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Its yr 5126 not yr 2013, the Gregorian Calender is off. We're even in yr 00001 of new Mayan cycle,

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 12:42 AM
12202012 = 13 written comparison of Gregorian vs Mayan Calenders and then on the next day, 12212012 = the same written dates, or 5125.6 years after the end of the last Mayan Calender, and the Gregorian calender was eventually agreed upon to begin 3114 years B.C. because that is what it was believed to be the Beginning of the Mayan Calender, it should have been 5125 becoming 0 in their mind on the last 5125.6 year cycle that ended on 12212012 also was in 3114 BC and became in written Mayan 00001 so it is not 2012, it is 3114 plus 2012 or 5125 which makes this 5126 or also year one, as the current written date in Mayan Calender form is (20 days after the Winter Solstice 2012.

the Mayan calender compared to the Gregorian is precisely 5125.6 years long or 13 Baktun so in 3114 BC they were actually at year 0 year zero or rather 0001. which was 3114 years BC plus 2012 years , which ended at 5125.6 years long when their calender restarts to year 0 which occurred 12/21/2012 last year. So we are 5125.6 years from the beginning now, right at year 0, after exactly 5125 years, one Mayan cycle length of years which ended and began with the sun being in the center of the big rift in the milky way galaxy which they call the tree of life, on the last winter solstice, in the sky, since it was agreed upon to base the year on the beginning of the Mayan calender, you would call 3144 BC actually the beginning of the Mayan calender because it was, but it was year 1.

Since then we are in year 5126 that is actually year one in the new cycle, and the beginning of years was not negative 3114 BC, it was positive 3114 from 0001 AD, (3114 years passed counting backwards to 0) meaning year 3114 and our 2012 make it 5125.6 again last year, making it year 1 as there is no year 5126 (it has been 5126 years since the beginning/end of the last Mayan Baktun or calender period, and so really from 0001 AD we agree that 2012 years have passed and we are in year 2013, well also counting the 3114 years to BC that adds up to 5125.6 years, as you round up into the next year,the calender begins and ends at once becoming year 00001. We are in year one. Or we could choose to call it not year two thousand and thirteen but year five thousand one hundred and twenty six.

Mayan calender it starts back at 00001 and 0001 (this incorrectly, year 0001 AD was actually year 3115) to have been 2012 years ago, but that was actually year 3114 and you ad our 2012 years you get l 5125.6 year cycle of the Mayan calender in what we call 3144 years of time before BC when WE started over at 0001 but lets face it, its actually been EXACTLY 5125.6 years since 3114 BC to now, or 5125.6 years past the last beginning and end of the Mayan calender , but since the Mayan calender actually ended in 2012, it really ended in year 5125.6 and since they wanted to base the Gregorian calender on the guesstimated beginning of the Mayan calender they were year 0001 in 3114 BC, and we were in 5125 just last year, and there is no 5126 , we are in year one , its 01/01/0001 , we are in year 1, on the Mayan calender on December 22 2012 the Mayan calender read 00001.

It is indefensible that the Gregorian calender was decided to be based on the beginning of the Mayan calender, then the beginning year was in fact 5126 years ago and that actually was the beginning of the Mayan calender, and began as it had before again at zero or rather year one, which is how it is accounted for that 5 plus .07 of these cycles pass (and that every 26000 years these 5 cycles completed a circle and started over) and we just passed the end, we went from 5125.6 years to 0 which they called year 1 not zero. so it has been 5125.6 years since the last restart of the Mayan calender, and 2012 years since 0001 AD and 3114 BC does not count backwards, again, it goes forward, so it was year one, 0001 not -3114 , and there for we just passed year 5125.6 which lined up precisely with what the Mayans said was in the sky this past 12/21/2012, but at year 5126 you would call it year 0001, A great link below shows the planets lined up in the sky as compared to our Sun on the Mayans end date.

we can say that according to the Mayan calender, which we set out to line up with, that we are actually in year 5126 of time since 3114 BC, but that we will claim this great important date with a fresh start, and change the current year in history to year 0001 or to think further that we are 1/2 way through their 26000 year calender, the same case could be made to choose to call it also what it actually is, year 13001 in their full circle 26000 year calender This year happens to line up perfectly not only with the cycle of our own Sun as compared to its place in the Milky Way, but with their beliefs on the beginning to Mankind achieving a Golden Age of spiritual peace and prosperity in the next coming 13000 years, after a 13000 year decline in these areas

Would we dare say year 13000 rather than starting the 5126 over to 0001, because that is a long time in the future whether they choose to start over at 5126 or call int 18126 in another 5126 years ending another full cycle of the Mayan Calender. Its year 0001 if we want, or its year 13001, but it isn't 2012.

some good references about the Mayan calender mathematics and astrology below

Mayan Calender Explained in 360s

Astronomy of Mayan Calender on last winter Solstice

In summation we are more truly in the Gregorian sense, in year 0001, year 5126 or year 13001 when based on the beginning of the Mayan Calender, based on the date of 12/21/2012 and the planets not only Venus and Mars, but Mercury and Pluto in plain sight of this same center Galatic Rift, and if you have read this post as well as the links technically you have just traveled forward and backward in time if you to think this makes sense, until we change the date to something that is really based on the Gregorian calender, not on the birth of someone, but on what the accepted Gregorian calender is claimed to be based off, an accurate accounting for the beginning of the Mayan Calender, time, in most physical equations is not yet defined unequivocally. The links have pictures if that helps also.
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 12:50 AM
Thank you ever so much.

My head is now throbbing!!!

Seriously though...........thanks

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 12:55 AM
Would you mind explaining when year 0 and year 1 begin and end, and why?

thank you in advanced

Just to clarify:

I'm alluding to the notion of importance to attributing a number to rotations around an axis, a wobble, and the sun?

What significance is there in this discussion, to be frank?
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by AlchemistSwami

The Mayan calender is based on the planet Venus. The end of this calender calculates Earths alignment and position at the visual alignment center of our Galaxies Dark Rift...a massive area of gas that surrounds the outer arms of our spiral Galaxy.

This is visually only as Earths actual alignment with this Dark Rift has already occurred many thousands of years ago and we are looking back in time at the light or lack of of this surrounding gas cloud.

The current calender we use that has us in the year 2013 is off plus or minus 125 years. This is so because our calendar starts with the birth of event whos date was not specifically known due to the loss of this information because of the violent treatment of Christians by the Roman Empire.

Our calendar was not created until over 300 years had passed and Christs birth was estimated.

Split Infinity

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 01:03 AM
Yup you had b.c.e and c.e you roughly get the real date
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 01:09 AM
If i could give you a star I would. This is the most intelligent thing I have heard since the failed doomsday prediction. Lets just hope ISON doesn't turn out to be Nibiru and we were a year or so out

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by retirednature

there is an extra year in the math 2011 years and 3114 years not 2012 because there is no year 0000 BC or 0000 AD there was 0001 BC and 0001 AD based on the Gregorian Calender

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by DarknStormy

Thank You. Then according to my summation I edited a moment ago you have possibly traveled forward and backward and forward in time just now.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 01:42 AM
It's year 4,54?,???,??? actually. 5126, 2013, it doesn't matter. Neither really mean anything, it's just to keep track.
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