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SLIders aka Street Light Interference Data Exchange Receiver(s)

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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by AussieAmandaC

AussieAmanda, I also have the sliders problem. Being clothed or naked, has no affect...the events still occur. Female cycle never seemed to make a difference. One thing that does is storms...bad electrical storms. I fear them greatly so I'm not sure of the dynamics involved...whether it is the storm that brings it on/increases it or the fact that I get so upset and that sets it off? I have noticed an increase in the problem during times of being upset, angry, fearful, anxious.

I do feel like there is a relationship relevant to electricity itself. I was knocked unconscious once, and when I came too, all I could hear is intense electrical "buzzing" and I could feel it throughout my body. I could even see it...millions of tiny yellow, white, brite dots. I could feel it all over my body. So odd. I do wonder if I "store" up too much of it or if I pull it too me and into me. Is a mystery to me. Blessings, ^j^

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 01:58 AM
I seem to remember reading quite a few books where abductees mention this phenomena. one guy had a men in black experience and after that street lights would dimn [ while he was on foot] not in a car I know about the headlight effect. And he talked about the same things with watches and the like. I found it quite interesting.

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Bilky

Hi Bilky, I have been doing my own private research for years, relevant to the sliders problem, ufo/contact experiences and Rh- (negative) blood factor. Oddly enough, there is often a tie-in of one or more of these factors. I have been a slider and am Rh- plus an experiencer and have witnessed very interesting and mysterious, to say the least. Not all sliders have these other factors but many do. Some seem to have psychic abilites to an extent as well. At any rate, it is very interesting to research and study those various topics...keeps me outta trouble.

Blessings and thanx for listening. ^j^

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 12:01 AM

Originally posted by Bedlam
I got one on ya - I can't wear cheap watches because unless they're really really well sealed, my sweat/oil will ooze into the back and corrode it like a bad battery.

And I tear up expensive ones at work.

Also can't wear a ring unless it's 24k, any base metal to any extent and I'll rot that thing and the finger too.

I was beloved in the Army for my ability to polish brass buttons with my fingers. All I have to do is rub them and they shine, but you have to wipe them down with a cloth or they'll go green in a few days. I can also rot the blue off a rifle or sidearm, and my sweat peels the lacquer off of saxophones.
Holy Cow! My mom must be like you. For years now I've been wondering what the hell she has been doing to her jewelry. She once insisted on taking back my grandmother's gold and diamond ring that she passed on to me when I was 20. She had never worn it that I ever knew of since the ring was petite and she was not. I was really upset but she decided she was not ready to pass it to me after all. A few months after she got it back, for whatever reason she decided to wear it. She jammed it on her skinniest finger somehow. Then I didn't see it again on her anymore. I looked in her jewelry box and it was blackened and twisted and I could not imagine what the hell happened to it. I questioned her and she insisted she did nothing to it but wear it. I insisted that it must have gotten stuck and she must have done something to pull it off and didn't want to fess up but she swore up and down she did nothing and it just "turned" like that. I swore up and down she was a liar. We are usually close but that was not a good time between us back then. I looked at her other jewelry and they all looked really badly used up. I assumed she must have just not taken her rings off when working with bleach or something.

But now I wonder if she is like you. It's hard to get any answers out of her about the weird things I've experienced with her, in conjunction with her, or observed about her. She just smiles and shrugs. I imagine she just doesn't know. She is definitely psychic on fits and starts. I mean she is not reliable enough you can ask her who will win an election or football game or anything like that. It is all random, but when she has a premonition or seems tied into you, it is uncanny. Once during a heated argument, she grabbed my arm and we instantaneously ended up in another part of the house and I will never figure out how that happened!

I'm Jo Average. I can wear watches. I can have lightbulbs. I can wear jewelry except for those metals that set off my skin allergies.

For some reason our microwave malfunctions only for me. Every time I open the door it turns itself on and presumably sets about trying to cook me. It won't do it to my husband, ever. But the thing didn't used to do this so I attribute that to it being old and unreliable now...the microwave, not the husband.

We do have a street light that turns off every time our car enters the cul de sac. I think it is just bad wiring. But it is kind of funny watching this happen and we jokingly take it personally!

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 12:23 AM
Interesting. I was electrocuted on accident when I was young. My oven coil broke, and being young, I took a metal fork, while the oven was turned on and tried to connect the coils. It threw me across the room.

For years I had issues with blowing light bulbs, I could not touch anything metal, car doors, doors at the super market etc with out getting a great electric shock. I worked as a machinist , one of the things we had to do was to put parts in a cleaner that was full of salt water, that ran electricity through it, to clean the part.You worked this machine with a foot pedal. I could NOT work that machine, because every time I could feel a charge going through my entire body. It was a nightmare. ..

I also attract lightning. I have almost been struck numerous times, calls so close my hair stood on end. I am terrified of it. Even driving, it will strike rite next to my car, so I will not drive with it.

Now years later, I do not have the issues so much, but still blow lighbulbs, not the new ones, but those give me seizures . I now have a seizure disorder, and will always wonder if it is related. I do not get shocked as much,
but some places I do, some I do not. At least I can open freezer doors again without that horrible shock.

I see a common theme of people who have been electrocuted in some fashion. My husband was stuck and knocked out by lighting and has none of these issues though, so I don't know.


posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 12:26 AM
Are there any foods that that tend to contribute to your abilities ?

What happens when handle a voltmeter? Does it pick up any readings?

posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 08:01 AM
This may seem strange but now that it is cold and winter time, I am suddenly getting no shocks at all. It's kind of nice. I'm not used to it. Why I would suddenly stop getting shocks in the middle of winter when I kept getting shocks in the summer is something I don't understand. Of course I did not understand the other night how I was reading a thread with multiple posts that said it was less than a few hours old when I read it the previous day about 24 hours earlier. That I do not understand. I was thinking if I could check how the stock market did 24 hours in advance, that would be nice. On two occasions I believe I did see the information. That just made me wonder if the whole stock market was rigged. I see some numbers for the Dow and SP500 on two separate occasions and that was the final number I saw several hours in advance. This was not a vision. This was a glitch I saw online. That just made me think I saw a computer glitch and that the whole market must be rigged. I've seen other glitches but the market didn't end up at those numbers so it is not a reliable glitch when I see it.

As far as street lights going off and on, I only notice certain ones doing it. I think it's just a coincidence that they often pop off or on when I'm near. Other lights never pop off or on. I'm assuming if I stood there and watched, those lights would pop on and then back off every so often. If someone is seeing every light pop off or on, that would be strange.

posted on Nov, 5 2013 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by stormy46237

I would like to speak to you directly about your experiences, as I have, for quite a few years been having very similar experiences.
What you said about 'being emotionally charged' when these instances occur especially rang true.
My email is notoriousbiggs (at) - please drop me a line if you'd like to chat directly about your experiences?

posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: shrevegal

Hi, I'm O+, car batteries, alternators, and light bulbs are not safe around me. Especially if I'm upset or stressed out. Also tablets and cell phones,(on my 4th since Nov ) don't last as long as they should around me.
I have had a few psychic or very intuitive things happen like putting batteries in the smoke detector the day our house caught on fire and having an awful nightmare about my grandma breaking her hip 5 days and again 3 days before it happened. I called my mom both times when I woke up and she couldn't believe it either when grandma broke her hip that same week. Before I give birth to my son I told my mom and husband that I had a bad feeling about the birth and that I was only going to say it once but I thought it was going to be bad and I wasn't sure if I would live. I did almost die and received several units of blood and we stayed in the hospital for 5 days until our fevers were gone. Also my baby broke his collar bone during the vaginal delivery. The doctors said that everything went wrong and the emergency dr was unavailable so they had to push on my stomach while pulling him out. I knew it was going to be bad, I just knew. Then I got shingles from the stress of it all.
But other awful things have happened and I knew nothing ahead of time.
I blow light bulbs often. So annoying! I've never been electrocuted but I have almost been close to being struck by lightening and had all my hair standing up on my head, I ran for it and nothing happened to me.
The transistor in the back yard blew 3 times while I lived in my parents home from ages 13-20. The power company said they had never had one blow that many times. All 3 times happened within 3 years

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 12:06 AM
I've walked under a streetlight before and had it turn off and turn back on shortly after. When it turns back on, I walked under it again and the same thing happened. I've turned off the same one at least three times in a row. Because it was so repeatable and under such mundane circumstances, and I've never had things happen with other electronics, I came to the conclusion that it was just a loose wire underground or something and the vibration of me walking on the street below.

Had several of these incidents. However, I believe electrokinesis exists. When I was a kid I clapped and said streetlight and one turned off and I'm pretty sure I got it back on the same way if my memory is correct. That could not be a loose wire...

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 12:59 AM
Certain stones are supposed to help with electronic emanations from electronic devices. Maybe carrying the stones on you could help stop the electrical energy exchange between you and devices. According to the book, The Crystal Bible, Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline absorb electromagnetic smog. Adventurine, Lepidolite and Fluorite are supposed to protect one from electromagnetic smog, so maybe they can help you too.
Hope you figure out how to remedy this.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 03:05 AM
Over the last few years I've begun to put my experiences together and think they may be related and not just coincidences. I've dealt with the streetlights and watch batteries to the point I've vowed to never buy another one again. I have more problems with lightning and transformers.
Every home I've lived in since I was 5 has had the nearest transformer blow, some multiple times. Just this summer I was vacationing and 2 transformers on the street I was staying on blew.
I've discovered that my frequent nosebleeds are not allergy related as the doctors of my childhood said. They are related to lightning. I lived my first 30 years in a part of the country with a lot of thunderstorms and heat lightning and I had nosebleeds all the time. Then I moved somewhere that never has thunderstorms and lightning is rare. The first time there was lightning here I got a nosebleed and get them every time but not any other time, only on the rare occasion we have lightning.
2 houses that I've lived in have had lightning related fires. The first one lightning struck a tree outback which started a fire that ended up burning the house down. The 2nd struck the roof and fried every electronic device but luckily no fire.
3 Years ago I was standing on the front lanai and lightning struck close enough to me to throw me 20 ft back. All I remember was the brightest light I'd ever seen then I was 20 ft behind where I was standing, on the ground and up against my door with black and blue bruises everywhere my body was touching the ground so I guess it was quite forceful. I think it knocked me out but I was alone so I don't know for sure and I didn't go to the er or doctor because except for the bruising I felt totally fine. Needless to say I do not go out on the rare occasion we have storms anymore whatsoever.
I don't know if it is related in any way but I also often vibrate. I'll just be sitting on the sofa or in bed and start to feel vibrations. I can not pinpoint where it's coming from like my leg or arm, it's just all of me. It's strong enough that my husband can feel it sitting beside me. He has helped to determine that there's nothing on or near that could be doing it and when he feels the floor or wall it's not vibrating. He thought it was one of our cell phones but has ruled that out as well. I haven't a clue what that's all about but it freaks me out and leaves him speechless.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 09:24 AM
SLI or electrokinetics is something I have lived with for most of my life starting around 13 years old. It is most noticeable as others in this thread have mentioned when I am wound up. If I am on the phone and the conversation gets me animated the phone will disconnect. The same thing happens when I am doing a video chat. I keep several pc devices around and rotate through them. I obtain the extended warranty on anything that will be in constant contact with me. I use wireless keyboard and mouse instead of directly touching an attached keyboard. That seems to help. I have obtained an EM field meter and practiced influencing it at will. The effect is magnified when I am in a strong magnetic field like near overhead power lines. Anything connected to grid power is more effected than battery powered devices. I used to work on computers and my clients often remarked that their equipment worked better if I just looked at them. The reverse is often true as well, when devices quit working around me. Sometimes I can not check out at the store because the registers will quit as I approach them. I have had everyone in line at the checkout turn and look at me when the system would go down like at some level they were aware that it was me holding up the line by influence on the checkout computers. It is not a gift in my opinion. If I could always control it perhaps that would not be the case. I have gotten better at control but some times it is just not possible and I have to walk away from any devices. I find that stepping into a copper pot hooked up to a ground rod by a grounding wire and filled with an Epsom salt solution helps be connect with the Earth and relieves the symptoms for a while.

posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:11 AM
Certain lamps have a tendency to go off and on but I do not think that is paranormal. I did notice several odd things on occasion but not consistently. One of those things were robots at work malfunctioning while I'm standing nearby watching. Maybe it was just coincidence. I did have several light bulbs burn out within a 2 week period. My mood had changed to one of frustration near the beginning of the two weeks. I knew I was going to be on vacation this week and the weather couldn't be much better for this time of year. The weather and my mood seem to match up quite a lot.

Saying that, it's probably just a matter of time before someone sees little bits of static electricity shooting between my fingers and something else when a thunderstorm is overhead but I'm in a building and someone is wondering why I seem to be like electro. I can build up electric charges just sitting in a room. I know this because one day in my college dorm room, I could hear the electricity in the air and when it was really dry. I could sit on my bed and zap the cinder block wall with each finger and then repeat. There was way too much electricity in my dorm room that winter. My roommates small florescent lamp would light up for a whole minute unplugged whenever he moved his blankets. I accidentally knocked out his tv set by touching it but fortunately it came back on. We grounded ourselves with screwdrivers before touching anything metal for about a month after standing up off of our beds. The pain if you did not reminded you pretty quick. Never had such a problem since then though.

posted on Dec, 9 2015 @ 01:51 AM
Just a quick update. The battery for my remote for my car died last year in 2014 so it only lasted about 13 years. I was 50 miles from home late at night and the remote didn't work and I never thought about carrying around a key for the door. I pressed the button a few times and nothing. Then I waited a few seconds and hoped it would work one last time. It did. I was really relieved. I carry around a key for my car door now.

I've had almost no static electricity shocks in the last year and a half. Back a month or two ago in a store, I did suddenly get a couple of little shocks at random. Overall, not much has been going on lately. I have noticed street lights going back off again lately though. I think I won't notice it too much more as all those old style lights eventually get replaced with a newer style without the problem.
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posted on Dec, 28 2015 @ 04:22 AM

originally posted by: W0mbat
reply to post by stormy46237

The most paranormal thing electric wise I've encountered personally is electric devices stay on in my presence even when unplugged. Radios, TV sets, laptops, and most other small devices.

Also: no matter what vehicle I drive, I always get a strong shock when I touch the outter frame. Feels like I'm touching a cow fence.

the power thing could be reserve energy in the actually device trying to shut down, Im not sure I dont know enough about electronics

The car thing is just what people call static charge, like when you rub a ballon on a particular material and then put it near your hair, your hair gets magnetically attracted to it, seen it in science class...I doubt it had the exact charge of an electronic security fence though, other factors could be the heat from the morning sun getting on your roof or handle of the car, also it can be built up static charge in you own person.

posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 03:32 AM
I developed SLI from a period of sleep deprivation, I stayed awake for so long that I no longer felt tired and instead felt energized like my mind was working in overdrive. I used will power to turn off some street lights and other electronics but later that night I finally got some sleep and when I awoke the ability was no more.

Since then I have had SLI randomly usually during an emotional state and then there was another time I went to the kung fu academy and did a solid 3 hour workout including tai chi and chi gong and afterwards while driving home I tried using will power again and successfully turned off 10 street lights in a row as I was driving, each turning off just as I approached in the car at the exact moment I willed them to turn off.

It could all just be coincidence although I highly doubt it. It seems that I can only do it intentionally when I am in a 'charged state' for example if I were to take some amphetamines or stay awake for a long time or get emotional.

The way I did it using will power was to imagine the light in it's off state and truly believe I had the power to turn it off with my mind. The belief had to be 100% with strong enough will power - the type of feeling you get when you feel on top of the world like you can do anything.

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