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I'm a little worried about us.

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posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 03:22 PM
Basically. We either need to stop this WHOLE website, or start doing something about this Greed and Corruption. We have a lot of brilliant and famous minds on here, and yet we recluse back to shredding peoples comments or posting the same news from another news site. We need to get HOW to deny ignorance out. You see a news report on CNN? Dont believe what they say, put yourself in their shoes, and hey, they are doing what they say. But it's when you get to the masterminds behind it all who lie and cheat us who give the reports what to say, and it's not just one person.

I see it like this: Let's say joe see's a wreck of a woman and a man, Obviously the womans fault in his eyes. Head on collision, minor injuries. He tells the news reporter "I saw that girl hit that man". But that man wasn't watching where he was going and was allowed to be hit. Guys naturally have faster reflexes and are better at driving. And a head on collision? C'mon!!
(This being a hypothetical, I'm going to use these stereotypes.)
Is he wrong? No? He literally saw that woman hit that man and told the truth. But he didn't think about it. In the Armor of God, Perception is the sword, and he just cut someones head off by his perception. Here's how.
So the reporter makes her statement to the agency or new casting center for review, They see this in a different way. They see "another woman caused wreck, add it to the statistic" When in fact it's not like that, it was both their faults. Not even a fault, just an accident. Because no one is thinking about how other people will perceive this story, Satan, The Deceiver, Call him/it what you must to understand this,he pulls himself into the news and twists and coils like the beast he is. He downplays different people with different words, and uses some to rile them up. And just through this system we have called capitalism of just accepting, when we look up statistics on car crash ratings we see women have a higher wreck rating. False! # happens, man.

Now, there are some who see this kind of twisting of stories and perceptions, and can subtlety weave what they want by making a small story of their own. So we need to either get out how to deny ignorance instead of tearing down the foundation we lay out beneath us by bashing our own minds on this site to leaving, Or we need to stop this website from doing what they are doing. Polluting us. I owe so much to this site, and Would not be the kind hearted person I am today. But If people don't start forming some Organizations to fight back this greed. which I'm not sure how it started, or who started it, but quite frankly I'm done caring, I see Red Dawn Coming swiftly. Think about this. The Chinese JUST switched the Currency to Gold backed Yuan. No more USD? FORT KNOX!! I mean, I forgot the worlds percent of gold it has, but we have to give it to them if they ask, because we owe them. If not. There's the movie in RL. I mean, they are peaceful, until you try cutting down their trees, or steal anything from them.

Back to who, or how it started, The semantics of it can easily shred your perception until you don't know what you saw to begin with, That man, Joe, simply saw a wreck and was ignorant about it, and see's the report and he's like "I was right! I'm on the news! ", and thus ignorance is spread, from naive kids trying to figure out their world, to statisticians using that in their reports so others can use it, It's like tryin to explain the universe with Eisenstein's special relativity, when it doesn't even work under Eisenstein's rule of special relativity. He used that to explain the universe in his eyes and he might be close or not, regardless, we are using incoherent and incredibly ridiculous ways to make people think they have to be Genius's who think in numbers like him to understand the way the world works, and we are trying to duplicate him and stephen hawking and it's nonsense! Using something one guy knows, to explain something everyone knows is a good tactic, but misconstrue it once when it comes to somethin like the universe, and we straight up #ed. "Yeah! Lets use that to describe the universe, just to vaguely describe it, then lets use that vague sense to calculate everything else we do, that's the easiest way to do it" and Ignorant people were like ""yeah! We can figure out reality with this!"...How do you get to that blasphemous train of thought? Not thinking about where things come from before they come from the mouth. Give it time, and Viola! We have a new reality in the mind of the young ones coming up.
With all of those religious correlations I threw out in the my OP, can you see how they have deceived, maybe even straight up lied to us, and can make it look like truth? It's worrying. I'm worried about us and U.S..

I'm trying my hardest to fight every time I can. But I'm only 19 and only see so much. And I get walked on easy. But No more. It may be the world vs us 1%, But we're not scared of you. Deny The Ignorance

posted on Jan, 25 2013 @ 03:23 PM
I used every character space with that. Down to the last digit. Pwn.

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by Mythfury

Wow, you really put some time into that one, eh? Thanks for that!

I basically agree with you. IF we actually want to change something it cannot happen here.

BUT where we probably differ is what to change. I used to think that the media are controlled, and sure, maybe there are a few topics that are not really allowed. But all in all, I now think that it is rather the consumer who is the problem.

I do have a bit of direct knowledge and experience about how TV is made and produced. And in the end it comes to this: Ratings.

The better the ratings, the better the show. Now, how do we get the ratings up? Get more viewers! And this is the crucial point.

Do we get sensational news, because that is what the media feeds us, or because that is what gets the highest ratings?

As I asked in another thread, which program will get more viewers, the one about the big bang or the one about lindsay lohan without panties?

I think the viewer makes the choice in the end, and shows like jerry springer do exist because there is a market for them.

Then look at the more or less influential people who tried to bring these things into the publics attention. Rosie O´Donnel (probably spelled that wrong) or Jesse Ventura for example. They do not get very far, don´t they?

And that is because most of the conspiracies on here are vast exaggerations of the truth, IF there is any truth at all.

There is no need to bring it to the public because there is nothing big for them to know.

Maybe I am naive in that believe, but I once was on the conspiracy side. It´s just that after enough research, you inevitably discover that it is pretty much made up.

Maybe I´m wrong. But the reason why we shouldn´t deny ignorance outside of this forum is because these are just fun topics to talk about, but they are not to be taken too seriously.

Then there is the basic question of WHO.

I always read that we have to fight "them". Who is that exactly?

To run with your example, who should we fight here? The news reporter? The editor? The sound guys who cut the scene together?

I mean who exactly are them? You get the typical answers of course (rothschild, bush family, clinton, etc.) but what does that mean exactly? What exactly is there to stop?

I just don´t see the point in arguing about made-up mega threats. Life is beautiful and stressful enough, I don´t think we need any extra on top.
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posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by Nightaudit

I didn't think I said it was the media being controlled. It was ignorance, controlling the media. I agree with you. V for Vendetta. "Wanna see who's the problem? Look in the mirror." And "them", is the reigning factor. Ignorance. No longer should we be playing the blame game, trying to put it on a head so we can cut it off and all feel better. No one wants to have their own head cut off., so why would they give up what the know(having their head cut off). It would take a lot of work to fix decades of wrongs and ignoring.

But like my wife's mom, She's been ignoring her problems for so long, that she's about to be institutionalized because she thinks her ways are right. I.E. Lying, manipulating to the point of almost makin people kill themselves, things of a brutal and almost sick nature, and feeling absolutely no remorse until I made her confront her problems. Her son had to be the one to fix it. She wont listen to governments and hospitals because she KNOWS they are full of ignorant people. She's not crazy, don't get me wrong, just off path a little.

The Son-in-law will fix her. If I didnt try, she would make someone so mad, they would hurt her, that's how bad it is.
The people must fix America. Or face the consequences of someone not taking her # anymore. Not the government, but the people. The Military/Government is the Dad always off defending her battles and fighting the wars, but the Corporations, that's the daughter who's following in the footsteps. They have tremendous power, also. But they feed off the ignorance.

Actually, Jesse Ventura has a show about Conspiracies. Sure, maybe they are off base. Never watched it. But I bet he's at least showing People how to, so to speak; analyze the thread and sources. and wait for the comments of someone who knows or doesn't and see how that affects the feeling of the thread.

Who? The People.
What? The Ignorance.
How? I dont know, the mind reels with imagination, huh? So many scenarios that would fix this, but due to people's lack off interest, like you said, we will need a title like "Free Porn!" With a girl getting it while reading the problems with America. XD I don't know. It's the small things that can work, but they will have their way, I feel. But I'm not gonna lose hope, ya know? We need to fight this!!

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