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Is UFO Secrecy for our own good?

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by Krono
The US administration come out and say, "My fellow Americans (or what ever Obama says), we have been keeping a big secret from you for 60 years (roughly). We would like to announce that we are NOT alone in the universe, we have noticed and have been tracking strange objects through our airspace, which seem to be controlled by an intelligent life form. We are positive it's origin is NOT from Asia, but we have no idea where from. We have tried making some kind of contact/communication with these "objects", but with no success.

"We would also like to announce that the Roswell incident was in fact a "UFO" and not a weather balloon. There has been a lot of speculation to whether or not there were dead bodies of "beings".....and live ones, we can now disclose this by saying yes, it's all true. We would like to apologise for keeping this crucial secret from you all for all these years and we would also like to encourage you all to remain calm and do not panic."

Now, what would the reactions from the public be?

1.) They're lieing!!! It's a cover up!!!!! (which is what has been said for all the years)

Sadly, I think it would be more like:

8) Top Republican leaders in Congress (or whichever is the opposing party at the time) makes a follow-up public statement that effectively ridicules the President, his advisors, etc. for the announcement — AND — bolsters their position as leaders who "don't believe in little green men." They do so out of fear of embarrassment and ridicule for themselves, but also it helps their overall agenda by tapping into the public's mocking disbelief.

And as a result, the news media and talk shows across the country ripple in disarray for a while, but eventually the President is rendered ineffective for office, the entire Administration gets overhauled, and the U.S.A. returns to normalcy.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by teslahowitzer
All of this control and filtration, censoring and twisting creates corruption to the core of truth and enlightenment, which should be the desired result, we should know the real truth.

ET has raised us, helped us become what we are now. Seems like they know how to do it. If we were left to our own devices, our inferior mind, how much longer would it take us to evolve into a higher consciousness?

We always WANT to know the truth, maybe it would be best for us individually, giving us choices to avoid the next flood they will send. But if they do, we will still be told that improving the average of human gene pool is best "for the American people". And not given a choice.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 07:14 AM
First post here so excuse me if I come off wrong,

Something I have been thinking about regarding the whole ET phenomenon. If we (earthlings) were to make the trip to another world and find primitive or advanced life I feel we would do the same as we are experiencing. We would observe, and maybe make some sort of contact, but in general we would keep ourselves unknown until we knew everything about the place we are visiting. We would also seek ways to benefit ourselves, as it is in our nature.

Now here's where I may seem a bit crazy, but the talks of many people here of intergalactic controversies, some being absolutely insane, and some seeming plausible, WHAT IF we humans were created by an advanced race for the purpose of being a planetary army. Could this be a possibility? We humans have war and fighting in our natural nature, so what if we were engineered to eventually be the military of another advanced race.

The possibility seems so real, us ignorant humans are created and given a paradise to do with as we please, yet there is something controlling how we act. Is it possible that we have been given such advances to "prepare" us for an invasion? Certainly the people that created us, if that's the case, would want us to believe that, and only that. We humans would fight to our non-existance against something ET we perceived as a threat to humanity. What if we were simply created for the purpose of being an inferior yet effective intergalactic military?

Again, my 1st post so dont be too harsh on me

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 06:17 PM
I dont know if you have read the Project Camelot hypothesis

Worth a read...talks about time travel...

It does not surprise nor does it shock...I see no reason why it isn't possible...

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