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The NWO, what its about, Whats going on, Is anything REALLY being done?

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 12:42 AM
I have only recently become "un-blind" so to speak. The past three days of my life have been the worst that I can remember. It all started when I stumbled upon I read the very extensive and detailed article about waking up. Everything I read sent chills down my spine as it seemed too real. From mind control, to the worlds faulse economy, to the hegellian dialect. And then the relations to one of the most infamously evil individuals the world has ever seen, Mr. Adolf Hitler. I have trouble sleeping, I constantly research this subject, I am obsessed. And with my research only comes more knowledge that I wish I hadn't acquired. Only recently have I stumbled upon the horrendously contructed Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, and the Victory Act. It's just too real.

And with this new viewpoint of the world, I feel as if all actions taken to prevent such a thing from happening are close-minded actions among very open minded individuals. Honestly, what is posting an article on a little known website going to do? Only intelligent people understand what is going on. Only intelligent people can logically sort out all of the facts. And now today we live in a world were the intelligent INDIVIDUAL is becoming exstinct. Now they say, the media is controlled blah blah blah. Yes people are approaching the media and what not, but it's just not enough. With the election coming closer and closer and terrorist threats blanketing the media, I believe the things we fear the most are coming into action as we speak. But is creating another website going to help??? NO. Its almost as if we are playing into there so called mind control by limiting ourselves. I say "limitting ourselves" because it is the truth. If you want to do something, you do it, no questions asked, no one/thing will get in your way. I feel as if more motivation is needed. There are plenty of members on this forum capable of acting. Actions speak louder than websites!

Now I know Alex Jones has his thing going. But what if there were 50 Alex Jones? There are plenty of intelligent and strong individuals out there. I see it every day on this website from the debate competitions to the research forums. Can we seriously just sit at our computer and watch all of this happen?

Am I over analysing all of this??? I think not maybe you think otherwise. But I feel as if immediate ACTION is required. Give me your input.

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posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 09:43 AM
Convincing the average joe/joanna is going to be like convincing a skeptic aliens exist. It is a futile effort for anyone of us to try and educate the public. Most of the public don't even know what the patriot act is.

The best you can for yourself is ensure your own survival.

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 06:08 AM
Hello recently awaken...welcom to the club...if you can call it that.

Yeah, I had my 'action days' walking down main street in army fatigues with a huge bass drum strapped to me with 500 protesters. We stormed the DNC Campaign headquarters in the Capital of Washington State. We used their campaign resources to get our message out. Some got on the phone after we kicked all staffers out and tried to get Gore to talk about the real issues. I made a huge oil tower out of their campaigning sticks and put it out in the street. Others climbed the building and unfurled a banner. we then sat in a circle for 3 hours debating the tactics of the movement. I told the evolution is key and they told me tradition works better. they wanted to chain their necks together when the policeman's deadline to leave came, i said we march on to the capitol. 3 leaders me and two others headed the conversation the whole afternoon. and it was 2 to 1. I told them don't let the protest die, move to the bridge, when they tell us to go we then go to the govenors mansion...what happend...ignorance won and the protest died without any 'action' resolving. and then there was the WTO and I was gassed by the police 3 times and my sister's friend's arm dislocated from a police what do you want...action?

my action is self exile in china....that's what i get for being a evolutionary revolutionary...and i will only return when america is my america again. I wanted to be the president when i was elven, join the coast guard, do my service in the nations armed forces, become a senator and then .... but america has been flushed down a toilet and whats left is lambs for the want want to better have a good game plan

posted on Oct, 29 2004 @ 08:08 PM
Yes, you are over analysing this.

posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 03:36 AM
Awesome post, somewhereinchina. I'm jealous that you would know 500 people who believed and felt as strongly as you did. Sometimes I feel like I'm alone with the knowledge. People think I'm a looney or they just don't want to hear it because it's too scary/weird. That's why I love this site; it's a place where like minds can meet and learn and vent. And 110 points to you for actually getting out there and trying to do something.

shotgunjoe, I know how you feel. I was depressed for weeks after I started to gain an insight into what's really going on. This, and other similar sites' value lies in their ability to educate people and wake people up. If that is the seed of a future uprising/revolution/whatever you want to call it, then great. In the meantime at the least you can learn more and be prepared.

The problem with individuals is that they are...well...individuals. If there was a "NWO Resistance Group" (NWORG?) started up in my neighbourhood, I'd join up today. The problem with fighting the NWO is that you are fighting from within their system. They are just too big and too unreachable. They control it all from the top down. If you try to fight them through government and legal channels, you can't win because they control those channels. If you try to get the message out through the media, you can't because they own it all. If you try to fight them on the street as somewhereinchina did, you get arrested according to the laws that they created.

I have read supposed transcripts from a highly-placed medical doctor in the sixties that lectured once to his colleagues. His lecture spelled out their whole plan for the planting of diseases in over-populated countries, abortion legalization, promotion of promiscuity through media and pop culture, and on and on. He said that he was just a small cog in the wheel and that he could tell them about this for two reasons:
1. No one would believe those present if they told others.
2. Even if a few people DID believe, it wouldn't matter because the plans had already been in motion for centuries and everything was controlled. They could not make a difference and they could not stop it.

The VAST VAST majority of people will either never believe in anything other than what the mainstream media tells them. A good portion of intelligent people have an inkling that something is going on, but that's too scary and comfort-shattering to believe in, so they prefer denial. And those of us who are left vainly try to convince others of the truth sometimes even end up doubting our own convictions in the face of it all. It's hard to look out your window at the people walking by, at the soccer-moms taking their kids to practice, at the system that is ripe and ready to fall to the NWO and then say, "I'm going to go and start protesting now to stop the New World Order." But by the time the army is knocking at your door to take you away to the camp because you're a suspected terrorist, well, it's too late to resist then.

So, I guess the only hope is that some great person will rise up before it's too late and educate people and organize a great movement. We out-number them, and all the police and all the soldiers by millions to one. But somehow I doubt that's going to happen, and if various religiouns' prohecies are true, then only the Messiah can do that. Otherwise you can only hope that you picked the right deity to believe in and try to do as much good as you can before the end.

Here endeth the rant.


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posted on Oct, 30 2004 @ 03:41 AM
Very good posts by and large, however, this topic has been discussed in numerous threads here on ATS. A complete list is avalible here in the FSME's listings.

Please continue to post your NWO thoughts and comments on any or all of these threads. This one is closed.


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