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the UN in joint operation at gun point is forcing Brazilians off land...agenda21 is happening

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 12:52 PM
article posted yesterday
truly sad
i know we have some pro-un members who will try to dis-info this
but please explain why a government operation in joint with it's military allow...un insignia's to be worn if not behind this...explain that before you go saying this or that
so yeah
disarmed rural Brazilians are being forced off their land
homes and property being destroyed
my guess is...this is a peek in on what's next for the usa
first they disarm us...then agenda21 takeover is on

to those pro-UN who always claim...there is no they when referencing the UN
i post this lil treat too
they do exist
not only do they exist but did you know who is sitting on the chair of the UN security counsil

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