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And then I read...

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 09:41 PM
My connection to the Net has begun again.
I do a search on Google to find a book that I was introduced into a LONG time ago. (Long time in my years.) I find several sites related to the subject in that book and go exploring. The book is called "Behold, A Pale Horse".
And then I read...
I began reading for HOURS on end about chemtrails. I save stuff. I read stuff. I add sites to my favorites - this being one, of course. I join a group of believers and read what they say and click on the links they provide. I read some more. My fascination w/ the subject grows.
Of course, you have to read what the skeptics/debunkers/scientists/GB administration (lol) has to say. It, too, is interesting reading. Not being sure on the subject and what to believe, I turn my interests in a new direction.
The Illuminati. And then I read...
This I took w/ a grain of salt, or maybe a little more, and became a little wary - just as the chemtrails made me a little wary.
I read and read and read some more. Searching and clicking my way through the multiples of info and dis-info. What was real? Is what I feel, my wariness real, based on some underlying truth?
Off and on I read a little about the war, politics, scandals and the like. There's so much heated discussion on all of that and so many widespread lies from the gov't and about the gov't that there really is no way of proving who did or started what. Just a feeling.
Then I read about the overwhelming number of skeptics. Wow. Now they know all the 'facts'. Some of them prove some valid points and it makes me feel sorry for those who believe in the conspiracies of the world because there is no way of proving ANY of these now is there?!
So, all in all, I'm still open to the learning process. It takes alot to debunk my beliefs, as should be the case (and is) for most. Reading and believing what s/one posts should also lead to following up on the skeptics. You will learn more than you initially sought for.
Oh, I also read that Google has become an unreliable source as some of the sites that used to come up on a search have been removed. So I've added two new search pages to my favorites and have recently begun exploring the differences in the searches.
Just another belief.
Just another opinion.


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