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Potassium Iodide, The Thyroid Gland, Fluoride, and The Obesity Conspiracy.

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posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by dogstar23

RESPONSE TO dogstar23 -
[And more comments]

Water filtration:
Distilled water could still have certain toxins/pollutants in it because of the evaporation temperatures of various toxins, and fluoride is one that is near water.
Reverse Osmosis is a membrane that allows ONLY H2O through, hence its the best. I always use the 4-6 stage filter machines nearby for my drinking water.
One doctor I read stated that you should drink only pure water, but NOT shower in pure water.
Pure water takes away minerals, which is bad for your skin, but good for your insides, as long as you dont fast while drinking only water.
It is necessary to drink juices or eat natural foods to replace the minerals the pure H2O takes out.
Pure H2O I think would be 'hard water', and would dry your skin, leaving it more susceptible to infections.
That outer (cellular) layer is your first and primary immune system.

If you were near a nuclear explosion, there are really only three dangers:
The first light which can burn your eyes if you see the explosion directly or vaporize you (images show this)...
The blast/shock wave that can knock you down or shatter your body...
And the DUST, which is the radioactive material you must not breath or consume.
A hole in the ground can save you from the first two, and a gas mask or other breathing filter (even wet cloth) and careful soil management (for food growing, avoiding the dust) can save you from the last one.

From what I have read hear so far (on that chart of Iodine amounts, experiences, etc.), it seems clear that Seaweed has hundreds of times more Iodine than other sources, and much more than salt, so that is by FAR the best source.
Processing destroys certain things in the seaweed (probably the B-17 Vitamin in this case, and others), which causes it to be harmful, perhaps because of arsenic in it (Again, the B-17, which drops one arsenic atom only into dysfunctional cells, killing the cancerous cell).
It seems clear that sea weed should be a dietary staple for everyone with any health problems on that list like obesity, thyroid, and a lot of other issues. I am sure there are ways to get it fresh, and figure out how to make it enjoyable to eat.
Seaweed might be something easy to grow in an aquarium too (or big barrels of water, ponds maybe).

Rife Frequencies:
Can we get a link to a source for the Rife frequencies, and any proof they are the correct ones?
By combining more than one frequency, you can resonate with a certain molecule. It is best done with electrical fields, such as those made by the violet Tesla plasma tube Rife used.
The 'absorption' frequencies cause bonding, and the 'emission frequencies' of a molecule cause breaking.
By finding that signature which is unique to a target molecule, you can kill all of a single species, or specific individual in the fluctuating field.
Is it now clear why this technology is so useful, and so very dangerous?
In Jesse Ventura's show 'Conspiracy Theory' they show the very real microwave technology used currently to effect our minds, and in an episode on HAARP he showed another technology, which could be used to do many terrible things to us all, our weather, or any species or individual or region or thing on or outside of Earth.
Technology is a beautiful, and very dangerous thing.

ALL compounds of Fluoride tested caused harm. Many causes leukemia in lab animals. All forms of Fluoride are apparently damaging to cells.
I read in one post our bodies can use it somehow, and that would have to be like the Arsenic atom in the B-17 vitamin: totally enclosed, the toxic atom can be made useful to the cells instead of deadly.

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by harleyborgais

The Geometry to understand molecular bonds comes from Sacred Geometry, Five platonic solids and crystalline structures, etc.. These have only a few basic forms, and all existing forms of all things come from the re-iterating of these basic forms (triangles, squares, pentagons, circles).
This is the fractal, mandelbrot, self-interfering, complex, reiterating equation that forms existence.
Star of David, Flower of life, Egg of life, seed of life, tree of life, fruit of life, metatrons cube, these are the Sacred Geometric forms. From those come the triangles (star of david), the squares and pentagons (metatrons cube), and circles (from spinning one of those shapes formed between the bonds between particles).
There are only a few basic possiblilties, which are repeated endlessly in patterns, which turns a finite form into infinite possibilities.
Creation goes through seven phases:
1.Purity/Innocence, the first simple form.
2.Division/Multiplication variation
3.Selection of good/beneficial to bad/harmful
4.Crucifiction. Getting rid of the bad forms
5.Variation. A return to new variations of the form, but now all are beneficial to the whole (the pattern of creation).
6.Combination. Now the different forms begin to combine.
7.Unity - Purity and singularity again. Equilibrium, perfection, non-changing form, becomes the start of the next phase.

We are now about to crucify the bad elements (bank fraud/debt slavery/government for commercial profits) in Human Society that are causing all our major problems, and then the world will become a much healthier and better place to live.

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 12:44 AM
You said:

Originally posted by new_here
I want my food supply left alone. I want my water left alone. I want my air left alone. I want to be able to trust those higher-ups who are making decisions that directly impact my quality of life. Why is it that these things, which are rightfully ours, seem more and more the stuff of fairy tales?

Why is there epidemic disease and wars when we know how to cure all disease with balanced natural diets and stop all wars with fair judicial methods (courts, laws of the lands, representatives elected by those represented, etc.)???

Google and read the following oaths and perhaps you will understand, and if you want me to answer more, I will do so...

Oath of; Pope, Jesuit, Cardinal, Roman Catholic Priest, Priest, Illuminati, Freemason (Google book: 'light on masonry')....
Then look at some good examples from our US Constitution: (All start with 'Oath of United States...')... Army, President, Judge, Jury, and see in the Constitution where ever the word 'oath' appears.

For the names of the bad guys causing all of this for their own personal gain (control is the one thing above profit, because they now own and control most of the 'money'), see this site:
The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Morgans, Rockefellers, Lehman, Lazard Bros, Goldman and Sachs, are some of those doing this to us. The higher 13 ruling family names I dont remember yet, but they are on that website.

This all seems to have started about 4,000 years ago (at the most recent), in Babylon, and is that imaginary thing called 'The Beast' in the bible.
I will give more answers upon request. (harleyborgais at gmail dat com)

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by harleyborgais

Thanks for the additional information added Harley. I wasn't aware that you still got on ATS anymore. I will most definitely look into the B-17 molecule. I have a friends mother who was just diagnosed with cancer and I sent her some information about soursop fruits. I wonder if there is a connection between those two?

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by WiseThinker

They keep asking about sources, when that chart shows that less than an ounce of seaweed is a days supply!

posted on Jan, 15 2013 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by Merinda
Do you know for sure that due to the atomic weight fluoride displaces iodine? Are people haunted by obesite whom do no overeat, whom only eat between 2000 and 3000 kcal a day?

Fluoride is less massive, so it is odd it would displace Iodine.
I too would like to know how we can be sure Iodine is displaced by less massive chlorine, fluorine, and bromine.
I was guessing on a couple reasons why this seemingly opposite situation could exist.

posted on Jan, 16 2013 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by VeritasAequitas
reply to post by 59demon

Thanks for posting in; I would love to hear how you are doing once you start the regime. My only worries is to make sure you don't have any allergies to Iodine. I know one person that does personally, but then again I am not sure how common that is. It's like finding people allergic to water...

My research tells me that allergies are caused by imbalance in the body chemistry, or lack of certain bacterias in the intestine. Note, that digestion continues to occur in the blood stream, and so allergens may irritate cells because of a lack of digestive enzymes in the blood, which would be lacking because of one of those two causes.

I would suggest, that the only way someone can be allergic to iodine, is if there was way too many molecules in their cells where the iodine was replaced by elements such as fluorine from tap water or bromine from bread, Gatorade, and other sources.

If that is the case, then even a person allergic to iodine (or anything else that most people are not allergic to), it should be possible to gradually condition their cells (with a healthy, balanced, complete, natural diet), so that their allergy vanishes.

posted on Jan, 16 2013 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by harleyborgais

Calories are molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These include sugars, fats, and probably others I have not yet learned about. Red muscle cells use the sugars, they hold for longer time spans, and are not as strong as the white muscle cells. The white muscle cells use fats, they function only in quick pulses, and they are far stronger as a result, than red muscle cells. This is why the 'one inch punch' as demonstrated by Bruce Lee is so devastating, as it uses the quick pulse white muscle cells and fats (like diesel), compared to the average punch by any boxer using more of the red muscle cells and sugars (more like gasoline).

Counting calories is not nearly as important as counting the balance of nutrients, the Ph (which really should be alkaline, over 7.0), and most of all, removing and avoiding the toxins like processed, preserved, and gene modified foods.

Preservatives really are toxins that kill single celled organisms to 'preserve', and they have a toxic effect on our cells too.

Processing foods turns good molecules like into toxins, like:
-B-17 vitamin which has one atom of arsenic, and normally only releases it to kill dysfunctional cells...
-Fat molecules become toxic when they are saturated or hydrogenated (fully coated in hydrogen, so they are not useful), or when they are damaged (even a slight change in the angle on one bond in a long chain fat molecule makes it a trans fat which is not useful, and damaging to the cells)...
-Microwaves break the hydrate (Hydrogen and Oxygen) molecules, which can create some toxins...
-The many broken molecules when used by the cells to make proteins, enzymes, etc., produce cancerous DNA, bad cholesterol that clogs arteries, and more...
-Acids created by all these things harden the soft tissues, cause veins to crack and bleed internally, allowing infections to get into places they shouldnt, and other effect...

And the gene modified foods alter you DNA, your Organs change, and they cause a wide variety of cancerous growths in your intestines and other cells in the body.

All drugs are chemical compounds, which dont exist in nature, are man made, and they all damage cells because cells have not learned though evolution to use these new molecules without leaving harmful left over byproducts called free radicals or ions (which are the central cause of all diseases, btw).

All pills or other processed molecules suffer from this problem, and it is very difficult and rare to make any pill that has molecules in their natural form, because the very act of making them into powder and compressed pill form damages the larger, more complex molecules.

The whole point of the circle of life, is that higher life forms like us, get the more complex molecules from healthy plants and animals, which our cells cannot produce. We cannot (for example) metabolize elements or molecules from the Earth, as plants do, but rather, we need plants to make more complex molecules (in a healthy way), so our cells can use them.

These are the reasons why only natural foods can cure without harmful side effects, and why all drugs cause harm.
The only applications for drugs (chemical compounds) are emergency uses (never long term), such as antibiotics, antitoxin, antivenom, pain relievers, etc., where the harm causes is much less than the benefit.

Any long term use medicine, really should be natural foods, and never chemicals (drugs).

posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

Excellent thread as usual, VeritasAequitas! There is so much they are doing to suppress and undermine well being and good health. It is really disgusting.

Potassium Iodine can be found in Strawberries, Kelp and lots of veggies. Not sure if that is the same as Potassium Iodide?

KELP: Because seawater has high iodine content, all seafood is a rich source of iodine. Kelp, the most common edible seaweed, is a vegetable that provides lots of iodine. It may be purchased dried in Asian grocery stores where it is sometimes called kombu, or it is available fresh from specialty stores. Dried kelp requires soaking in water before use; it is a good addition to a salad, or it may be cooked and served as a side vegetable.

Strawberries: Any fruit grown in iodine-containing soil will incorporate some of the iodine and provide iodine to the diet. Although all fruits usually provide some iodine, strawberries tend to take up lots of the element are are particularly rich sources. Medline Plus lists 150 micrograms of iodine as the minimum daily requirement for an adult man or woman. An average serving of strawberries will provide about 10 percent of this requirement.

Veggies: Vegetables also take up iodine from the soil. In particular, soybeans, potatoes with skin, Swiss chard and turnip greens are very good sources of iodine. Other vegetables such as legumes, which include peas and various types of beans, corn and cruciform vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower also incorporate iron from the soil. Iodine is resistant to heat so cooking does not reduce the amount provided by these vegetables.


I have not read all the posts in this thread so please pardon me if it has already been posted. I think that we should turn to mother nature more than what we should turn to prepacked bottles of minerals and vitamins as mother nature presets it to us in live form and in perfect balance.

To me it always boils down to one thing: simplify the stuff we eat, turn to nature in its purest form and heal!!!

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 06:39 AM
I also would like to share the following article on why Selenium and Iodine are important as a combination:

If a person has hyperT, then it looks like taking selenium without iodine will result in a decrease in production of T4 (although there may be an initial transient increase in T4 to T3 conversion and hence higher T3). I would suggest to start with a small amount of selenium methionine (about 50 mcg) and gradually increase it. I cannot see any way that thyroid function can be normalized without selenium. For hypos the important message is that a selenium deficiency may cause an iodine deficiency, so that even though you are taking iodine you may not be assimilating it unless selenium is also being taken. This would explain how people can have iodine deficiencies even though salt and many foods have iodine added. Supplement with both iodine and selenium. I would recommend starting with 100 mcg of selenium and one kelp tablet and gradually work up to 400-600 mcg of selenium and 2-4 tablets of kelp. [Note from the Green Willow Tree: Our research indicates that there is an upper safety limit of 400 mcg./day for selenium, and we do not recommend taking more than that amount. Also, kelp is extremely high in iodine, which is good for the short term. However, excess iodine consumption long term can actually depress thyroid function. Dulse, bladderwrack, and Irish moss--the seaweeds found in Thyodine--are safer, in our opinion, for long term use.]

I think one lesson from studying the interactions of selenium and iodine is that the interrelationships between minerals are very complicated. Supplementing with one or two can cause further problems. You have to make sure that you correct every deficiency. Health is built from a chain of nutrients and, like a chain, health cannot be accomplished if one nutrient is missing. Sometimes it's complicated putting the chain back together without running into problems (like supplementing with either selenium or iodine, but not both), but every deficiency has to be corrected.

And here's another articles discussing studies done on selenium on people with hashimoto's, the thyroid autoimmune disease:

The first study from Crete was published in the 2007 Thyroid Journal. This study reported a 21 % reduction in TPO antibodies after one year of selenomethionine supplements (200 mcg per day). Selenium electron shell, Hashimotos Thyroid TPO antibodies.
A second study from Germany from the 2002 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed a 40 % reduction in antibody levels after selenium supplementation with 9 of 36 (25%) patients completely normalizing their antibody levels.
A third study done in Turkey by Omer Turker et al. was published in the 2006 Journal of Endocrinology. They showed a 30% decrease in anti-thyroid antibodies after three months of L-selenomethionine supplementation at 200 mcg per day in women with Hashimotos thyroiditis. The starting average TPO antibodies of 803 and after three months the average was 572. The below bar chart shows the data from Omer Turker et al.

And something for when you're really bored:

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 03:17 PM

originally posted by: VeritasAequitas
You may purchase Iodoral tablets, which come in doses of 12.5 milligrams, yes milligrams, not micrograms, to 50 milligrams. Or you can order a bottle of Lugol's 8% Potassium Iodide solution, which 1 drop would suffice daily. All-Natural, non-processed, sea salt, also contains good amounts of Iodine. - See more at:

Iodine Toxicity:

Elemental iodine (I2) is toxic if taken orally. The lethal dose for an adult human is 30 mg/kg, which is about 2.1–2.4 grams (even if experiments on rats demonstrated that these animals could survive after eating a 14000 mg/kg dose).


posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 02:31 PM
Thyroid dysfunction is not the cause of problems associated with it. Thyroid dysfunction is a consequence of criminal western intelligence manipulation of the nervous system and other organs in the human body.

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 03:46 AM
This is a wonderful and very informative thread. Thank you, Veritas.

59demon, taniab, any updates on taking Iodine?

a reply to: 59demon

a reply to: taniab

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 12:13 AM

I guess the increase in ADD in kids may be related sometimes to fluoride exposure. Sounds like these results match the increase in kids inattentiveness in schools these last three decades.

When I was young, kids day dreaming of being outside playing interfered with their ability to learn. Now it is the stuff they add in our water when the mother is pregnant that is causing kids problems.

I am and always will be against fluoridation in water. veggies contain adequate fluoride, so does coffee and tea. Celery and the parsley family is high in fluoride. These are not expensive things and the organic fluoride is much better absorbed and has way less side effects. I am not afraid of drinking a little fluoridated water, but avoid even moderate consumption of it. I had very few cavities when I was young, there was no fluoride in water those days. adequate minerals in the diet should be preferred over fluoridated water. Molybdenum supplementation actually helps prevent cavities and you do not need to supplement much to get that effect. The water used as evidence to originate the fluoride idea was high in molybdenum too. The scientists might have been barking up the wrong tree when they sold this idea of fluoridation.

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