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Bush: rhetoric Right, actions wrong

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posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 02:32 PM
If there were a conservative voter who had been in a cave the past four years and came out on Wednesday to watch the debate and pick a candidate, George W. Bush would have seemed the ideal conservative. He spoke about how government-run health care is of a terrible quality, how keeping money in people's pockets is good for the economy, how he is guided by a strong personal faith that doesn't infringe on the rights of others and how personal choice needs to be allowed in social security.

Unfortunately for that cave-dweller he hasn't seen the past four years to match the rhetoric with the record. I felt like crying when I watched the final debate -- my heart was with Bush when he said those things, but my mind knew otherwise. Need I list again what Bush has done in the past four years that invalidates any sentiment he might have towards real conservatism? Corporate welfare, deficit spending, the PATRIOT Act, No Child Left Behind, federalization of Airline workers, increasing the welfare state with medicare expansion and other such FDR-esque responses make me realize that Bush is ultimately driven to make government the solution.

I realize that Bush is a strong leader. I can see that the man has a desire to respond, to create to move and to shake, but a truly good leader knows that he must be open to the best possible solution. A good leader uses his quality to inspire greatness out of not just himself, but others around him. The powers at Bush's disposal to react to crises were the powers of the federal government, and as some of the greatest intellectual minds of our time have asserted, government is part of the problem not the solution, no matter how or why it is used. Like any leader Bush's noble response to today’s problems was to do whatever he would, however he could; but the fact that he let his impetus to do good override the truth that government outside the constitution cannot really solve problems shows me that Bush is not the kind of leader I want in office.
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--- I wish more people thought like this how could you vote someone like this in again who goes against everything he says in his campaign? It's like he has short term memory loss or maybe just a case of mpd (multiple personality disorcer)?? Conservatives should see through this and take it more seriously then what they are... At least from some posts i've seen on this board, many conservatives are pretending he's not even doing any of this... What's up with that?? Ignorance or just plain stupidity?? Enlighten me will ya.

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