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Retirement age rises alongside Life expectancy

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:21 AM
I just figured out something, and thought I would share my views and receive some feedback on it.

Seems like the retirement age goes up every couple of years or so, according to the health industry to keep us alive at all (of our) cost. Needless to say there's a link between these two, as they seem to work intertwined. Retirement age is relatively a new term, just like social security, banks, and all other institutions we believe to exist since the beginning of time (at least, people talk as if).

In the past they didn't had a life expectancy as nowadays, and people tend to think that the lifespan was about 40 years. So that means that if someone was to retire, he had to do it in his 30's in order to live the last years of his life and figure what life is all about.

That industry, which is somewhat keeps people in a sense of health until a relatively old age, helps to turn us humans into this:

Most people work throughout their whole life, dreaming about what they are going to do in retirement while many of them are not even reaching it.

I would claim the current retirement age in any given country is just about the threshold between life and death, and if they could've been useful, they would've increased the retirement age even more. The majority of the people after that age will no longer have any energy left for questioning, researching or even travelling to discover life. They will believe they know everything although they know almost nothing. Just like a machine that manufactures all day long until it fails, and then it just been thrown away for the sake of new machines.

I didn't found any background on it, maybe the older people on ATS can help and share some insight about what the retirement age was in the 50's or 60's, and with accordance to the lifespan. I think this proven that we are in fact and with no coincidence slaves to a system which drives us to work, and work, and work, after going through the first 20 years of our life in intensive programming to fit this kind of manufacturing productive world.

The question is why there's so much focus to work for almost the entire life? Is our specie enslaved to another intelligent specie? Is it really just for the economic game? Or just an illusion we have created for ourselves?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 04:50 AM
Ok firstly.
The people are living longer think is a myth.

My dad and mum lived till in their 70s and my mother in law is in her 80s but what about their children,

My 2 brothers died aged 50 at the age of 49 I got type 1 diabetes from nowhere' never been in our family before and up till them my grandad and all family lived well into their 90s.

Now my wifes family' her mother is in her 80s but her children are dying, my wife had breast cancer, her sister has cancer of the bowel and her brother is in hospital with a brain tumour that has spread and he is now blind and wont survive he is 55.

So thats 50, 55,51 48, so where is this living longer.

Something happened between the 70s and now; we were all brought up with home cooking and before wifi.

And then I look at my brother in law who is dying now in hospital, lives in the English countryside' non smoker and goes sailing ( or went sailing up till last month) always working.

I think we are been altered to die in 40s and 50s.

Imagine if no one ever lived past the age of 14 and you lived to be 80' your knowledge would allow you to control thinks as no generation lives past 14 years so you cant fail.

Now look at the elite, Royals queen and philp 80s 90s Bush, none of these people die young they out live all in their generation.

So a lifespan of 50 means you are indoctrinated by the state from 5 to 16 (school) and then work so have no time to think of anything but having enough till your next wage packet and by the time you realise whats happening your on your deathbed.

In years to come remember you read this somewhere, Im saying that we will all die between 50 and 60 and most will die at 50.
How do I know this' because thats whats happening now and they continue with this myth that we are living longer so must work longer.
You will all have to work till you die, and those unable to work through disability will have their life shortened by being prescribed medicines they are told are to help their condition but in fact its poison.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by Shuye

If you provide for yourself you can retire regardless of retirement age. I'll be retiring before I'm 60 hopefully. Although global financial collapse may change that, should it come.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 05:47 AM

Originally posted by Grifter81
reply to post by Shuye

If you provide for yourself you can retire regardless of retirement age. I'll be retiring before I'm 60 hopefully. Although global financial collapse may change that, should it come.

Let me tell you what happened to me and I live in the UK.

I worked all my life from leaving school, I had private pension that £10 was paid into every week in the 70s (quite alot then) increased it in the 80s and 90s,

I built up my business raised my family' so took out various insurances such as disablement insurance.

I have built houses, schools, telephone exchanges you name it.

Then a roof collapsed i was working on and I was left disabled, my back is destroyed and can hardly walk.

So I claim the disablement insurance. I received a letter from the bank offering me a final amount, OFFER I thought I was insured for x amount..

No they made and offer and said take us to court knowing I had no money to do this, so I could not pay the business loan with the same bank and they made me bankrupt.

So I thought' well at least I still have my pension "Wrong" all I have managed to get is a phone number and I cant understand the person on the other end of the phone.

To cut a long story short, Im now in private rented accomodation, my lamlord speaks little English and come from the Yemen.

In the British press Im called a cheat, a layabout a scrounger etc, all by people I regard to never have done a hard days graft in their life.

Im ridiculed by been made to attend job centres even though iIm unable to do so.

My regret is that I worked at all and my biggest regret is that I worked in a dangerous job when i Could have sat behind a desk all day.

There will come a time when Im forced to work again no matter how much pain Im in or how unpractical, But I promise you this.

I will steal and steal and steal every chance I get and they can imprison me and that will give me a break and when I get out I will steal and steal and steal.
My only advice is do not go into any manual labour jobs, let the Fkers live in caves, because if anything happens you only have yourself to blame.

Infact forget about these low page jobs and just steal what you need you will be more respected for it.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 06:26 AM
Government want us to work and pay hefty taxes all our lives but want you to die before you can collect what you have broke your back working for - a miserly state pension amounting to a few quid a week.

They want to take everything you have to give while you're young, fit and healthy, but as soon as you become old, unfit and unproductive to them, you are suddenly a burden.

Meanwhile, millionaire politicians are living luxury lifestyles on ridiculous salaries without lifting a finger, own many homes, and retire on handsome pensions - all paid for by worked-to-death and destitute taxpayer mugs. Their fortunes remain untouched and intact, they don't even pay work or living expenses, while many of us are losing/have lost their homes and struggling to live.

But instead of abolishing MP's expense accounts, instead of cutting their own pay to minimum wage, instead of forcing billionaire corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, etc, - they are gonna slash benefits for the unemployed, the sick, the elderly and the working poor.

We should stop wringing our caps and tugging our forlocks. It's time we demanded the same of them as they do of us. We should demand they live the same lives they dictate to us. We should demand fairness.

In a true, real democracy, we would have the right to a vote of no confidence. Until we have this right, we will never be heard.
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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Shuye

In truth, it is not about working that keeps a human alive longer than his predecessors.

We do not live to work, but work only to live.

Humans may boast that they are prepared to die anytime, but in reality, many more grasp for even a few seconds to be alive, to see loved ones, to watch the beautiful blue skies and deep gold sunsets, even as life ebbs out of them, or within a few feet from hitting the ground after jumping out from a tall building with regrets....

Humans have longings, and thus many desire to live longer.

The fact is that due to our awareness of health issues, such as the kinds of food to take, the excercises we need to do, the enviroment we demand for ourselves to live in, had help fueled research into life sciences and advances. The immortality pill awaits, and lays within our mortal shell's dna.

It will not be immortality per se, but rather a fountain of youth type medication that will help rejuvenate our cells to live a bit longer, destroying decaying cells. Already, much advances in science had gone into such directions such as the cosmetic industry.

Unfortunately, those advances had not reach its zenith, for while we may 'look' younger - our strength and vitality is nowhere as close to how we looked, and remained frail and ultimately weakening muscular tissues will do us all in if diseases cure are not found yet.

And another aspect of living longer would mean the mindsets of employers to change, as well as the creation of new type of jobs for those living longer, or it makes no sense to live longer, but only to end up living in the streets.

Currently, most employers view that a human beyond thirty years old is no longer economically viable to be placed into the company's payroll due to productivity loss as well as the high medicare costs they will incur upon company benefits.

This has got to change, or the socio-economic system will NO longer be trusted, leading into a deadly cycle whereby the living will not procreate to reproduce themselves for fear of bringing pain, suffering and enslavement to their future generations.

As our science advances, so too must our social and economic awareness, national policies and actions go hand in hand, or those living longer will only be left behind, or medicines to live long restricted to all but the rich and the elites - a horrorifying utilitarian future for all mankind whom will be enslaved and civilisation regressed to stasis state.

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