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We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 03:38 PM
It's the last generation.

Isaiah 14:13,14  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;; I will be like the most High.

This board is filled with the youth lapping up the information on drug induced trips and meditation techniques which lead them to erroneously conclude that they will be like the Most High and gain god like powers. We are witnessing the rise of Adam. The Masons seek him, the Kabahallists, the Islamic Shi'ites, the apostate Christians, Jews, the Hindus....he is their 'primordial man'...the one thrown out of the garden. As those words were written about him, does it surprise anyone that the final generation who choose to fight the second Adam, Jesus Christ, will be those aligned with the first?

I will. Me me me. Anybody coming along promising to turn their fantasies into reality will be adored. Adam was created perfect, but inequity was found hidden in his bosom. That inequity is nearly full-blown today.

Jesus said, not my will, but His Will be done. Man's will or God's will. Adam chose man's, Jesus chose God's.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by WhoKnows100

Hmm, I believe you are wrong about this statement. "This board is filled with the youth lapping up the information on drug induced trips " Meditation maybe but i see nothing wrong with meditation. I hope your wrong about it being the last generation.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by kozmo

We've eliminated corporal punishment. Parents are no longer permitted to spank their children.

Not true. It's completely legal to spank your children.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 05:55 PM
I think kids today do tend to be a little more self-involved and narcissistic then previous generations, but not overly so. I do agree that they tend to be more delusional. A lot of kids running around think they're going to be the next super star singer or president or whatever. I don't even think it is this generations complete and total fault---I think a lot of kids are just looking to either (a) impress their parents, who are using their kids to make up for their "lost dreams" (b) trying to find acceptance and real connection in a society that has given everyone the means to disconnect from people (c) find meaning in their life other than buying the next latest gadget or useless thing.


posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by misse2miss

Never in the history of Humanity did a generation choose the world they grew up in.


posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by theabsolutetruth
So often when talking to teenagers to twenty somethings I have felt like they were deluded narcissists, mostly untalented and totally self absorbed with vastly over inflated egos and little or no real life experience, reality concept or general knowledge.


posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by DENBY

But isn't that how all 20-somethings are, really? Were young (I'm a 20-something by the by), new to the world, unexperienced, cocky, ambitious, and in a hurry. And of course we don't have talent...we haven't had the experience or time to develop one yet. Good god, that is just how teenagers and 20-somethings are. We will get older and we'll complain about the next generation of teens, tweens, and 20-somethings. There is nothing new under the Sun, the generational challenges just repeat again, but in new forms and flavors. Look, I'm not naive enough to believe that this generation isn't entitled and self-absorbed---we are. We need totake personal responsibility and fix that. And some of us may and some of us may not. But look around you. Look at the media. Look at the general comfort and ease that technology has provided. Look at the general ease of modern day living. What did you reasonably expect would come from this? A generation of kids who act like kids from a third-world who have nothing to eat? No, that is just silly. Hell, half the adults I see walking around this the U.S. are just as selfish and entitled--they just don't have a previous generation that is coherent enough or not senile enough to call them on it. Well, I am. You guys are just as bad. We all need a Reality check.

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:32 PM
Agree, as I'm nearing my elderly status, I am quietly observing. Gen X, Y, Z or any other label they give any generation will get their chance when raising their own children and society then gets to see the results. Narcissic parents will make for a very competitive household, will it not? Mmmmm.....I'll just keep observing.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by jimmiec

I have been writing a great deal over the past few years about the toxic psychological impact of media and technology on children, adolescents and young adults, particularly as it regards turning them into faux celebrities—the equivalent of lead actors in their own fictionalized life stories

This part jumped out at me here. I think that a lot of that particular trend really ramped up when myspace blew up. People that had a kajillion "friends" did act like they thought they were superstars.

Then along came places like stickam, a lot of young people became pseudo-porn stars at places like that.

Cameraphones came along, cheaper digital cameras and all kinds of craziness ensued. I am not sure that the craziness would not have happened without cameraphones, but they became notorious for sure, which certainly doesn't help matters any. Example those kids that went around killing the homeless people and videotaping it. Retarded places like...... I forget what it's called, but it has something to do with rap. Also places like comegetyousome where people record and upload street fights, and jumpings.

I am still not sure though, wether any of it is really that much more rampant, or it is just more out there, and easily found, now that everyone and their grandmother has their own video recording devices on them at all times.

At the same time, all of these things, I can name some positive things that came from them as well.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by kozmo

There really is no collective we. What I do is not the same as what my neighbor does, and lightyears different than what someone in the city might be doing.

I dunno, maybe it's just the part of me that has never liked being stuffed into groups or catagories, I never really liked that

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by eliseadh

Seen this all too often, especially with Facebook, competitive women competing in 'my daughters prettier than your daughter' type daily photo barrage accompanied by ''oh they are so amazing'' comments, things like 12 / 13 year olds in full on make up, highlighted hair, high heeled shoes, short skirts, magazine type pseudo sexual poses etc. It isn't nice to see and just as well I have a son as if he was a girl he would be wearing long skirts, no make up and taught that there are proper values more worthy than vanity and becoming a mini adult whilst still a child.

Children should be kept children as much as possible otherwise they are throwing away valuable innocent, formative years of friendships and sport and learning for looking pretty 'impressing' others with how they look.

Lessons in etiquette and formal dressing would be a good idea for schools as well as stricter uniform guidelines.

Obviously this is often media led but parents have to have a certain level of control also.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by misse2miss
Seeing as i am part of this generation you're speaking so little of allow me to defend ourselves.

Seemingly the greatest generation at volunteerism we've ever known, Gen Y doesn't wait until they become financially successful to pay-it-forward, serve those less-fortunate, and mentor. Among Gen Y, social good is organic -- and real-time.

The world economy has been bad for so long, many members of Gen Y haven't personally experienced the "old economy" -- and aren't burdened with bitterness over a pay-cut, a downsize or a job that was outsourced. They know only the workplace reality specific to them... and have nowhere to go but up, with little baggage dragging them down.

Gen Y is known for sharing best practices, self-learning and continuous personal growth. They are unafraid to blog, brainstorm, talk and text about what works... and what doesn't... greatly decreasing the collective human learning curve - and becoming globally competitive as a result. In our economic condition, those are high-demand skills.


I remember when it was common policy to take care of the elderly, at least in the area I was in. Now everyone wants to stick their parents in assisted living and in the nursing home. This is expensive and is a contributing factor to the national debt. I see this ending in the near future. I don't see the "paying forward" as a new thing at all. I used to help older people quite a bit if they asked or if I saw they were struggling. I shoveled out the neighbor for free when I was young, sometimes they gave me a few bucks if they saw me. I didn't even want recognition for this, I did it just to help. To help someone without compensation is good, but only if they need it. Many people take advantage of kindness, I have known quite a few in my life. Fair weather friends that are looking out for themselves. It is hard to tell these kind of people from the real needy, they are good at deceiving people. One way to tell is to ask the neighbors if the people are getting help from others a lot.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

I agree that as far as I can see kids looked after people more in the past. When I was at school, I was a Brownie and got both arms and anywhere else covered in badges, the complete set possible, most of these involved doing something for the community, be it helping an old person for the day, knitting for charity, baking for charity, doing shopping for elderly etc, it was part of the promise. I also attended Church and Sunday school as well as a Playgroup where we held coffee mornings regularly for each of these for charity, including baking the things for sale and serving on the day.

There was a great sense of achievement and community in these activities and sort of a humbling reality check to see how older generations fare. It put things into perspective and this is something the youth of today seems to lack.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 09:38 PM
FAUX "News"?


Bear in mind that these are Right Wingers out to get you to work, so they don't have to.

They're also the ones behind all this Family Values crapola which got us to where we are. People are people and everyone deserves respect. This child worshipping, child centric Propaganda that the Right puts out is what is wrong with society.

There is FAR TOO MUCH focus on Kids and Family. And far too much worship of children.

Plenty of people on this site love to remember "the good old days". OK. In "the good old days" kids were beaten and made to work. And tossed outside and told not to come back until nightfall. You want your "good old days"? LIVE IT THEN.

Who's to blame for the way kids are? PARENTS. And especially the ones who bought into all this Right Wing Child Centric Happy Famblee BS.

You need to keep your kids in your suburban cow pens also. The rest of us don't want to be bothered with them. They're your mess, not ours. Yeah, I know, it sucks to be you, stuck with kids and you're ever so sorry now - but that's your tough luck.

Let that be a lesson as to what happens when you fall for the Right Wing BS. Didn't turn out to be like a Disney movie, did it?

Too bad. So sad. Curb your brats.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:03 PM

"We" meaning "Society". Are you somehow exempt from being a part of the collective "we"?

That is the problem- we have a large segment of the population who doesn't give a damn about society whatsoever, and in fact does everything they can to destroy it, while enriching themselves and creating a nation where a lot of people think that they have no future and society doesn't care about them.

And then people act surprised that we have all these people going psycho. Society has been destroyed by greedy, selfish, heartless lunatics, who, coincidentally, have guaranteed that we are overflowing with guns so any two bit loser can kill dozens of people in a rampage.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by CB328

Bottom line is most people don't give a crap about anything that doesn't impact their own lives personally. I want nothing to do with the "civilizations and societies" that are called cities. So I choose not to live in one, luckily I have that choice for now. I don't give a crap how they choose to live, I only have a problem when they try to pass broad sweeping federal laws that have a negative impact on my way of life.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:28 PM
Youth of today lend me your ear.

Contrary to what most People seem to have been led to believe Everybody is NOT a Star. Very few are Stars. Most of the World's population are the Audience. In fact a great deal of Humanity never even have the opportunity or desire to get to the Theatre.

That's Life.
Deal with it.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by jimmiec
At least someone gets it. With all the talk of guns being to blame for societies issues at least one guy actually explores the true root cause.

Where did he say that this was the true root cause for society issues such as violence ? He never made such statment.

You know, American youth are not the only ones watching reality shows, playing videogames, use Twitter, Facebook etc, they have all those things in Europe aswell, yet no one has ever slaughtered a kindergarden class.
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 11:12 PM

The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.

Know where that quote comes from? Dr. Phil? Dr. Spock? Charles Dickens?

How about Socrates from around 400 BC.

It's the curse of the generations - everyone tries to "undo" the injustice they "perceived" having as a child, and instead sets up a situation where the pendulum swings too far in a different direction. It's all the parent's fault - this is what happens when their "little angels" turn out not to be so "angelic" after all. Combine this with the natural tendency for teenagers to "rebel" as part of their boundary testing, you see that each generation seems to rebel against the "injustices" of the previous one and a nice little pendulum swinging gets going.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by jimmiec

That was a fantastic article!! Thanks

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