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Pratt&Whitney eclipses GE's lead in the 70-120 seat market

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 10:23 PM
P&W has eclipsed GE's lead in the 70-120 seat large regional jet market, after Embraer chose the PW1700G geared turbofan for the E-175, and the PW1900G for the E-190/195. This is the first time that the geared turbofan has won against GE or the CFM International/Snecma pairing. Boeing wouldn't even allow the geared turbofan to be bid against the LEAP-1B for the 737 Max.

Prior to this GE had a near monopoly in the market with aircraft this size. They only lost out on the Sukhoi SuperJet, and the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. The SuperJet is powered by PowerJet SaM 146, and the Regional Jet by PW1200G (which will be the starting point for the PW1700G).

With its landmark selection by Embraer to power the second-generation E-Jet, Pratt & Whitney has nearly eliminated General Electric's once dominant position as a propulsion supplier in the large regional jet segment.

P&W will supply the PW1700G geared turbofan for the 76-seat E-175 and the PW1900G for the 90-120 seat E-190/E-195 family, with deliveries starting in late 2015, says Bob Saia, P&W vice president for the next-generation production family.

"We're very pleased - ecstatic," Saia says.

P&W's emotional response is not surprising. Prior to Embraer's selection, the geared turbofan had been selected by three new platforms and the Airbus A320neo, which is based on a platform that also uses a partially P&W-sourced engine.


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