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Astonishing Observations about Confiscation

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 03:58 PM
Recently the rumors of firearms bans, restrictions, and confiscations on a federal, state, and local level have reached a tumultuous cacophony wherein those yelling the loudest about the preservation of their rights and their property are the ones accomplishing the least. Meanwhile, in places such as Illinois, the regulations plod along like a slow moving juggernaut.

The regulatory boards are capable of accomplishing their objectives because those who are both armed and about to be disarmed do virtually identical things to what many Holocaust victims did under similar circumstances. They failed to realize that once their tools of preserving life and liberty were deemed illegal, they had become listed criminals and any further actions they took - with or without those tools - would not change their legal status as criminals. The only thing acting - and using those tools - would have changed, is that the prospect of preserving their liberty would not have been in vain.

Civilizations in which an armed populous, upon being informed by the Rulers that the Guardians wish to deem them criminals and enemies of the City for keeping their tools - and decide to not merely keep, but to use those tools that have already been deemed taboo, are the ones that tend to triumph. No law abiding citizen wielding a lawfully permissible tool should ever use that tool against the Guardians who secure their safety, just as no citizen found to be criminalized for possession of a tool should neglect to use that tool immediately, concertedly, and with all deliberate means to demonstrate that the acquisition of means of defense shall not be tolerated by a civilization that desired to preserve it's autonomy from irascible figures of draconian principles woefully bound on the road to democide.

It is therefore quite astonishing to see what should be so very obvious a response to dictates, mandates, and other legal farces intended to lull a population into a state of impotence prime for slaughter. It is astonishing to see a group willingly disarm itself and then object to argumentum ad baculum that leads them from their warm beds into the cold night, aboard trucks and trains and down into the fields and out into the wilderness to be marched to their camps and graves. It is astonishing to see these men, women, and children respond to the use of force they once possessed, and it is astonishing to see the use of force lead to a still worse fate.

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