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Yes, America has guns. Get over it.

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 08:35 AM
To the anti-gun mentality, who may not fully understand this America.

The simple existence of guns, leads to more guns, which leads to bigger guns, which leads to accidents and murder, and so on. It's a runaway train right? This “bigger is better” strategy seems to precisely parallel the US mentality, as applied to cars, houses, meals, and everything else that can be greedily possessed or consumed. It seems that we Americans always want bigger, better, more, faster...etc. So why not take this formula, and simply apply it to guns. Movies do it. John Wayne did it. “I’ll be Back” Terminator had some big guns too. This is definitely how much of the rest of the world perceives America. American’s LOVE their guns, and bigger is better. They are almost correct.

We Americans call the “bigger-is-better formula”, the normal path of progress. Americans have always been driven to surpass each other, and take pride in exceeding the previous limitation. It's what this country is made of. Most Americans have direct lineage, separated by only a few generations, to those that have sacrificed to found this country. Many other countries on this graceful globe were developed millenniums ago. By contrast, America was feverishly built, so recently that the iron is still warm. The visions, fears, and pride, of our past generations, are still very fresh in most American minds, and the vehement memories are punctuated by family photo albums, whose images show armed fathers, sons, daughters, and grandparents in military uniform. This country has clawed to the top, with very hard work, and sacrifice, in relatively, VERY recent history. The energy from the very creation of this place is the reason Americans do create and develop some of the greatest ideas, and achievements of modern mankind. America was built with guns, was held together with guns, and still has guns. They are here for the foreseeable future. If you try to take them away, they will be homebuilt. That’s the truth.

Because it has been established that Americans have guns, and that there are evil or insane persons, with access to guns, weapons, or other dastardly plans, it is prudent to take a defensive stance where reasonably possible. What’s the big fix they say? Simply reduce the number of guns? Reducing the distribution of guns would likely reduce the legal gun distribution MUCH faster than the illegal distribution. This would not bode well for the law abiding citizen, and will likely lead to an increase in illegally held weaponry. Good citizens with sense of self preservation would be forced to arm themselves beyond the law.

Hopefully, having understood the reason why guns ARE a part of American culture, let’s now address guns for protection. Like nice cars, nice houses, and big meals, guns have had a warm place in the American heart. But there are critical differences. Most, if not all, sane and rational gun owners, do not advertise what firepower they have in their closet. Labeling your home with a “GUNS INSIDE” sign is foolish, and actually perpetuates the "bigger gun leads to a bigger gun" slippery slope. People, who are serious about defense, already know this. Despite the opposition’s point of view, and dissemination of this generalization, this is NOT what "gun people" want. Of course there are the exceptions, which is, in and of itself, one of the very good reasons to remain armed. A few may be too proud, borderline insane, and flaunt their weapons to some random joe-public, but that's NOT what the majority does or wants. You need to really read between the lines of the American culture to understand. Nobody sane goes around flaunting their "bigger guns" like they do with their red-carpet cars, mega homes, and dino-sized meals. Conceal Carry. First word: “Conceal”. Owning a gun is NOT a matter of personal pride, contrary to popular belief. It's a matter of personal right, personal freedom, and most of all, personal protection… oh and that devil-deal called “The Constitution”. This concept apparently seems foreign, or dangerous to some. Gun=Danger? On the contrary, gun owners respect the opinions of others. Do you hear gun owners disrespectfully revealing addresses of non-gun owners? Do you see fast talking good guys, selling guns on TV, or fear marketing to non gun owners? Do you see lots of unprompted pro-gun propaganda? No. When DO you see lots of talk about guns? You see it when the anti-gun folk start projecting their gun concerns, calling for gun banishment and reform. Guns are owned quite differently than a Mega SUV, or a McMansion. A gun is a quiet tool. It’s a tool that most owners want to keep discrete. They are highly respected by their owners. They are saved for when they are needed, like a flashlight in a blackout, or an umbrella in the rain. The best time to bring forth a weapon is when serious threat is imminent. Same thing applies to martial arts, and any other defense tactic. Surprise, timing, and judgment are critical. A proper gun owner knows this. Burglars know this. Kill or be killed. In my home, I want at least a decent chance.

I like the argument that says: “Why do you need a gun in the home? A home invasion is so unlikely. What if your gun gets stolen and into the hands of a criminal, or used against you?”
Well if it get’s stolen, that means there WAS a home invasion or a burglary. Right? What are the chances? haha. The real answer is that the chance of the gun getting stolen is lower than the chance of getting invaded in the first place. It goes on and on.

Metal and fire. That’s what a gun is. So is a stove, a boiler, and an automobile. Risk exists when humans pop into play. Without human intervention none of these work, nor are they dangerous. If I need to hammer a nail, I no longer need to use my fist, or a rock, because the hammer was invented. Why should I use a bat, a stick, or sharp words, to defend myself from an irrational lunatic that just forcefully entered my back window? Door locks are no longer enough. When I lock my doors, I have a reasonable expectation that NOBODY will be entering without express invitation. Should I tape cash and drugs, around the outside of my home to keep bad guys from having to physically enter the house? Maybe leave out some cookies and milk every night too. No, that’s crazy right? The insanity of humanity, IS the REAL issue. Copycats are the REAL issue. Media is largely to blame for that. Violence is not new. Weapons are not new. People will never fully agree, but there will certainly always be the insane. There will be humans, and animals, that want to steal from humans. Human nature and animal nature are not as distant as we like to pretend. It does not take much to cross that line, as evidenced by headlines every day; and not always involving a gun, mind you. As long as life can be supported on this planet, there will be a North and South Pole, yin and yan, red and blue, checks and balances. You MUST realize that opposition and struggle are worldly engines. Opinions are allowed, yet opposition is critical. It has to be welcomed. Education is the key, and responsibility is paramount. Beyond all of that, freedom of decision, with the choice to survive shall ALWAYS be on the human list. World peace will never be achieved without a bigger and stronger rusty cage. Don’t believe otherwise.


posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 09:12 AM
Guns are part of world culture but it didn't stop alot of those nations from getting rid of them. The only political bodies that need to fear firearms are governments, and corrupt governments fear them the most, which is why those types of governments continually try to push banning firearms. Not because murders happen, because murders are going to happen wether or not firearms are involved. You can't stop a crazy person from going on a rampage if he is of a mind to do it, best you can do is try to take him down before he does alot of damage and if you don't have firearms and he does, well now the odds are in his favor which is where the saying "don't bring a knife to a gunfight" comes from. More deaths occur from drunk driving than from firearms, are we going to ban cars? Nope. Why? Because elements in our government aren't targetting cars, their agenda is firearms. Why? Because theyre threatened by firearms. Take away firearms and what will be the next weapon of choice for insane people looking to commit mass murder? Whatever their imaginations can come up with.

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 11:10 AM
Gun free zones can be enforced.
However the power to ensure the zone by a machine sweep that will explode the
intruding villain's gun shells is not likely to be developed as such a anti weapon
non weapon is like been dead in the water for almost 100 years.

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 11:23 AM
Give me a second......
OK Over it

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 09:42 PM
Glad you feel better.

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 11:52 PM

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