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Let's get over ourselves...

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:21 PM
Let's just get over ourselves

Entrapment by the small mind
Games we play

Tantrums we use to get us nowhere

Let us get over with looking for differences
Embrace that what connects
Enjoy the multitude of colors

Let's get over with conceptualizing
Let's just be friggin' free
Do that what is right
Inside out

We are who we are
That's me, that's you

No need to be like plastic faces in a TV show
Diversity saves the day

Be you
With a smile
Be you
With a kiss

Why bother of all the BS and crap
Life is free flowing
Just here and just now
There's nothing that binds us, except for ourselves
Our egos they choke us, they bind us with fear
So small and so doubtful, a boat in distress
Let go of that self-hate, get over it now
Just open that doorway the soul in to flow
Through her comes the spirit to lighten you up
The sense of the moment, that makes our bright day
The Sun that is dawning, so warm deep inside

A hand will keep reaching, a heart filled with love
For even its broken, still touching us deep
We are all just people, we are all just ships
Alone on the ocean, just riding the wave
Lets touch in that water, lets swim through the stream
So Oneness may guide us, to lighten this dream

We are all just swimming, with fire in heart
To love and to rejoice, for all a new start

So brothers and sisters, myself just as well
Lets get to the work now
Get over ourselves

Lots of love to y'all

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