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A poem for the Mother of the World...

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 09:57 PM
A poem for the Mother of the World...

As a room waiting
For a breathe of fresh air

Something real
To dawn inside

Wisdom flows in gentle ways
The eye never catch the flight
Only the heart does

Standing in the dawn of the light
Silver purple
One hand holds the soft caress of a mother to a child
The other hand holds the love that sees you through
Sees the lie behind the words
And sees the truth that longs for light

Sword of love
Opens up the hearts
Answers to the longing
The calling of the children

Gently whispering
Roaring like thunder through the sky

Cutting through of all we want
Into what we need
Listening deep

Awakened and bright
With the stars in her hair
The moon in her eyes
Enchanting with a glimpse
Remembrance true awoken

Magic is born by the way she dances
Across the sky
Touching real
In you

For all that's been said
And all that's been done
The sea of hearts will flow
Crystal clear

Wipes the sheet
For a new dawn day
Morning star

Fire and water

Be that sparkling flame
That sea of love
Hear that Mother calling
Be that love
To touch in a world that needs it

Be you
Be free in love

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 03:05 PM
She comes whispering at night
Softly as the wind caress my cheek
She tells me tales of ancient days
Tales of love, bravery and fall
Of a world that sank into the shadows
Smiling laughing she comes dancing in the day
Like the sparkling joy of the mountain creek
Of days to come she sings
Days of laughter, days of joy
Where all wrongs through our hearts to be right
We are so much more than we believe
Our hearts to greatness destined
The wind, the moon, the mountain creek
Of love it all depends

Of love it all depends...


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