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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 04:27 PM
I just watched this brilliant documentary and I really think each and every one of you will love it. Isn't it curious that Buddha was an avatar of Krishna representing high realization without God, and Krishna represents the personality of God? This documentary talks about consciousness and it's inter-relationship to physical manifestation. There is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, dark energy, and a thousand other names throughout history. The ancient teachers taught Nada Brahma, the universe is vibration. The vibratory field is at the root of all true spiritual experience and scientific investigation. It is the same field of energy that saints, Buddhas, yogis, mystics, priests, shamans and seers have observed by looking within themselves. In today's society, most of humanity has forgotten this ancient wisdom. We have strayed too far into the realm of thinking; what we perceive to be the outer world of form. We have lost our connection to our inner worlds. I hope you enjoy

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

and here is the FULL version- PLEASE share with your friends

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds FULL
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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 05:12 PM
Just in case people want to watch them here

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posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 01:37 AM
There are not many people that care about these things because people don't understand it.

The masses are completely ignorant to meditation, and I don't know what it is going to take to change that.

All of the answers are within us, and all we have to do is practice going within.

It does take perseverance, and dedication, however, it is not long before you start to see real results. When you first feel the vibrations when going within, you are awestruck with the knowledge you gain. You suddenly realize that the physical world is only an illusion and that you really are energy.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 03:01 AM
My friend,

reply to post by VSNU7

Many thanks indeed for sharing these. I will give them a watch for sure


Be safe be well


posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by VSNU7

Wow wow wow, slow down there buddy. You used quite a few words VERY wrongly here. The higgs field and dark matter are two completely different things and have NOTHING to do with what you´re talking about.

Just wanted to point that out.

And the other thing is that most esoteric teachers claim that todays humans have lost some functions or abilities that earlier civilizations had. And that we can regain this abilities by meditating/aligning our shakras/reading this book/buying that dvd.

Now, seriously ask yourself this: Over the last 200 years there have already been very, very many humans who have devoted their full live for prayer or meditation. We have humans in india or other parts of the world who devote their whole life to the gods.

Now, in nature we should learn by example and from others. If we look at these people I mentioned (buddhist monks, indian babas, a lot of examples), who tackled the "connection to the higher self" bit in every conceivable way possible, we should look out for results.

If these people didn´t manage to "raise their vibration" then why should we expect to achieve this? That is my big concern with all of these "raise your vibration" posts. Why haven´t wee seen an extraordinary human who can read minds/fly/use telekinesis?

And if the raised vibration doesn´t show in these obvious ways, in what ways DOES it show? What are we after here?

I think the truth is (as always) in the middle. Hardcore non-believers will probably feel a little empty inside (especially when they get to the later stages in their life) and the hardcore religious people focus way too much on what a ficticious god wants than what their fellow humans want.

I guess a little spiritualism is in order and everyone has to find their path in life when it comes to this.

But why these "raise your vibration" threads? Why getting it into people´s heads that the vibration they operate on now is WRONG? Because THAT is what you do with these posts!

posted on Jan, 8 2016 @ 01:40 PM
I have just watched this documentary today and it is very awesome, I recommend it for everyone! It should get more attention, so here is a cry for attention I guess : )

Well I hope more people will give it a chance at the very least! If you are religious or atheist, scientists or christian, it does not matter. Watch it without any preconceived thoughts and only after you watch it all, think about it if it makes same sense or not?

But the OP did in my opinion, worded it weirdly in the introduction becouse of the usage of science terms which have nothing to do with the content of the documentary. Other than this, I think he did great.

Documentary talks about spirituality and how all religions are connected, pointing at the same god, brahma, global consciousness named it. It talks about underlying reality which is the unified field from which every other thing in existence is was and will be created. It explains the real nature of our reality and how we can connect with this nature with simple words so it is not so difficult to understand.

From my perspective after few years of meditation and study of many religions and other spiritual related stuff, this is a very good introductory material and it touches many different subject but all related together. And can start to open some curious minds and aspire them to do something : )

All this is my humble opinion only, it can be somehow touchy subject for some but just remember it is ok to disagree, just don't take it personally.

a reply to: Nightaudit

But why these "raise your vibration" threads? Why getting it into people´s heads that the vibration they operate on now is WRONG? Because THAT is what you do with these posts!

Did you really watch all four parts? They say exactly the opposite of what you say here, especially in the last part...and also if you would have done more research about the persons you mention like yogis, saints, buddhist and what is their opinion of the usage of miracles (siddhis) and what they are teaching or even better, maybe rather just start with meditation, then you would realize what spirituality is and what is not.

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