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Repetitive Dream I need help with

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 05:55 PM
A recent dream I been having regular is a European coastal town with a horseshoe bay shape ( concrete with a fair ground and market stools on top, behind me there is a 4 story hotel that I am In, looking out watching this wave roll in Im on the 3rd floor and the wave looks to be the same height as my floor level I turn my back towards the window and brace up in the fireplace I think I get knocked out because I wake up in the dream with a head wound but there is no water around just debris and torn up bay area the occasional boat here and there there are people wondering around but they are traumatised some seem to be oblivious to what had happened yet the fair ground is gone no where to be seen and the sea is moving backwards out past the horizon as if its being sucked back at a rapid speed. the area looks to be mountainous behind the town and looks to be northern or central European as there isn't much of a sand beach when the dream starts the weather doesn't look to bad but overcast I've had it 6 times now and I see more every time, last time was 3 weeks ago and 8 weeks before that but it is definitely the same dream.

One thing to add some people where speaking English but I can't peace together the jumbled up sentences which they are speaking I will start writing them down as I remember them I here distant conversations as well but they sound foreign and I can remember saying to myself that these places are Hunstanton, Norfolk England But from my sights I know it isn't this place as I have been there a few times before and another dream I been having is same situation but In a place called Cromer in Norfolk England but again I know it isn't there either.

whether or not it I am placing names to the dreams is due to my brain trying to familiarise and locate the events and places together I don't know

I am being honest with this dream as honest as I can be with all the details I remember one thing I do know is that the Norfolk coastline is the North sea and Cromer and Hunstanton are a good distance apart on the coastline.

abit of back on myself is I am married and 22 in college and had an average childhood I have had these dreams most of my life abit different events but mainly Storms and Tsunami's and fights that I end up having with the person but not in the same scenario and sometimes with complete strangers that I have never met before

any explanations or input will be greatly appreciated

many thanks

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:06 PM
another thing to add is 6 months leading upto the boxing day tsunamis I had dreamt I was on the ground floor of a hotel on a beach / tropical area and seeing this wave come crashing towards myself then its almost as if I'm floating or I'm on top of the build looking down at complete and utter devastation.......

the regularity of these dreams were 2 every month and every night for 3 weeks prior to the event then they stopped boxing day night christmas day being the last night I dreamt this dream.

I'm not a religious person I only believe in myself and abide myself

I expect Criticism just be polite with it as any views or opinions I appreciate and take in

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:44 PM
Posting to add to my sub list.

I hope people will take this seriously, and prepare.

Thanks for coming forward with your dream.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:47 PM
I think that even if you can't figure it out now, it will one day make sense.

Like 6 months ago i had a dream i was working construction and it made no sense because i had no plans to do construction or was i even thinking about it. Then about 3 months ago i needed work and ended up with a construction job. But i didnt remember the dream until the most real dejavu moment of my life and i recalled the dream and everything from the faces of the people i was working with and the situation i was in seemed as though it was the second time it had all happened.


posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:49 PM
Dreams are just that,
just dreams,
your subconscious mind tries to put into order all the confusion that swirls in your daily life.
do you fear a tsunami?
or wish for one?
in your life.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by sled735

It helps me too makes me feel more relaxed sharing these dreams people can take them for how they wish and at the same time I will understand more myself, of myself and the world and people

If I end up helping people then It will be even more of a plus for myself

thank you for your time, Good to see some actual respectful views aired

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by iSHRED

You traveled into the future in your dream, then it came true. Just as Anderson has traveled into the future with this "dream". That's why people need to heed this as a warning.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by iSHRED

that is some crazy stuff Deja vu I read somewhere that it can be something to do with our mind hasn't processed the data properly and repeats itself causing the familiar sights to occur again but since you dreamed of it before hand I don't know the link between the two

either way it turned out well since you got work

good dream

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by ANDERSON23
reply to post by sled735

It helps me too makes me feel more relaxed sharing these dreams people can take them for how they wish and at the same time I will understand more myself, of myself and the world and people

If I end up helping people then It will be even more of a plus for myself

thank you for your time, Good to see some actual respectful views aired

Welcome to ATS,
well said.
Respect is a two way street. and you are on it.

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by HumansEh

I don't know If anything it was these dreams that intrigued me of them, I don't wish for one as the destruction it can cause and I wouldn't want my Family in harms way, when these dreams were happening when I was younger I would fly out two them and then end up back on the shore its weird as if I'm jumping something like 1 or 2 miles out to sea then some how getting back to dry land.

I respect mother nature but not in a hippy way but in the sense of it can give life and take it away in a blink of the eye.

I have these dreams about being at war as well but I told a doctor about that and he said it may be passive PTSD as my dad was Military and used to share stories with me so I put that side to that.

thank you for your input

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by ANDERSON23

Whenever I have a really memorable water and weather oriented dream like that, it generally precedes a big change in my life that occurs within days or weeks. Big as in moving to a different state, or long term relationships ending or starting, or completely different job. But that's me. I guess we will have to wait and see what, if anything, changes for you...

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by gwynnhwyfar

I have read before about water indicating change in dreams you may be on to something as I have moved about here and there but not too drastically but I have had these dreams for most of my memorable life since around 5/6 years of age

thanks for the input

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 07:40 PM
I found this on a web site but since some of the events have came true to a standard of pure coincidence or foresight ( just being open minded ) I cant say it explains 100% the meaning of the dream but I have had some dramas before in my life which I may relate this to in some but not all aspects;


To see clear, calm waves in your dream, signify renewal and clarity. You are reflecting on some important life decision that needs to be made. Alternatively, if you are riding a wave, then it indicates that you are trying to get a handle on your emotions. Waves also symbolize potential and power.

To hear waves crashing in your dream indicates tenderness and relaxation. It also brings about feelings of sensuality, sexuality and tranquility.

To dream that you are caught in a tidal wave represents an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You may have been keeping your feelings and negative emotions bottled up inside for too long. You may be holding back tears that you are afraid to express in your waking life. On a positive note, the tidal wave symbolizes the clearing away of old habits. If you are carried away by the tidal wave, then it means that you are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.

To see muddy, violent waves in your dream indicate a fatal error in an important decision.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 12:38 AM
I been going crazy on this site all night a trying to find answers. Your post is the closest I have come to understanding. I truly believe answers come from trying to understand others problems and sometimes it tickles a nerve that brings more questions but reveals more insight as well. I never post, reply or participate and not for your post I would not have posted the strange events of my day. Please use my story to see you are not alone.
Here goes...
Today I found out some very confusing information. I needed or felt the need to talk to someone for years but never had the guts or too prideful. I went today to a man that is a Doctor at a local medical/sober house where i fix computers. When I met him months ago i got a strange feeling like he was the one I had been needing to meet my entire life. (Like in movies where 40 minutes into the film the main character meets the wise old Chinese man that stays in his life and for the next 20 minutes of the film to answers all the questions you always had about yourself your place on earth and in the universe then sends you out on your adventure!) I am super intuitive and caring always been everyone's most loyal and true friend, Peace maker, only violent if you hurt my friends but never if you hurt me. I put this feeling aside and watched him for months not speaking to him my concerns just as work friends about work stuff top level #. All this time past 6 months trying to get in with a therapist but put on 8 to 12 month waiting lists. Spoke to him asked if he could refer me to another person since he is a Psychiatrist to a colleague that takes mass health he said yeah me i will do it for you one hour per week here or at your home I picked his office in the med center. Well i felt at ease and told him the things on the forefront of my mind, my strange dream life that is ongoing hyper-lucid to the point that problems like computer functions and how to beat video games are figured out in dreams to which i wake and it works. I can write them down daily but never seem to want to feel the need to. I love going to bed, love it. Always dream the same reoccurring dreams for about the last 5 years they always pick up where they left off. I even dream while awake. At night I can always tell when I am going to fall asleep by this indicator......while watching tv or on the internet a de ja vu feeling hits me and I instantly remember the dream and how it ended when I woke up and start actually dream and continuing the dream while I am still awake then I walk up the stairs lay down think more about it and I am back in the dream. I have felt for a long time like I live two lives but my dream one is preferred.I even scream at the girl I love for waking me up and she is an angel. (not a real angel, but must state that I feel crazy enough just writing this barely believe what is happening myself never mind how you will take it) When I am awake I feel exhausted because I have just done what feels like hours of work yes..!!! I actually have many jobs in my dreams where I do actual tedious work and I also have fantastic play time in my dreams. I feel as if I can never actually shut off and rest. This doctor instantly looked and me and with a serious face told me I was born on another planet. He had me write down some names and phrases which i googled thinking he was a nut job but i am now more afraid of the things I have uncovered. If you know what I am feeling, how to help, have advice, or anything pls respond. PS I can't and am too logical and down to earth to believe I am born on another planet but I have always believed we are all balls of engery heaven is like the place where energy goes after all life dies and is recycled a good example is when you spent a lot of time with a person and you start finishing sentences and also I now it happened to some of you I hope when you have a thought in your head just about to tell that person and they bring it up first or when you are with them you both say "I want taco bell right now" at the exact same time this happend because your energy and there energy are so close for so long on some level they connect and that is how you communicate on a subconscious level others can do it consciously. This is not something I believe I have ever read but something I have made up in my own head although never had so many examples or a way to articulate that until right this second. Another example you start singing a song in your head then all or a sudden out of nowhere the person start singing it, your like hey I was just thinking that and they never believe you. I also do that alot when alone start thinking of a song i never even liked out of the blue and all of a sudden it starts playing on the radio...all somehow happening and we all dismiss it as "whateverness".

This was slightly off topic but I somehow got the overwhelming feeling to share this info here and not on any other thread for a reason, either someone here will help me or I them

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by Scotty2dayHerotomorrow

You really have several options on how to tackle this.

1) You can get more in touch with the dreaming and investigate your reality/reality overlaps. See if there are overlaps in one realm or the other and see if influencing either realm influences the other. Try finding a dreaming partner in your dreams and meet them in this one - since you have done a good job keeping a single dream wave connected for so long this shouldn't be hard. Might be a good time to make a trip down to Australia and meet with some of the dream guides there and see if they can help.
2) You can try some transcendental meditation, and try to look into past life regressions to see if there is a connection there.
3) Along the same lines you can try and locate the location of this other reality - can you get a name or place of the area you are in. Then try and find someone who channels or has channeled others from there.
4) Dream control and keeping dream threads alive is a very special skill - not many people have it. You could always figure out the mechanics which allow you to do this, package up the process, and sell it to other seekers for a significant profit.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:14 AM
When I was 16, used to draw a lot, I drew a picture of a guy's face, and a few days later, I met that exact guy and went on a date with him, was really freaky.

A few months ago, as I lay to sleep, I prayed that I would see something in the future, and I had weird dreams. The first one was someone who was really close to me was let out of prison several years early, which would put that at any time now - and the second thing I saw were two UFO's, or some type of domestic craft or drone, I never assume all those things are from some alien world. The first one (both were not that high up) was a large metallic sphere, sort of a dull silver color, but it was not smooth - it had some sort of etched surface or something, and randomly placed lights on the sphere that almost looked like port holes more than lights. Then, another one arrived, and it was more like a dome turned on its side, same outside, but the flat side had these prongs, I guess you could call them, spaced a bit apart, all the way around the flat edge which faced toward the side. I don't remember feeling afraid, sort of ambiguous about it, but felt like we were being watched. Now I am getting letters from this person that he believes something of my dream in regards to him may be in the works, along with many others getting out early. Although in the dream, I had the feeling it was something that happened suddenly, triggered by another event or situation, as if they needed to let a lot of people out of the prisons for whatever reason, and they were just sent to find their way home or whatever, really out of the ordinary. I guess we'll see. Certainly were things I had never imagined before.

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by Scotty2dayHerotomorrow

Oh my meaning on why I posted here because you may be intercepting energy from another source that is seeing into the future or more likely creating the future, or seeing events you have already participated in. Tonight my mind is steering me to think why are we here I know there is alien tech here and we hide it why? Why given all the depopulation tactics of the past do we have so many people alive on a earth that has a limit which is why Americans discard food and Africa children starve to death because we certainly cannot feed everyone each and every american should have an Africa child come live with us and keep them alive but we wont why? Africa wont let us either will US go ahead try to save a life.

So here it is aliens finally came here around the time electricity or years before not exactly sure when but around the time technology started to develop at a rate unheard of for 50 million years no kindle fire but now from model T cars we have the ability to map the human genome. HAHA and clone ppl but just good old american people figured that # out so friggin way Aliens or a Higherpower personality or some other advanced race or future "us" coming back to help us but not actual humans born of this earth!!

Aliens needed more humans to collect something they needed and until tonight couldn't figure why it is that they allow us to live and be alive and help us so much and why the Gov and other countries with power know this allow this. My guess it they are using our brains, vaccines and other flu shots are at our disposal but we gotta pay and get a doctor visit for everything else. But I can go to rite aid and skip the line for a free flu shot. It is a activator or puts some new nano upgrade that allows them the alien assholes to use our brain power while we sleep or our Gov to use our brain power while we sleep to process calculations that our technological abilities will never be able to do, maybe we have telekinetic powers that we in our awake state cannot use but they can tap into when we sleep to use billions of humans telekinetic abilities while they sleep to do things unimaginable like create the tsunami that killed all those ppl in tiawan maybe you were one of the many humans that subconsciously participated in creating this tsunami and because you participated you were actually there via energy and telekinesis watching it happen in real time but can't remember until now your mind is slowing rebelling against this alien technology and remembering what you did or what is being programmed into your brain to happen in our near future.....kinda like the movie the matrix you are still connected to it but are going to wake up soon.

God save us all if I am right and not just going insane tonight because this post is giving me a panic attack off to bed .... my "dream job" is starting soon!!

posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 01:41 AM
It is them and it is telekinesis they found it then hid it from the public, then they figured out how to clone it in humans and keep making it stronger and stronger. Adding nano technology to every newborn for the last 30-40 years. When they need to use the power or need it to work they need to link it from brain to brain. Example the initial command received by one person in Chicago will spread brain to brain person to person neighbor to neighbor using telekinesis until all the nano technology links up and reports to the main Alien command center from there like a huge computer cluster then can use us for anything they want to read minds, cause heart attacks, or even create disasters or influence us or brain wash or calm the masses. However we are created by God and our brains are figuring out how to protect and warn us our dreams are mixed up and hard to remember or whatever because we are inside millions of peoples private thoughts and memories...why do you think I solve problems in my dreams I am solving issues others are facing and you are helping others we are all connected I read a post tonight where a women is dreaming about place in Norfolk England and remembering exactly things and places there and she isn't from there, I have spoken to people in Chinese in my dreams and understood it maybe another person of Chinese descent was linked and allowed me to share his knowledge unwittingly to understand the language!! I am excited, encouraged and utterly scared to death of the things my mind is making sense of right now please excuse all the replies to myself I just need it out now before if gets deleted out of my mind tonight or off my computer.

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