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Facebook probing for information?

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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 02:38 AM
Facebook is displaying messages on peoples status posting feild like,

How is it going, Name?
How are you feeling, Name?
How are you doing, Name?
How are you today, Name?

Creeped me out as I have never used a social network that displays messages like this, literally a billion users, imagine the effect that has, consistently refreshing "Facebook Addicts" getting this drilled in there heads all the time, I can imagine it has a brilliant effect for the companies marketing and advertisements.

I can nearly say for definite that Facebook has automated marketing profile building, for example if I recently posted multiple statuses about an argument with my girlfriend (which i have seen 100's of times) then Facebook would display Marriage counselling ads etc, I think you see the point.

Facebook is literally every marketing companies dream, a constant stream of consistent users displaying information about themselves, I constantly post statues about privacy, unfortunately it has virtually no effect besides a few likes.

People just do not value privacy in the UK any more, as saddening as it is.


posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by The0nlytruth

The same thing goes for america! But hey to each their own.. No one says you need to have a Facebook. I recently disabled mine simply because i don't feel the need to be that "connected with people".

But as for marketing; i completely believe Facebook was not designed for this but i do believe that they have sold out and its just a shame!

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 03:06 AM
Of course Facebook is probing you for information. They are the biggest data-mining site on the internet.

Anyone using their real identity on Facebook is nuts.

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 03:23 AM
Im not on FB but I still get emails from them asking me if I know people??

It kinda scary coz some of the people they send me are people I met briefly over 10 yrs ago?

FB knows too much already without people telling them stuff

F*** Facebook

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 03:48 AM
Why is everyone so paranoid over Facebook?

What privacy do you really think you really have by logging onto the internet? None.

Since the early 90s once you dial up on the "super information highway" (so 90's) you had no privacy.

You can't run or hide. Want to stay invisible, use a pen and paper.

Trust me, you're not so secure here either. We must accept these things and learn to adapt.
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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 04:00 AM
I’m sick and tired of idiots whinging about Facebook. ATS probably knows just as much about you. It at least knows your political views, which could potentially lead to much worse problems down the track than Facebook ever could. Like anything; use it responsibly and you’ll be fine. I never check in and very rarely post anything. Mainly use it for entertainment value and the chat messenger function. Your bank knows more about you than Facebook ever will. Facebook knows largely superficial information and anything you willingly and knowingly feed it. Your phone and all calls, texts and whatever else can be tracked, traced and stored...Probably mobile internet usage too.. Why don’t you all surrender them? You can also be located at any given time... Sounds far worse, far more dangerous and much more invasive than Facebook can ever be...
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posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by BlindBastards

Wow we have an angry one here like, Making people aware does not make me an idiot. Far from it. Douche bag.

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