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The Four That Haunt Me

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 08:29 PM
I may have a thread with similar information but this is an update and conclusion to that thread if it even exists.

Well it all began about 3 years ago, it was 9/11/10 my birthday my girlfriend and i were walking the woods around 8pm. I took her out to my neighbors 7-10 acre pond, it was extremely foggy for some odd reason. I asked her if she ever seen the back trail she said no, so i took her towards the back trail and while we walking we heard something stomping and thrashing in the woods. I was honestly freaked out but we kept going, so we approach the path and she freezes. She is just standing still staring at something, i keep asking her whats wrong whats wrong but she wouldn't answer.

This is the point where all hell broke loose, she said i think we should leave. so we were walking back to the entrance when we both just started seeing these huge shadow figures. We are running at this point because we are seeing them running all over the place, when we got to the gate i asked her what she saw (shes sensitive to Spirits and the such.) she said she seen a man, yelling at us saying " your not welcomed here get out now!"

So we brush it off, the next day though i went out there alone confronting whatever was out there to leave us alone. I know the land owner and i was shouting this along with adding we have a right to walk these woods, well i might as well have been poking a bear with a stick. As soon as i said it and started walking home, there was a sudden change to the woods, the birds were going absolutely crazy. I began hearing loud thumping foot steps in the woods next to me, the birds are cawing and flying away. I was approaching my paintball field when out no where this orb whizzes by my head, i was sitting out there listening to the footsteps.

Things didn't start getting weird until two weeks later when i was in the basement on the couch with my cat. I was on my laptop doing whatever i was doing at the time, my cat was laying next to me
I then heard foot steps slowly coming down the stairs. Thump....thump....thump....thump my cats eyes were bugging out, no one was home so i was dumbfounded. A week later i was laying on my bed with my girlfriend starring at the ceiling, she
Asked me "whats that black and red blob on your ceiling? I said what blob? " you don't see that blob on your ceiling?!" I was like no.

I began feeling horrible depression and anger for no reason, i was afraid to be in my own home. I would go in the woods or see my girlfriend at her house, anything to stay away from go so bad to where i just shouted out loud at the top of my lungs: GET THE # OUT OF MY HOUSE YOUR NOT WELCOMED HERE GET LOST!!! The activity stopped for a awhile, i originally thought the spirit was a former landowner of the woods from a description my girlfriend and the current land owner gave. Nothing big happened until she started going to a cult like religious school.

Im not going to go far into personal details about our near break up over religion, ( everyone in that school said i was going to hell for my beliefs.) shes a christian and i am a Heathen (Asatru). Well something was following her at that school something dark was influencing a lot of the girls there to try to commit suicide. her and her friends were sitting in the main lobby of the dorm when they seen a black misty figure walking across the hallway. Some was following her for a long time and still may be following her.

Nothing then happened until last year in November, i took her on a walk in the nature preserve thats right next to my neighbors land. She was standing still again like that night in the woods, she was getting weak in the legs to i helped her back to the car and we left. I will never forget what happened later that night, shewas laying on my bed staring at my ceiling and her eyes roll back and she starts laughing in this horrible voice! It was not her voice and i rushed down stairs for help and when my mom and i came up stairs she was sitting up dumbfounded. I will tell you now, she has never seen me cry in the 5 years we have been togather.

I sought for help from my friend (whos my ex) for help since shes dealt with the paranormal her whole life. Its really strange how this all happened, she put together what happened and traced it back to her,because the night i sought her help it visited her and she knew. This was a demon that haunted her for 5 long years i knew something big was about to happen.

Before her and i started dating she used to play with Ouija boards, the board one day told her she would be a mother very soon and it freaked her out so bad she stopped.she said goodbye nothing happened,Her and i broke up and a year later her ex gets her pregnant! Her ex is a real piece of trash, he's a hardcore satanist ( not all of them are bad in my view) but he is filth, he has something really bad attached to him to this day they call Behemoth which i believe visited me in a dream.

Well they never got along what so ever so she left him, and he was angry
So he went to her house and scribbled something on her window and thats how the demon came into our lifes. She has told me this demon is supposedly a very high ranking demon that is said to be the right hand of Lucifer and he goes by several names, Zoel being his favorite.

He tormented her for 5 long years before she could get rid of him, he had no one else to torment or corrupt so he came to me to get to my girlfriend to get back at my friend. It's all very complex and confusing, he couldn't harm her so he came to me, Along with Zoel came 3 other demons a very low ranking (peasant) demon whos name is Gnarth (DO NOT SAY HIS NAME HE'S A LEEPER!) and two female demons who's names i cannot remember. For the past 2 1/2 months they have been tormenting me daily filling me with anger and sorrow.

I was relieved of some torment when i was given an exorcism by my friends husbands sister who's a medium. It was a very strange and powerful experience, she reached to shake my hand and immediately locked tight onto my hand, then she started screaming at me, at which point they all said i was growling at her. i have memory of this it felt like i was being influenced to growl, she then got in my name and shouted at Gnarth, then my friend, her husband and the medium and held hands around me and started praying. Now the medium is not exactly a christian because she follows all forms of belief so lets just call her a shaman, but i felt like a weight was being lifted from my shoulders and the wind was howling madly ( it was done outside.) after they preformed the exorcism you could see a black shadow running away, i felt like my bubbly old self again.

After the ritual the medium gave me a celtic protection amulet that i must wear, they cannot harm me while i wear it. However they can and are still testing me for weak points. The night after the ritual i seen one of the female demons in my dreams, she looked like a elf pale yellow skin and huge black eyes. I will never forget those eyes, they are still in our realm im almost positive they are still in the woods. I have since gone in the woods and have exited full of unexplainable fury, i refuse to go back out there until i came take the medium out there to send them back from which they came.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 08:54 PM
Regardless of what many will say in disbelief... I see that you're dealing with very dangerous negative entities. That amulet & the exorcism won't be enough to hold them back if you don't find something more substantial to steel yourself with. I'll not judge you or preach a long tale, but I do believe that you must heed any warnings that people will give here that are wholeheartedly done out of care & concern for your mind, soul, & spirit.

While reading about the four, I had strange images of each. They can't hide forever behind shadow & terror. They'll meet a fiery end soon enough & you need not fear their reign of horror against you & those you care about. Seek out the true light & it will burn away that which cannot stand against it.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 09:26 PM
i wish i didnt read this.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 09:43 PM
I should also add my girlfriend told me once she called me because I was texting strange things and she said the voice was not mine and she demanded whatever was inside tell her its name and it said Gnarth. That's how we got his name. I have absolutely no memory of this what so ever, she wouldn't lie about this. Gnarth is a Guard to what Christianity calls hell, It is a petty job but with it comes powers. He can open and close the gate and let things out at his will.
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 03:49 AM
Good story.

But, It should be posted in the grey area forum, with all of the other stories.

I enjoyed the read but theres too many inconsistencies to make it a credible circumstance.
Call me a skeptic but that's how I feel.
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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 05:35 AM

i refuse to go back out there until i came take the medium out there to send them back from which they came.

Nothing adds up in your post. You say that your girlfriend is a Christian, yet she obviously has no faith, knows not the scriptures nor the power of God. First, when one is filled with the Holy Spirit one has no fear for the Spirit within them is greater than all and all is subject to that Spirit. And yet, she flees from a shadow saying that? The Holy Spirit would command authority OVER that other spirit. One indwelled by Our Holy God would denounce and shun all practices of divination and sorcery....yet your supposedly Christian girlfriend tolerates you seeking mediums and such? Nonsense. The Holy Spirit would be convicting you of your evil ways and convicting her of having anything to do with such things. She sees these spirits and they command her, therefore she is not indwelled by the Spirit of God.

Secondly, can you not see that your practices and interests do nothing but keep you in fear and slavery? Yet you feel that such practices will somehow deliver you? Somehow your experiences have led you to believe lies as truth.
Your interest obviously has always been in the paranormal and occult. If you believe that ghosts are "real ghosts", any experience such as seeing a shadow man will lead you to conclude that it is a "ghost". Your experience and senses give you the needed evidence to prove what amounts to be a lie. You prove a lie to be a truth. If your girlfriend would crack open scripture instead of being fascinated with seeing spirits and taking long walks at night in the foggy woods, she might come to understand this concept.

Flee from evil - that is the command of Our God. It means have NOTHING to do with it. That is what a Christian would counsel you. The fact is, you do a 180 and wonder why on earth you are experiencing these things. Jesus left His Own with PEACE, and the fact that you have none of it should make you want to open that Bible with your girlfriend and perhaps choose the way of the wise instead of the foolish.

You reap what you sow. A very truthful statement that even an atheist or pagan can sometimes acknowledge.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by Surtur

Surtur, the solution to your problem is really very simple. First of all you need to establish yourself some boundaries. It is obvious that at the current time, you are not fully aware of what you're dealing with. Secondly your girlfriend is also unaware. In your house, you need to establish that you do not want negative entities bothering you. We all have the power to drive them away for the most part. Love and truth. These 2 things they hate.

You need to acknowledge there is one true God, regardless of what you think his name is etc. You then place your faith in God and with his love, you drive them away. Do not allow your gf to come into your home bringing negativity. Pray for her and with her and command all evil things to leave. I have never encountered anything of such power yet, but I have read there are some which only depart through fasting and praying. This is from the bible, but there are shamans who have said the same. I believe those sorts are usually something to do with deep addictions etc.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 09:36 AM
I'm from Norway and I follow the teachings of our Allfather. You definitively need some more dragons in your life. In ancient churches and longboats from the viking-era we used dragon-heads to ward off bad stuff. We called them wyrms, though. Some dragon-heads here and there won't hurt. Also, seems like you attracted the attention of the people that live underground. As a pagan you can talk to those. This also means that they might bother you if they feel you did something against them. You must understand that they live in a world that has to be separate from the human world. For the sake of balance it's best that way. This is something you should have realized by now. Give them a sacrifice of some food. I think you know where to present your sacrifice. Go to the woods and stop when the bird tells you. After all, they are the messengers of the Gods. You might feel pure terror when you're in the woods, this is only natural. After you made your sacrifice it will be better. Asking Odin might be a bit dangerous. You can call him with some blood and a twig. Slice the twig into pieces, soak it in animal blood and throw it to reveal the runes. That is how you talk to Odin. I don't think you are at good terms with Helgrind yet. He's the keeper of Helheim. Let's hope your dragon-heads wards him off. Find your patron-God and make a sacrifice asking for their aid. Wear their amulet. Thor has always been the most popular God. Both a warrior and a giver of weather he worked really well for Vikings. Avoid Loke, though. He's just a trickster that is never up to any good. Plenty of other Gods to choose from.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 03:06 PM
]Originally posted by WhoKnows100
"Nothing adds up in your post. You say that your girlfriend is a Christian, yet she obviously has no faith, knows not the scriptures nor the power of God. First, when one is filled with the Holy Spirit one has no fear for the Spirit within them is greater than all and all is subject to that Spirit."

Let me clarify this, She is a strong believer in her God, She is stronger in spirit than I am She warded off these entities when she shouted "I am a child of God you will do no harm to me!" I don't know where you get she has no faith or knowledge about god which is the complete opposite of what she is, I have no problems with what she believes in and she has no problems with what I believe in. that school she went to was trying to brainwash her that I was evil and not good for her, She has had no problems since she confront whatever was following her. I refuse help from the church for all they have done for me in the past was force they're beliefs down my throat when I was young.

I don't know what I am going to do or whats going to happen, but I will not give in to these entities, I believe in a higher power and in ways I feel not one religion can describe it properly. I do not worry about the afterlife because I am not a bad person, I don't care whats out there wither it be Odin,Jesus/God, Mohammad, a giant spaghetti monster I don't care . Whatever it is that I meet in the next life i will be cool with it.
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