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same old same old

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 04:52 AM
here yet again another dodgy shooting .where have i seen this before dunblane in scotland where a gordon hamilton with strange links to the upper class butchers 22 children & teachers in the 1990s it led to the gun grab in the uk was tony blair & gordon brown covering up something when a 100 year gagging order was placed on the files thats 100 years not the normal 30 year period ??? ambulance crew reported that no way could he have committed suicide as reported but what do they know ? and the rumors of gordon being used to supply children for the KIDDIE FIDDLERS CLUB just rumors eh ....

the AMITY VILLE SHOOTINGS ? first thing that the picture of the shooter sandy hooks reminds me of was a picture of the shooter at amity ville house where 2 adults & 4 children all lay in their beds still as one of the noisiest shotguns was fired multiple times on a quiet night in suburbia ? as they say the EYES have it ??? nothing to see hear lets move along .

james holmes case the eyes have it again on that one nothing to see folks lets move along ????

sandy hook ?? no KIDDIE FIDDLERS in that area eh ? an autistic vegan goes on the rampage nothing whatsoever weird about this story ? the fact it is alleged that postings were going up before it happened on social sites no videos of cctv no injured flesh wounds nothing to see boys & girls and all those in between move along in the words of a welsh band [ IF YOU TOLERATE THIS THEN YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT ] woops they were eh my 2c what do you good folk think

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