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Thus far, scientific evidence is pointing to an actual Infinity existing

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by dominicus

Originally posted by dominicus

Based on recent studies of the cosmic microwave afterglow of the Big Bang, with which our known universe began 13.7 billion years ago, many cosmologists now believe that this observable universe is just a tiny, if relentlessly expanding, patch of space-time embedded in a greater universal fabric that is, in a profound sense, infinite. It may be an infinitely large monoverse, or it may be an infinite bubble bath of infinitely budding and inflating multiverses, but infinite it is, and the implications of that infinity are appropriately huge.

This is awesome, because it just boggles the mind as far as trying to contemplate the very size or way in which this Infinity may exist as part of our fabric of reality.

Relativity and inflation theory, said Dr. Aguirre, “allow us to conceptualize things that would have seemed impossible before.” Time can be twisted, he said, “so from one point of view the universe is a finite thing that is growing into something infinite if you wait forever, but from another point of view it’s always infinite.”


Great article. I've always had a hunch that existence/reality may be Infinite after I was introduced to Infinite Math via Georg Cantor (same guy in my signature) as part of set theory.

Cantor found that the decimal numbers between 0 and 1, or say 1 and 2, is a bigger unlistable infinite amount of values than counting from 1 to forever. So if we apply that to reality, say the space between 2 people (let's say 10 feet) can also be infinitely sliced up and you end up in quantum states, possible non-locality, and so on.

Anyway, great article!!!!

Nice find…

Just started reading some of Buddha’s teachings, so can’t wait to find out what a Buddha field lol is… never even knew that multiverses were covered in Buddhism…learn something knew everyday... nice to see it mentioned in the article.

There are 2 excellent BBC Documentaries, I can highly recommend. One is entitled “How Small is the Universe?”, which describes the science behind the LHC, and the search for some of the smallest particles in the known universe. The other documentary is called, “How Big is the Universe?”.

In the later documentary, scientists located the light from 3 surpernovas, thousands of light years apart from each other, forming a triangle. Then using adavanced mathematics and equations, they concluded that the universe is flat.

Currently the Infinte Flat Model of the Universe is the most popular model, and fits best with the observational data.

Incidentally many of the Gnostic texts and teachings talk about this “Totality”, which is “without beginning” and “without end”, sometimes also referred to as the un-knowable one, and the incomprehensible one etc.

From the “Gospel of truth”

As for the incomprehensible, inconceivable one, the Father, the perfect one, the one who made the totality, within him is the totality, and of him the totality has need.

- JC

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 03:56 PM
Now we just need to look at the structures that infinity manifests physicaly.

Fractals would be a great place to start. Maybe soon we will discover the structure of an atom is a fractal representaion of a universe or a multiverse.

What if we accidently smash our own atom?

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 04:36 PM
I bet folks will ponder this forever. Even until the End of thinking. The end of thinking about it will be when nobody is around and the Universe has burned out. But then, I guess there could be another Universe and those folks will be thinking about it also.

Until of course that universe burns out. Then of course...

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