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Hackers leak video of Steubenville, Ohio Rape case.

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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 01:43 AM
I live about a quarter of mile from this town and this has quickly turned into a circus. Most, myself included, just wanted justice served in this case but knew from the start that it was going to be a long shot. You're dealing with, as in any small town, good old boy rules and if it wasn't for an ex residents blog it sadly would have probably just ended with 2 charged as juveniles.
It's sad but everyone knew, when this story broke, that instead of being appalled at the actions of these young adults, they were just going to kick into damage control. There were some, locally, well known names being accused so I honestly don't know if the police even knew what to do or how to proceed. Hell, our local news wouldn't even touch the story, that's how sadly interconnected all these people are in this valley.
They had the opportunity to do the right thing and possibly use this horrible incident as a tool to educate but they chose to try and sweep it under the rug, as has always been done, and now it's bigger than any of them could ever hope to handle.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 01:48 AM

Originally posted by LiveEquation
reply to post by colbe

Message from heaven? where was your god when this poor little girl was being subjected to a terrible ordeal without her consent or knowledge?

God belongs in philosophical discussions and not in our everyday life.

I watched the vid three times in disbelief and horror as Nodianos even confessed to raping a girl in 2011 at Pelusa.

I am speechless.
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It took me two attempts to watch the vid...had to stop the first time as I started to feel sick to my stomach. I thought he was commenting on a rape that happened there, didn't realize he admitted to doing it. The arrogance knows no bounds....

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by colbe

Originally posted by Darkphoenix77
reply to post by colbe

What does that have to do with...well....anything?


Did you read the message from Heaven? Why do you use the word "that", makes me think you didn't read the message or you don't believe God speaks to us through the prophets.

The subject of thread is about pure evil. Only God can help us but you have to choose to turn to Him.

love and blessings,


Dude it was way off topic. Your god had nothing to do with this.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by LiteraryOneTwo

My friend, Jane hamlins son is one of the rapists, rape was committed in her home.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:09 AM
This is just sick. I have been reading through some of the material Anonymous published, and this definitely is not the first time that these people have done this. That makes it even worse. Considering that a back room meeting at a restaurant between the sheriff and a wealthy woman living in the town was enough to get the charges dropped on one boy, and considering that another one of the perpetrator's has a mother who is the district attorney, I do not see how they are ever going to get convicted in their hometown. There are other adults with some pull and power who likely will come to their aid as well.

And for what? Because they play football and the town supports them? Ridiculous. The fact that there are people not involved who are trying to cover it up just makes me sick as well. They in turn should be prosecuted for their involvement. And there should be more than 2 of these people charged, considering that it took multiple people to lure the girl first to her friends house, where she was drugged, and then multiple people to transport her unconscious body around town to different parties. It is just sickening.

And a person who really should be charged was supposedly a friend of the victim, and she is female too. From what I gather the victim broke up with a guy, who wanted revenge badly. So he convinces one of his friends to pretend as if he was interested in dating the victim, and after attempting to persuade her to go out with him for quite some time, she finally agreed to meet him at one of her girlfriend's houses, probably because she felt safe with another girl there, and since it was supposedly her friend. And sometime while she was there she was drugged with something that knocked her out for quite a while. Hopefully the justice system comes through on this one. And if not, I have a feeling that anonymous will get some more people on board and take their personal justice a step further.

I mean it is obvious that none of these guys had any respect for this girl, but I do not care who one does not like, as you do not do things like that to someone. I mean this is serious stuff. This is not like pulling a revenge prank. And to call themselves the "rape crew." Wow.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by Connman

Having been a "PI", i worked on cases where cops as corrupt as this did use bullying tactics and,
Guess what??? It worked. Corrupt cops are the hardest, most evil thing to fight, because people
Are afraid of them. My stance is, ef em. Bully this. Bully cops don't do well against the strong

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:16 AM
I'm Back!
Wow....whoa....just...okay I need a min.

I have been gone since page 5 of this thread that I broke this news and I have a thing or two (or six) to say.
But first everyone chill out and remember what we are dealing with a 16 (ages very from 14 to 16 at this point) girl who was brutally raped and ravaged like a sex doll that is fact.

Now please any posts saying said girl was consenting to this terrible act I will not take lightly, she is just a child for god's sake have some respect.

I will be updating for the next few hours from my sources true news about what has happened thus far.
I know most people do not like what the hacktavist group ANONYMOUS stands for, whatever your reason for not either liking them or not trusting or WHATEVER! The reason it does not matter. Understand this and understand it well, TRUTH no matter the source or weather you agree or not is still TRUTH! Please respect the effort and time taken by a bunch of computer nerds to bring this information into the light of day for all to see.

I will contact my sources and post more info in the next few hours. All I ask is please keep the image of this poor girl in your hearts and send your love to her. TODAY Jan 5 2013 a massive protest is in the making at the town hall of Steubenville or "Shelbyville" as one poster called them (hehe) at NOON today!
Peace and Love and Thank you to all who have brought this story to light and for the world to know that this girls terrible ordeal will not go unnoticed and we WILL fight to bring all *insert bad word or words* to justice no matter what! That is a promise I Aquarius2150 of Above Top Secret pledge to you young innocent victim, I will fight to bring you the smallest amount of peace in your life.

Please stand by.....

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Aquarius2150

I clicked on a link you provided and watched and listened for less than a minute. I saw the photograph of two boys with one holding the legs of a young girl and the other holding the arms - she was obviously not aware and possibly not even conscious. The photograph of the young girl was pixellated but it was obvious what was happening.

I am deeply saddened that young men have been nurtured - is that word appropriate - to behave like this and I am ashamed. They were laughing and rating her 'deadness' which in itself is unforgiveable. The town needs to be tried if the article is correct in suggesting a major cover up was undertaken.

When our children behave like this it is obvious they have lost their way in life and it is equally obvious that we as the adults have lost our way as well. I am weeping silent tears for the young girl and physical and psychological damage that has been done to her - I am not interested in the reasons - wrong wrong wrong.

Much Peace ...for the young girl and her family ...

NB For the young men I wish them a conscience and a soul because what they did and then to film themselves speaking as they did - they have no soul and no conscience. I am deeply saddened by this incident.Deeply saddened.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by Aquarius2150

Wow well done for bringing this to the worlds attention.
DIRTYDONKEY posted a link to a petition on page 3.
Just saying.
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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:49 AM
ok, this is terrible, but whats even worse is it has made public now because of anonymous

now is the time for them to act as they say for humanity and our rights, as i stated on hackernews

" greetiings citizens of the world " the msm and tptb are laughing already when they hear just this sentense

DO what you SAY and show the ppl you can do real stuff, not just try to take down networks, or organize protests, that WONT work

you have not done anything to really scare the msm and tptb, if your serious in acting for all humanity you have to do something about these arogant bastards, clean out there bankaccounts, get rid of personal information in the highschool records, do something else then expose these vermin on youtube, your not really scaring ppl with your hack attacks

if anything this girl will feel much worse now then before, because you guys have exposed this

irresponsible if you ask me
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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by pheniks

I just sent the link to this thread to a national newspaper.
I doubt they will pick it up but then again they might. It's always worth trying to make a difference.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:02 AM
First. te

#OpRollRedRoll: Anonymous Seeks Justice for Victim of Big Red High Football Team “Rape Crew”
All info about this crime. (Just so we all on the same page.)

A snap shot of Twitter right Meow.

Spirit ‏@explodingboy74

People are power. Stand Up and Speak Up! #occupysteubenville #oprollredroll #Anonymous #knightsec
View photo
14m LittleMissCinderella LittleMissCinderella ‏@LittleMissCinde

Michael Nodianos laughing about going to jail re Steubenville rape involvement #OccupySteubenville #oprollredroll
View video
19m Teneh B. C. Karimu Teneh B. C. Karimu ‏@Nyandaboh

23m RadioNewz RadioNewz ‏@RadioNewzBlog

New Comment: @MURTWITNESSONE fires off a warning to #KnightSec #OccupySteubenville.. http://(link tracking not allowed)/WtTTiB
23m sheryll lynne sheryll lynne ‏@imsheryll

Like batman... Or Robin Hood. #Anonymous #OccupySteubenville #OpRollRedRoll
26m Nathan Robinson Nathan Robinson ‏@N_Robinson1984

Good luck to everyone attending #OccupySteubenville Remember we're doing this for the victim #OpRollRedRoll
26m Patrick Clark Patrick Clark ‏@patrickclark99

#wordonthestreet is that @KYAnonymous will be supplying fried chicken to all Anons tomorrow at #OccupySteubenville! #joking
27m Househex Househex ‏@Househex

@prinniedidit Thnx. For your fire and dedication. And the livefeed link. #OccupySteubenville
View conversation
32m Jennifer Gresham Jennifer Gresham ‏@JenGresham1 … #occupysteubenville
View summary
34m .- .- ‏@anon1101101

#AnonFlorida has made it to Virginia, navigating mountains and aircraft watching our speed apparently. Expect Us. #OccupySteubenville
35m Househex Househex ‏@Househex

@prinniedidit Found it. Bit slow. Just got outta bed. Sorry. #OccupySteubenville via: @AnarchistOH
View media
36m Aaron Baker Aaron Baker ‏@zombieatheist … #OccupySteubenville #OpRollRedRoll #KnightSec
View summary
36m Rev. Annie Rev. Annie ‏@RevAnnieNYC

“@KYAnonymous: we may just #occupysteubenville every saturday until the trial is over. all in favor RT” #1billionrising @VDay
38m Househex Househex ‏@Househex

@prinniedidit Where can i find the livefeed? Supporting from DK. #OCCUPYSTEUBENVILLE
View conversation
40m Sarah Harp Sarah Harp ‏@mitoonuh

@KYAnonymous I just heard about #occupysteubenville and it makes me so happy to hear that the suspects are finally going to see justice!
42m hyperlocavore hyperlocavore ‏@hyperlocavore

Roseanne Barr & #KnightSec (Full Interview) #OpRollRedRoll #OccupySteubenville
View media
44m #Knightsec #Knightsec ‏@GruntTank03

Can't attend #occupysteubenville please send me the link to stream so I can watch. @KYAnonymous @JustBatCat @white. Be safe and peaceful.
46m #Knightsec #Knightsec ‏@GruntTank03

I will not be able to attend #occupysteubenville It will be better then last week and peaceful. Will be checking in thou. @USMCBoonieRat
46m #OccupySteubenville #OccupySteubenville ‏@Oc_Steubenville

@TheRealRoseanne Retweet ! Leaked Voice message. #oprollredroll #occupysteubenville @WTFRLY @JustBatCat @AnonOpsLegion
View media
50m ‏@twrkin

I liked a @YouTube video Steubenville Ohio Rape Case #OpRollRedRoll #OccupySteubenville
View media

Fan this flame my fellow ats'ers.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:03 AM
Unless a lot of people protest this, very little will be done if anything at all.

I wager the defendants will receive community service, probation, and a fine...

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by pheniks

I agree! but you fail to understand that YOU are Anonymous! Do what you can to bring these rodents down! Weather that is sharing this story or marching on Steubenvill City Hall. What you do matters, that is being Anonymous. Spread the message, Annihilate those that corrupt, rape and obfuscate the truth.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:17 AM
reply to post by Aquarius2150

We are doing our best
Those pescky T&C's make it difficult though

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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by cody599

I'm confused about what in the T&C is preventing us from linking "The Site that Must Not Be Named" *Feels his lightning bolt scar tingle*
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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:24 AM

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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by ElijahWan
reply to post by cody599

I'm confused about what in the T&C is preventing us from linking "The Site that Must Not Be Named" *Feels his lightning bolt scar tingle*
edit on 1/5/13 by ElijahWan because: is >> his

I would like more info,too.I have things to share and links but I'm scared to death to post or say anything here.Been following this for days now,came here yesterday morning and not one peep here....only a 404'd thread.I'm very confused.

posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by ElijahWan

I understand your grief and frustration, Moderators I ask how can we as loyal members help bring this story to the forefront?

I never thought this thread would get this much attention world wide! And I admit I am at a loss as what to do next aside from keeping the public and ats members up to date on this story.

I just might be talking out of my rear end but I feel this is the chance for ats to shine as a ray of hope for those under the corrupt *bad words* people of this world, or more close to home of this country.

What does a humble ats member do when a story touches so many people on a deep level that simply posting banter back and forth no longer is enough???????
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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:44 AM
Here is the relevant section of the T&C's.

15e.) Recruitment/Solicitation:

i) You will not use your membership in the Websites for any type of recruitment to any causes whatsoever. You will not Post, use the chat feature, use videos, or use the private message system to disseminate advertisements, chain letters, petitions, pyramid schemes, or any kind of solicitation for political action, social action, letter campaigns, or related online and/or offline coordinated actions of any kind.

ATS does not support any cause and the above specifically states that Recruitment/Solicitation is forbidden. Therefore posts that request/overtly suggest "Hey everyone sign this... " will be removed. On topic posts offered to inform other ATS'ers of various aspects of the story are just that.

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