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The System of EGO & MIND (Read this even you are skeptics)

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posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 01:08 AM
The System of Ego & Mind :

-This is my first thread on ATS..And forgive me if lot of wrong grammars in this thread because english is not my first language..LOL..But i will try my best to explain to you..

-Ok..First of all..Keep an open minded..Its doesnt matter if you are skeptic or not..Just read this thread like story book and judge by yourself..Only you can convince or help yourself..Not me or others..I only can give u the key or trigger or whatever..LOL..This thread about the system of Ego and Mind inside your light body and how to overcome it.

-Ok..Lets get started..There are system inside you right now "installed" since you were born which consists of 3 parts : CONCIOUSNESS (The real you) ,EGO (polarity) and MIND (the processor of past and future).You will never ever can "uninstall" this system until u died of course.LOL

-Ok..The first part is conciousness ~ The real you ~ The "eye" of ego and mind ~ or whatever you called it..Conciousness is the source of your intentions,awareness,life,etc ~ Without it there is no sight,taste,hearing,touch,everything and you cant find the conciousness inside yourself because you are the conciousness..Its like dog try to bite its own tail go for round and round but its own tail anyway..LOL..

-The second part is Ego ~ the polarity ~ the thinker ~..Ego is your personal "advisory"..You can hear it mumbling its voice inside your head almost 24/7 if you not realize it..Its behaviour depends on your current intention..Ego can be your greatest enemy or friend..The most important thing to know about Ego is it always want to do "something" or want "something".

-The third part is Mind ~ the processor ~ the library ~ the memory for past ~ for Ego to use for its thinking,judging,critics,etc.Mind is the unguilty part on this system..If you can look at it will looks like a kid with shining eye and blur ~ Didnt know anything except keep repeating the past because the Ego do all the work..Not the mind..

-So how to overcome all this ? Easy..Just change your intention..As i said above Ego always want to do "something" like predicting the future,repeating,critics,etc while the mind keep repeating the past.You will never ever can change this system but what u can do is changing its behaviour by shifting your intention to something positive.Here is the list :

Current state of Ego & Mind :

1.Repeating the past/predicting the future
2.Critics/judging/hate yourself or others.
3.Wanting more money/power/etc.
4.Thinking about other people thought(mostly negative)

Change to :

1.What is happening Now..
2.Embrace yourself and help each others.Be happy for their success/etc and support them.
3.Wanting more into what is happening Now and positive things in your life.
4.Ignore the assumption from your Ego because most of it is not true.

Ok..Thats it..Please feel free to comment below if got more ideas to change your Ego & mind intentions to something positive and healthy way.

Peace and love,


posted on Jan, 4 2013 @ 01:47 AM
To quote Eckhart Tolle, Ego is the Primitive Fight or Flight mechanism we have had since we were in a far more primitive state and in dangerous surroundings. It is the self that needs to resist, exclude and oppose.
It is like taking a me versus them stance, if you get into an argument or fight your ego takes over.
It is also what causes people to try and look like the model on the front of a magazine or wearing the most expensive clothes, driving the best car.
Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Sporting Stars, Politicians, CEO's of big corporations all have big ego's, thats what helped them get to the top.
In a spiritual sense it is pretty outdated, try listening to your higher self as your innervoice, humility and lack of self- certredness may not get you a hit record but it will help you in a spiritual sense.

posted on Jan, 8 2013 @ 03:27 AM
If there were no other people in the world, would you have ego?

posted on Jan, 10 2013 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by Angle
If there were no other people in the world, would you have ego?

This is where it gets hard to explain with the limited words we have to go by with.
There is only one ego, there only appears to be many.
To gasp this you will have to experience non-duality.
Once experienced, it can not be unexperienced.
Its the end of all questions.
Nonduality = "Not two"
Ego creates an illuusion of separateness which in the core of everything, does not exist at all.
Separate thinker and doer is nothing but a thought.

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