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War & Suffering - The Never-Ending Story...

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posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 09:57 PM

War & Suffering - The Never-Ending Story...

This was intended to be a short reply to the thread "Assad historical speech (06/01/2013)", but I feel so strongly about what I wrote that I feel (and hope) it will reach a wider audience if I elaborate on my response and make my own thread. I decided to post this in the Political Madness forum because it’s really a wider issue of American Foreign Policy rather than an isolated issue of Syrian terrorists or the East… and we all need to remind ourselves of these ugly facts from time to time—now more than ever.

* * * *

Indeed, Syria may have its problems; but the United States of America has certainly been in better shape herself. And replacing one failing police state with another failing police state won't achieve much besides further lining the military-industrial complex tycoons' pockets with gold.

America should focus on its own creeping fascist tendencies and deal with its imminent socioeconomic collapse before yet again meddling in the affairs of other nations; especially if the goal is to achieve some form of international 'stability'. You good people of ATS must realize that this is not about human affairs! Surely one who is open-minded and studious enough to join a community like ATS would have noticed the blatant fact that the American Military does not go anywhere that's not strictly beneficial to the Elitists' overzealous resource mongering and their fascist Western Empirical Expansion/NWO agenda.

If you truly believe that the American Military is a benevolent organization of brave humanitarians, then I'd question your sanity. I'm sure many of the soldiers are good people.. but their leaders are not. A good soldier is still a soldier, and a soldier does what he's told and is punished severely for nonchalance towards authority. Our Elitist Overlords decide which nations the U.S. Military will "liberate"... and then once the militarized phase of their venture is completed - they plunder their resources, undermine their governments, corrupt their culture, squander their independence and plunge their people into a 'sustainable level' of chaos and social disarray so that they cannot mount an effective resistance against their invaders.

For the record - these evil desensitized Elitists are not illusory figures of shadow organizations. They exist in plain sight because what they do is not illegal... since they make the laws. This is not some deranged conspiracy theory. This is our life!

It's a very clever scheme. And you - the taxpaying citizen - are the one who picks up the bill! You pay these men to overthrow, rape and pillage foreign societies. And you're fine with that. Why? Who knows. Maybe it's because you believe your leaders out of naivety, foolishness or blind patriotism (which is rampant in America). Maybe it's because you're so worn out from life under duress, from the daily grind, from the energy-draining menial labor of your days, that you simply don't care anymore... or maybe it's because you don't have a choice but to be fine with it, or else you'll be sent to prison.

Whatever the reason; we don't resist. We accept this obnoxious affront to human dignity as "part of life" - and pretend like that's a good enough excuse. We sweep the issue under the rug. It goes in the "Too Hard" basket. No body here wants perpetual war on Earth. But apparently, neither do many of us care enough for peace to do anything about it. So long as the wars are being fought "over there", and not on home soil; it's not worth brooding over. We are busy people, after all. We have commitments, jobs, families. "Someone else can fix it," we say. But no body ever does.

Meanwhile, as our overlords loot these foreign nations, our trusted news outlets run propaganda to trick us into believing that American military intervention made the world a better and safer place... when the reality of the situation is as bad as before, or in most cases worse. And then, as if that were not enough, Western corporations swoop in like economic vultures and demand more money from their victims to clean up the mess which their invading army made. Hmm.. Liberation is a funny word. I recall it meaning something a little different when I learned the word many years ago in school.

In any case, the American Military is, in effect, an army of well-intentioned American citizens who are bound by the discretion of very evil, greedy and emotionally-disassociated men. Which is not really an army at all, but rather a large personal security force. The American Military, much like the Police institution, is no longer an organization of honor, dignity, service and courage... it is now little more than The Elite's obedient lapdog. And this vicious animal only goes where it's told; not where it's needed.

Keep in mind that all this has very little to do with Assad or even Syria. You may have developed your own personal opinion on the Assad regime and the perils of his nation, and of course it is your right to feel however you do about him and their situation. But be weary of the fact that it is just that - a personal opinion. American Foreign Policy, however, is not a matter of personal opinion; not even collectively. Rather, it is purely a matter of national self-interest. America is not concerning itself with the affairs of Syria because the American people are concerned with the affairs of Syria. The American people are concerned with the affairs of Syria because they've been encouraged to be. We'd be wise to remember that, and ponder the reason why.

Personally I'm indifferent towards Assad. He's a politician, and as far as I'm concerned; none of them are to be trusted under any circumstances - especially when money or international influence is involved. Again I'll reiterate; these politicians and national figureheads aren't interested in Syria because they care for the Syrian people. They don't care; they want something. In our cold & corporatist modern world, human beings are just collateral. A necessary burden. We are tolerated; nothing more. Our leaders barely care about their own citizens. Why would they be concerned about the well-being of foreigners?

Our life's value is determined by our exploitable usefulness to the Establishment. The Elite & military-industrial conglomerates are ruling-class keepers of the Establishment and they are professionals at their roles. They do not care about you or your family, or Syrians, or Iraqis, or Iranians, or Russians, or anyone or anything other than their own wealth, power and social status. Very few of them even care for their home nation or its people. America is just an unsavory tax zone to them. They have no sentimental investment in their country because they own the world.

It's a sad state of affairs indeed, but that's planet Earth - and we are the ones to blame. We allowed it to become this way. Bad people have been exploiting and raping our planet and her people for centuries, yet we do nothing. Then some of us have the audacity to denounce foreign nations for their sins. It is not Syria or Iran or America that is sick. It is humanity. Things won't change until people change. So in conclusion; please take the time to meditate on these issues.

..a human.

posted on Jan, 7 2013 @ 03:50 AM
I don't think people are going to change of their own volition. At least, not most of them anyway. Most are too entrenched in this system to even fathom anything different. But that really doesn't matter, because the system will inevitably collapse under its own unsustainable weight. It's not a matter of if, but when. There's not really any need for us to "change it", nor even any large-scale peaceful means to do so within our current paradigm.

Humanity will be compelled by nature to change, lest it completely destroy itself (which I don't think will happen either, but we'll get really close). We have been, for thousands of years, living in the fantasy land of "the elite" (whoever they are, it's not important), who have done nothing but alienate humanity from the very planet it is a part of. Nature will not allow this to continue. That's not a prediction; it's simply a fact.

I'm done trying to change the world. I don't have to.

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