally posted by Spike Spiegle
A good analogy for what could be, but what happens after the locomotive crashes, who rebuilds it, and how?

That's a bloody good question brother! And I'm glad you asked it rather than ignoring it altogether like most people who assume there's no answer, or that it's too complex a problem to consider.

I think a lot about such things, because I feel that shedding light on a problem without offering any hint of a solution is as bad, if not worse, than doing nothing at all. And the biggest problem we face is really the "Human Condition" - not the System. The System is a consequence of the Condition. The Condition came first; not the System - although the two have reached a point where they now aggravate each other and make the problem much worse! The System makes the Condition worse, and the Condition serves to allow the System to grow more powerful everyday. The System is not our friend! We need to remember that! It's not the security blanket we think it is.

I believe 99% of Earth's problems - Systemic, Social, Spiritual etc.. - they all stem from the same root cause, and that is the corrupted Human Mind. If we all spent the time to get to "know" ourselves & learn what we really are (powerful, intelligent, creative, benevolent, motivated, inspiring sentient beings of unlimited potential) and unlearn what we're told we are (citizens, subjects, part of the herd, part of the system, dependent, materialistic, sinners, unworthy, unlucky, not special, powerless, dangerous, unmotivated, uninspiring "Americans" or "Australians" or "Englishmen" or "Africans" or whatever "they" feel like calling us).. then the world's problems would fix themselves.

The world's problems are a globalized reflection of our personal problems. If we all focused on making ourselves healthier human beings (mentally, physically, spiritually) - then we'd be a healthy planet mentally, physically and spiritually. And don't get me wrong if you're an atheist or a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew or whatever - by "healthy spirituality" I merely mean spiritual maturity - you can believe what you want to. But remember: so can everyone else. You're all correct to do so, none of you are wrong to do so, and as such we should stop fighting over this. "My God is realer than your God!"... what is this crap? A mature spiritual being has the confidence to live and let live.)

That being said; I don't know what happens after the locomotive crashes - only an idiot or a fascist would claim to know the answer to that. But my response is; merely not knowing what lies outside the prison is not a good enough reason not to try to escape it. Society is doing a pretty good job of sustaining itself under a horrible System of global governance. We live in perpetual war, perpetual pollution, perpetual poverty, perpetual sickness, perpetual unrest, perpetual sorrow, perpetual hardships... I struggle to see how things could get too much worse if this System were to collapse. Sure things for the middle-class and upper-class would get chaotic and difficult during the period of collapse. But that's no good reason to keep putting the collapse off for our children to deal with.

If we can't Man Up and face the music; face the fact that we're all standing on the tracks and a train's coming... then we won't have any children to fix this problem for us in the future. There won't be a human race left to do it. And it's not a NWO population culling conspiracy I'm talking about here - it's the fact of our situation. Even if there aren't people out there plotting a mass global genocide - we're doing a great job of setting ourselves up for one anyway! How long will it be until a nuclear meltdown knocks out half of the planet for real, like Fukushima nearly did? How long until the situation in the Middle-East spirals out of control into WW3 and nuclear warfare? How long until the air becomes unfit to breath and the water becomes unfit to drink? Because above all else, it can be established for certain: these things are coming. It's merely a matter of "when"??

Humans created this gargantuan mess. Humans can solve it! But first we must dethrone those who have no interest in a solution. That, my good man, is the hardest part. Re-building the System will be easy after that. Humans just want to get along, after all - we have no interest in war or suffering or hardship or poverty. (not as individuals anyway.)

Corporations, on the other hand - BIG corporations, the ones that have transcended human control and become twisted entities with minds unto themselves - they love these things, because they equate to potential $$$$$$$.

We, as human beings, have a duty to rectify this situation. The problem is that none of us can agree on which direction to take. My hope is that before it's too late, we can at least all agree on which direction we don't wish to take!

Edit: after saying all that, I should make my final point to keep this thread on the topic of music/art in general. Art is one of the most effect mediums for conveying difficult ideas without confusion. If more musicians/artists took a conscious approach to their work, and kept in mind what they want to change and not merely what they want to say, then they might encourage more action. The time for thinking is over; we know what must be done. Now we must work up the courage to do it. Easier said than done - but it must be done nonetheless!


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