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You seek for answers...

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posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 09:09 PM
You seek for answers...

Creating new paths as you walk
New waves
New ways
To be


Yet there are no peace
No real truth to be found
Only new questions arise

Back and forth
Back and forth

What once seemed so simple
Now is confusion

What once was so deep
Became so shallow

Like a blue whale in a swimming pool
Like a porcupine crossing a freeway

All those choices
Time always moves
Always grind you to the core

The trains whistle tells you of change
But what way will the wind blow
Will it take you
Or will you stay

The silence in between gives you only

Will you love fly away
To seek the midnight sun
Black eyed dragon of the night
Summoned yet unresolved
Knows how to fly
But where

Meanwhile nothing seems the same
Yet all stands still
Quiet desperation
Fades away the music of the stars
Never did they seem so distant
Never were you heart more longing
To be touched
To be real
To be healed

What is the mind
The heart
The heart-mind

Understanding wisdom
Knowing love


Bring it all together

There behind the screen
There hiding under the blanket
Away from yourself

Circles leads just in circles

Break free
Touch that true spot
Real place

Walk that path
Right and free

To touch
To reach

Unleash your fire wings and fly
Like a comet in the sky

Only inside out wisdom knows
To choose the path which holds the heart


posted on Jan, 6 2013 @ 09:31 PM
Was it free to love
Or free from love

When nothing else could
Love could always break you

When nothing else would
Love would teach you

To be touched
Follow one's own heart
Flying high
Falling deep
For love
For a dream
Simple things in a complex world
Just for something deep
Something real


A heart unresolved

Off to the world of crazy dreams
Realm of the true madhatters

Or to hide in the void moment by moment
Out of time
Out of space

Like sand running through your fingers
Everything shall pass
Yet when all have passed
What is left, but everything
And everything again

To make it right
To make it true
To be free in love
Here and now

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