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Realizing I Can Be On Both Sides of Gun Control

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posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 01:53 AM
I would most certainly consider myself a devoted conservative, but I believe that by definition this means I must offer an unbiased position when I encounter any belief that seems different from my own. I also understand the meaning and the purpose of the first and second amendments, both of which are routinely abused and neglected. Sometimes it can be prevented, sometime such instances seem as though they shouldn’t be interfered with.

Let me get to my point. By virtually every personal standard which I live in, I think I am supposed to be pro-guns. I may be, but that doesn’t mean I want them in my home. As the father of two, when they were younger it was always important that I ask a family if there were guns in their home before I allowed my children to visit. However, if another father, parent, or responsible individual believes sincerely they need the protection or access to a firearm for a realistic purpose I have no problem deferring to them to make that determination for themselves and those they are responsible for.

My stance surely puts me at odds with both sides of the equation, but I feel it very, very important to go one step further. Please allow me to surrender any semblance of personal ego and with all that is in me I want to beg for the lives of the innocent who are sacrificed daily without reason or voice to prevent it. My heart exploded when I first learned of the unspeakable act in Connecticut, and I feel I may grieve for the lost and their families the rest of my life. I want to caution anyone who believes they need a weapon in their home to do so appropriately. Again I agree with the right to do so, but let me beg of you, and for the sake of your loved ones, PLEASE do not (for the sheer sake of winning an argument only) ever put yourself in a position where you will grieve the loss of an innocent life as a result.

I, for one, know I could not bear it.

Our government needs to respect the right to bear arms. As mentioned before, this is a fully vetted entitlement as a citizen in good standing of the United States of America. Remember, however, that respect should and must be offered with due reverence to all concerned, both pro and opposed, as regards to the specific issue of the right to bear arms . Grant an opposing viewpoint the courtesy of trying to understand the sincerity of the rationale involved. Clearly there will never be an answer that satisfies everyone, but if honest and genuine people come together seeking the best answer for all, I suspect it may be surprising what can be accomplished.

You never think disaster will happen to you, but it can and does. Ensure everyone on both sides have their concerns respected. Provide safety where necessary, allow access to protection where appropriate, but do not forget to protect and save lives in the process. I have no problem personally begging you for those lives.

May God offer His full measure of Grace and Mercy on this nation.


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