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This 666 business....

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 06:22 PM
Blah blah this, blah blah that.
The serpent is subtle.
And the very best place to hide something is out in the open.

A dandy precursor, a test-marketing of mechanism has already taken place.


The, "he who has wisdom," part?

A particular type of kabalist (kabala, a catch all for Jewish wisdom teachings encompassing quite a few territories) would immediately reduce that:
6+6+6 = 18; 1+8= 9.

If you live in the U.S., your social security number is comprised of 9 digits.

The hand, forehead part?

You whip it out of your wallet with your hand, the right having the connotation of active, putting forth...
You remember it, bringing it to the forefront of thought, memory.

That it is the number of a man?

The man whose number it is.

Can't buy or sell without it?

Try surviving within the system without it.

Take a look at the outfit that put this together.... take a dollar out of your wallet, take a look at the back of that Buck, which does stop with you, me, everyone... take a good look:
New Order Of The Ages.

A long time dream.

And the Test for each and every comes down to serving God or mammon (money).
Little needs be said about the hyper-capitalist thing that has reared its head in recent decades.

Which leads me to one last blurb.
The hyper-capitalist thing that has so re-engineered American society, talking about God, blah blah while truly worshipping the Dollar....

That Whore of Babylon... that greatest trading nation, devastated in one hour, hands over mouths on ships offshore that can't offload there, watching the plumes of smoke rise in disbelief that the mightiest is laid low... taken out before the big shingding in the Valley....

A giant from the North in the Valley.
A great multitude from the East, in the Valley.

The Whore is already done by that time.

Anyway, a dandy precursor that has already been tested in The United States of Animosity.

In the march to One World, the U.S., with the selling out of its industrial base, is now not worth much to the rest of the world... Couple that with the belligerence, pre-emptive war, and though it has had great value in setting the Whole Thing up, is now Expendable.

Take care of your souls, folks.

posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 06:45 PM
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