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Criminal Element - The Rise and Fall of Crime Correlated Very Closely to Lead In the Air

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 12:43 PM
New research indicates a very strong correlation with lead in the air per gas exhausts and with crime.

Not just Direct correlation but the rate of rise and of rate of fall crime with lead as well.
This means it is just not a random correlation.Furthermore this is a state by state,country by country,world wide correlation as well.

"They studied six US cities that had both good crime data and good lead data going back to the '50s, and they found a good fit in every single one. In fact, Mielke has even studied lead concentrations at the neighborhood level in New Orleans and shared his maps with the local police. "When they overlay them with crime maps," he told me, "they realize they match up."

A fascinating article explains in detail.You will much wiser after reading it and need to be aware of how lead effects you and your children and their future.

"Maps by Karen Minot put all this together and you have an astonishing body of evidence. We now have studies at the international level, the national level, the state level, the city level, and even the individual level. Groups of children have been followed from the womb to adulthood, and higher childhood blood lead levels are consistently associated with higher adult arrest rates for violent crimes. All of these studies tell the same story: Gasoline lead is responsible for a good share of the rise and fall of violent crime over the past half century"

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 12:46 PM
Excessive exposure to lead was linked to the downfall of the Roman empire too.

A basic hypothesis would be that lead can alter foetal and infant development, this leads to a lower average IQ, lower IQ correlates with lower income brackets, lower income brackets are more conducive to producing environments in which crime can thrive.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 01:01 PM
Just read your title.Got me thinking the White house is old,must be full of lead paint.


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