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About Critical thinking and Freedom of Speech

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 02:38 AM
It's disgusting what the authorities do to people who just ask question and who use their 1st amendment rights to peacefully protest.

I think that the general public is in deep trouble and constantly being misled and intimidated. It will get worse before it gets better.

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 02:51 AM
Watching now but good luck on peaceful protest talk on ATS all people on here want is civil war and lone Rambo tales.
Give the best option and people ignore it here on ATS.
Good vid and well done bald vid dude for mentioning the magna carter
(people forget about that)
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posted on Feb, 7 2013 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by WhereIsTheBatman

The truth behind 9/11:

In the 1970's, cheap materials were used from around the world. Purchasing agents, not fully comprehending the differences between mass and weight, were constantly getting material 'strengths' and load bearing capacities wrong.

In their effort to 'reduce costs', like any American business, they sought to go with the cheapest suppliers. Often times, these suppliers didn't comprehend or question the mathematical errors involved between converting weight to mass and vice versa.

The central columns used vastly inferior concrete and steel, which wasn't noticed until final inspection. The public was never told about the issues, and resultingly, the building was NEVER allowed to reach occupancy.

As time went on, the top of the building swayed with the wind due to the structural integrity issues. It was a common complaint to get motion sickness at the top of these buildings. This problem intensified in the 1980s to the point of being visible with the naked eye. Finally, In 1993, a controlled blast was done in the basement of the North Tower to test the structural integrity and seismic reaction of the building. This blast was mishandled by intelligence services, and should never have been felt or witnessed at ground level, so they created an unknown, unseen enemy known as a 'terrorist' to 'blame' the blasts on.

The results came back, the swaying of the tower would increase and within 15 years would break it's foundation.

Insurance companies agreed on a settlement, it was their inspectors who had been used to validate the building materials. And they decided on a course of action that would both 'save face' so they didn't have to 'take blame', and also allow for a controlled demolition of the buildings.

Working with intelligence agencies, they took the 'terrorist' angle and focused on supply chain issues that were happening with global trade. America had become increasingly negligent with cross border interactions, and had been focusing too much on cost reduction so much so that it was killing quality, and causing friction with cross border relationships. Terrorism was a vehicle used to force us all to pay attention to what's happening overseas.

So they created 9/11. A portion of the Pentagon that had massive plumbing and electrical issues, and that they had suspected had been bugged would make an easy 'missile' target and they could cordon off the area to make sure no one was hurt. The plane in Pennsylvania was staged from scrap, pulled in from Arizona's plane graveyard. And the central columns of both towers, and tower seven which had long been vacated, were all lined with explosives to create a controlled demolition, bringing the buildings straight down. Fake human cardboard figures were put in the windows, and a few 'pyrotechnics and jumpers' were created to put a face to the 'curious ones' who managed to break through the cordoned areas. So when the downtown area was cleared, and two holographic planes, projected by satellite and by ground based devices were 'flown' in. The media was fed their information by the CIA, and the NSA controlled the technological and pyrotechnic portion of things.

The truth would have been far easier, they all learned this in hindsight. But the insurance company's lawyers simply didn't want to deal with the publicity that they had been negligent in their duties. They were more concerned with image than they were telling the truth.

In the end, only 2 people were killed in the blast, which is a miracle in itself. Two street workers who were too curious what was going on managed to bypass the perimeters.

The world's not a scary place. Conspiracies are absolutely based in reality. AS for evidence. It's all already out there in the public domain. Nothing has been hidden about this at all.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 12:19 AM
This might make some or all of you mad. Don't call the NAZIS, NAZIS when they don't like it.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by WhereIsTheBatman
It's disgusting what the authorities do to people who just ask question and who use their 1st amendment rights to peacefully protest.

Indeed. It's like this world hates nothing as much as someone who asks questions nowadays. I have always had lots of questions even as a child, but my 'question-age' never ended - it continues to this day. Whenever someone says something incredibly stupid, I feel an urge to ask a lot of questions so I know that at least I got it right, and perhaps it might not be so stupid, if I just know more about what she means by it.

This seems to anger people a lot, just calm, peaceful asking questions seems to turn people in the internet (at least in 'live-discussion areas') into raving, insulting monsters that are busy to point out all kinds of flaws in the individual who dares to do this outrageous thing instead of just being a moronic ape like all the others. How dare someone ask a QUESTION, when they could just 'chill' and say "LOL" and "ASL PLZ" (which is technically a question, but it isn't born out of free thinking, but utilizes a safe, comfortable, familiar formula that the apes have accepted in all of their tribes) and talk about which country has the best beer.

It's peculiar, but I guess I will never truly understand how something so innocent and natural to humans as asking questions can make so many people lose control and blow off the handle (I hope I remembered the idiom correctly). Because to get information about that, well.. I'd have to .. ask a question.

However, when you say 'authorities', please stop and think about that word awhile. What is 'authority'? Why would anyone have 'authority' over another? Aren't we all equal? Just because someone is dressed in a blue or black suit with a silly hat or helmet, doesn't mean that they are suddenly an 'authority' over you and can boss you around, now, does it?

So what creates authority, where does authority come from, and why would anyone have to obey another human being, when law hasn't been broken? (And law has nothing to do with 'legal system', remember that)

In fact, we are all equal, and the authority hierarchy goes like this:

The Creator of the Universe
Human Being
Governments and Corporations
Citizens and Corporate Employees (the same thing, really)

So, when we realize this, we can also comprehend that authority comes from CONSENT.

If I CONSENT to you being an authority over me, then you -are- an authority over me, and now you can boss me around.

When you change your statys from human being to 'citizen', you can't use your human rights anymore, but you have 'privileges' or 'civil rights' (which can be taken away, unlike your human rights), and in practical reality, you have traded AWAY your rights to get PRIVILEGES, so now you have to obey governments and corporations, which were originally supposed to be our SERVANTS, not our masters!

A citizen always falls under the authority of anyone the corporations and governments say is his/her authority - it's like a boss in a corporation. If you are an employee, the boss is your authority. You can always leave the corporation and terminate your contract with it - but most people haven't done so. So they remain citizens, and can be lawfully bossed around by 'government authorities' (policy enforcers), which have now become their 'authorities'.

But remember, authority cannot exist without consent, except The Creator's authority. No other force has authority over HUMAN BEINGS, if the law hasn't been broken - if the peace hasn't been breached.

So if you don't consent to being governed by a legal system, a 'governmental authority' can NOT lawfully boss you around (if law hasn't been broken).

You can find more info by searching for "Meet your strawman" - don't be duped into thinking you are a person! Persons are always under obligation to obey the governments and corporations! (A person is a legal fiction, not a living being)

About 11.9. - well, that's how it would be spelled in certain non-american countries' calendar anyway, so it always felt weird to me to call it "9/11" - that was just a controlled demolition of the buildings the owners wanted to get rid of, there were no casualties, and there were immense profits for the wicked. But as usual, the official story is more fantastic than what actually happened (the moon hoax being another good example of this), because a big lie is never doubted by the stupid masses..

Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as "1st amendment right" or "amendment right" in any case - the rights do _NOT_ come from any piece of paper written by human beings! That would be impossible, because we existed long before any amendments were written! Didn't we have rights then? Of course we did!

Our rights are UNALIENABLE. This means that they can NOT be taken away. It also must then logically mean, that they cannot be given, either. This means that no paper can give us any human rights (only 'civil rights', which can be taken away), because 'unalienable' rights cannot be given or taken away.

Our rights have always existed, will always exist, and exist right now with or without any papers.

Those amendments, bills, and whatnot - they didn't create the rights, they simply meant to PROTECT the usage of those rights by LIMITING THE POWERS of the governments and corporations.

But of course, our unalienable and unlimited right to CONTRACT can destroy any rights we have, in practical reality. I mean, we still have those rights, but we may have consented to not ever using them. That means that while the rights are still there, they are rendered inert or void, null or invalid. We can't USE them in such a situation.

That's how they tricked us - they duped us into BEGGING to take our rights away (practically anyway), for some PRIVILEGES, by using our right to unlimited contracting. So we contracted, we signed applications (to apply = to beg), we signed submissions (to submit our will under their authority), and we signed registrations (regis = latin for KING, transferring all our possessions to the government ownership - the allodial title became government property).

In other words, we contracted to consenting to not being able to use our rights, and to identifying as a 'person', by performing a joinder between the human being (living entity) and a person (legal fiction, a dead entity), so that now all the "person"'s obligations became also OUR obligations! Suddenly we had to pay income tax (because persons have to - persons are corporations, after all), suddenly we have to obey a ridiculous amount of 'legal system' rules (acts and statutes) that now suddenly have the power of law for us.

This is where we find most of humanity today, and the masses don't even know this is going on! And worse, if they knew.. they simply wouldn't care! They signed their lives away, and their children's ownership, their car's ownership, everything.. and they watch TV and laugh at fart jokes, while their children continue being drugged by pharmaceutical corporations and forced to go to government schools (because you signed them away with 'child's registration' or 'birth certificate', so now THEY are joined to the legal fiction, the 'person' as well!)...

Well, I guess it is starting to become clear just WHY the "authorities" are so afraid of questions.. if all this would be revealed to the masses AND they could be made to care and realize the obviousness of the horrible truth.. well, it could be trouble.

Because then the masses would realize - hey, _WE_ are The Powers That Be, and we have ALL the power to stop the people who consider themselves 'elite' and want to rule the world together with the child-eating demon called moloch!

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 03:25 PM
I can't get over the first moment of this video, how can it be that one man is able to spray all those people without anybody stopping him?
Or is this just phony and propaganda?

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